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  1. Cromartie in Charlotte....

    as a Charlotte native living in the great white north, Duke's is noticeably better than the other brands available here. also, jfc if you don't appreciate Krispy Kreme then I don't know wtf is wrong with you. the other donuts (dunkin, tim horton's, etc) don't even rate in comparison. laughable to suggest otherwise. every time I come home I make it a point to visit Bojangles. it's not that it's the greatest fried chicken and biscuits ever, it's more that it's available. fried chicken here in Toronto is a joke. the best places don't make any bones about straight up copying southern recipes. everything else here is garbage and a shameful waste of clucker flesh. also sweet tea is nice, but unsweet tea is nice too. iced tea is huge in a warm climate. you can barely find anyone who will serve brewed iced tea here. it's all nestea filth.
  2. Cromartie in Charlotte....

    I mean, if he had business in Charlotte today, he probably wouldn't be eating in the airport. /wetblanket
  3. OTAs start Tuesday

    I'd be interested in just seeing how the secondary as a whole shakes out at OTAs. lots of turnover, and vets replaced by rookies and young veterans. not necessarily how they perform in drills, but how they kind of go about their business, how wilks interacts with them, etc.
  4. http://www.buccaneers.com/videos/videos/Buccaneers-Insider-One-on-One-with-Eric-Stokes/e7d32b29-ae9e-4468-af90-1b1e765ccc7b http://www.49ers.com/video/videos/Combine-Conversation-Joel-Patten/8c25b093-fe11-4983-9739-0d814000c21e *collapses from exhaustion*
  5. I found some old videos of these guys speaking at the combine, Stokes as the player personnel guy for the Bucs in 2014, and Patten as the personnel guy for the 49ers in 2012. both spoke a bit about their philosophy, and I can at least get a sense of how they fit. both spoke of using the combine to get to know players beyond their tape. Patten repeatedly mentioned "value" in terms of draft picks so he'll fit in with Gettleman on that front. interesting that Stokes was let go from Miami. wonder how that was shaking out. it was a big promotion for him, and now he's a regional scout again. and now I'm thinking I've put enough energy into relatively minor football news for the day.
  6. I know you are being a bit facetious but I'd hold off on that. non-zero chance Teddy Williams doesn't make the squad and Bradberry might take 21 when he's gone.
  7. even though this isn't in the super elite section, this is why I paid for all-pro right here
  8. The "Golden Age" of Panthers Football

    imho that is a Hurney move. Gettleman is settling on fresh water and building gardens to work specialist slots and churn out GA's. he's also going to draft chichen itza in the 5th round. /civ5geekery
  9. Enter Sandland

    yep, and as Rivera said in a video a few days before the draft, "it's going to be hard [for newcomers] to make this team. we're not drafting guys to cut them, we're drafting them to help us win." so it's prudent to consider how a guy like Sandland will fit the team. he seems headed straight for the Brockel/Swole role as 4-team ST guy + goal-line packages. at least to start. then, maybe he'll usurp Dickson or replace him.
  10. fortunately there's 5 OT's slated to participate in the rookie camp. maybe one or two will stick through to Spartanburg. and then, who knows...
  11. I've had a chance to watch quite a bit of draftbreakdown stuff on Worley, including watching breakdowns of his defensive teammates and offensive players on opposing teams. if either of the outside corner rookies is raw, it's probably Worley, and part of what may seem raw about him is him possibly.. kinda.. baiting the QB into throws by letting receivers get past him initially. clearly like all rookies he'll have his share of technique issues to sort out, but the press and chase stuff is his bread and butter. perfect fit for this defense. I could be misreading it and he's got more problems than I thought, and I imagine Wilks and the D staff will want to minimize any baiting tendencies he might have, especially in the beginning. But whatever he was doing, it got him 6 picks last year, and teams were definitely avoiding his side of the field for big chunks of games. most of the times they would attack him, they'd stack two receivers on his side with the tight end, forcing Joseph up to the line, and Worley would lay back in zone coverage, and they'd then throw a smoke screen or a route in the flat, and force him to get around a block. which, by the way, he did fairly well considering. unsurprisingly, it's harder to find good footage of Bradberry, so I'm not sure I'm in a position to give a solid opinion on him right now. the footage I did watch, his technique was consistent and pretty similar to stuff that the Panthers do. but then, he wasn't challenged at the line quite as much in the footage I saw. he's a big dude with long arms for a CB, so it might be a case where the Southern Conference just doesn't have guys that can present much of a challenge for him. I'd love to see a cutup of this year's game against Louisville, though.
  12. oh man, that "when big people call someone else big, you know he's big" quote is an all-timer.

    guys just imagine, Funchess, Benjamin and Stephen Hill on the outside, Olsen and Sandland on the line, with Keyarris Garrett, Philly Brown and Ted Ginn lined up in the slot. Throw that in with Stewart and Tolbert running in the flat. Good luck defending that, NFC South!! #toomanycooks
  14. "Scary Interest" in USC S/LB Su'a Cravens

    hmmm "scary interest" sounds to me like first round consideration. as someone who doesn't follow college football, I watched a few youtubes of highlights and game tape and I can see that there are some definite tools. I definitely agree with people that say his 40 time in Indy isn't that big of a deal. there were several instances where he used speed to make tackles down the field that saved touchdowns. also pretty instinctive, and his playing attitude is an asset. covering in the slot, rushing the passer against Ronnie Stanley, shooting gaps for TFL's, good pass-rushing off the edge, anticipation on out routes for INT's. he's definitely got tools to be a really good safety if he can clean up some technique and maybe get a bit more core strength.
  15. Panthers working out several draft prospects today

    I like what I see with Harlan Miller. lots of special teams value as well. might bump him up a round or so in value for the Panthers, who spent a 5th on David Mayo in part because of his potential on ST.