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  1. I can't imagine Rawls' agent would have much reason to play coy about him visiting a team if he were in fact visiting a team. he'd want to get that word out there by any means available.
  2. maybe he's talking about the NCAA tourney, or household wiring
  3. in the NFL you pay what you can get based on leverage and what the free agent market will bear. reward's got nothing to do with it. or god help me, it better not. that said, Gano's contract number is pretty much what it was going to be. not out of whack. it's just that if you take a step back and look broadly at how the Panthers ended up at this point, it doesn't exactly inspire confidence in Hurney's ability to position himself to transition players from contract to contract.
  4. in reality Hurney himself should do the right thing and step aside for new leadership. the charge he was given when hired was to lead the team through the season and identify a candidate to lead them going forward. he said as much in his introductory press conference when hired. even providing for the unique situation with Richardson and the team sale, he has failed on the latter duty. and now a situation revolving around him is directly affecting the schedule for hiring a leader in football ops. a little professional integrity on his part would go a long way towards simplifying the situation and a clear direction for the team going into the offseason.
  5. Best Twitter Reactions

    man I hope this thread has 3,592 posts in it when I wake up tomorrow morning
  6. Yikes

    the rollercoaster of PFF credibility continues
  7. depending on what JR actually did and to whom, his accomplishments and reputation really might not be relevant at all. he can do good things and do bad things, and even do good things while doing bad things. hopefully the investigation will get to the unvarnished truth, one way or another. I think it's a good sign that the story is beginning by the announcement of an internal investigation. JR for all his faults sees himself as a serious man, and this would seem to that. and if he's hurt or exploited someone, including a subordinate (which everyone is, as far as the Panthers are concerned), then I hope he will do the right thing and step down or address the issue to the appropriate degree. I think his actions as a public figure have earned him the chance to do right by the person who raised the complaint. this is assuming more information isn't about to bubble up, which who knows.
  8. please never delete this thread so it can live on as the weakest sauce ever
  9. Enter Sandland

    yep, and as Rivera said in a video a few days before the draft, "it's going to be hard [for newcomers] to make this team. we're not drafting guys to cut them, we're drafting them to help us win." so it's prudent to consider how a guy like Sandland will fit the team. he seems headed straight for the Brockel/Swole role as 4-team ST guy + goal-line packages. at least to start. then, maybe he'll usurp Dickson or replace him.
  10. Panthers Trade for Jared Allen

    worth noting: this is where that cap space that was "inexplicably" unused in the offseason reeeeeeally comes in handy. $$$ salary.
  11. Panthers Trade for Jared Allen

    I let out a 6-second "whaaaaaat" when I saw the tweet from Glazer. all-in kind of move, depending on the pick (?) they gave up.
  12. Gone Campin...

    breathless descriptions of trai turner vs reserve d-linemen pls.
  13. I see you've got Chris Houston as a goner, which honestly I am a little surprised by. he's got veteran bonafides, and has been doing some work on special teams in camp.
  14. Buh bye Stephen Hill

    good lord I do not care about the guy having some grinders and a bowl in his car. but I don't make the rules. maybe he can say PJ Hairston loaned him the car or something.
  15. hmm maybe I should drive down to Buffalo. *checks passport validity*