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  1. depending on what JR actually did and to whom, his accomplishments and reputation really might not be relevant at all. he can do good things and do bad things, and even do good things while doing bad things. hopefully the investigation will get to the unvarnished truth, one way or another. I think it's a good sign that the story is beginning by the announcement of an internal investigation. JR for all his faults sees himself as a serious man, and this would seem to that. and if he's hurt or exploited someone, including a subordinate (which everyone is, as far as the Panthers are concerned), then I hope he will do the right thing and step down or address the issue to the appropriate degree. I think his actions as a public figure have earned him the chance to do right by the person who raised the complaint. this is assuming more information isn't about to bubble up, which who knows.
  2. please never delete this thread so it can live on as the weakest sauce ever
  3. despite his injuries (high ankles are really difficult to move past in-season), I think he's a pretty tough dude.
  4. Jourdan Rodrigue Leaving Panthers Beat

    awful situation all around. it seems some "football fans" are desperate to be the worst parties in this mess. despicable behavior to invade her life like that.
  5. Vernon Butler A Surprise Scratch

    oddly I hope this is injury related. he posted a picture of him dolled up and ready to go out last night so I hope nothing stupid happened like missing curfew or getting in trouble.
  6. Gotta Practice Squad Question

    yeah, definitely no draft pick coming for Butker, ever. he wasn't a free agent loss, and he's not going to garner a contract that would amount to a draft pick in the compensation pick formula. he's gone. close the book on it.
  7. oh that is awful to hear about his sister. man. he became her primary caregiver while he was still in high school I believe. god, I can't imagine how he's feeling. glad he was able to have a good game. it's good to remind yourself of the human side of players.
  8. yeah speaking of irrelevant, hindsight doesn't have much of a use here with regards to what I said.
  9. i n e v e r s a i d t h e d e c i s i o n i t s e l f w a s p o o r also pretty myopic to say a roster move in a league where all 53 spots are treasured, particularly at the 90-> cutdown, is irrelevant
  10. I didn't say the decision itself was poor. for all I know they picked the right kicker in the end. but the manner at which they arrived at that decision and enacted it was poor, and I think we can and should expect better.
  11. yep, we can close the book on that poorly handled position decision now. sure it's not the most consequential roster move ever made, but it's disheartening to see such a (presumably) straightforward roster move handled so sloppily.
  12. Pete Hoener is going to eat this guy for lunch. after that, we'll see if Hodges wants to be a pro. I'll be interested to see if the Panthers are committed to letting him develop on the PS for the season, or cut him loose if he shows uneven progress or dedication to the work he needs to put in on what Rivera calls the "show team".
  13. realistically the "3rd QB holding a clipboard all year vs joe webb playing on ST" point of contention would apply to literally any QB pickup on the planet. not many QBs do what Webb did, and that's part of what made him valuable. Webb was a great fit for this roster but not irreplaceable. good on special teams but not a pro bowl demon or anything. his biggest value was being available, which is a good skill to have. as a QB he had some similar physical attributes to Cam, but he doesn't have the same kind of arm that Cam (or pre-2016 DA) has. definitely nice to have on the roster, but not so vital that a change in roster philosophy would include keeping him at all costs. to me bringing in a developmental QB while keeping Gilbert on the practice squad is 1) smart to prepare for departure of Derek Anderson maybe at year's end, and 2) alllll about facilitating offensive execution in practice while giving Cam vet days as needed in case his arm gets sore. 2 young arms to develop in the system and throw routes in 7 on 7's in practice if Cam needs a couple days off for shoulder soreness. frankly the Kaaya pickup is the move I like the best out of all the roster cutdown moves. my whole contention around cutdown day moves is on the logic, whatever that may be, behind dangling a 6th round draft pick on waivers, to try to scare up a trade with one of the kickers for something less valuable than a 6th round pick.
  14. Rivera discussing his first conversation with Hurney after he was re-hired: talked about a handful of "potential position changes". many of us thought Worley might have been part of that conversation.