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  1. oh man, that "when big people call someone else big, you know he's big" quote is an all-timer.

    guys just imagine, Funchess, Benjamin and Stephen Hill on the outside, Olsen and Sandland on the line, with Keyarris Garrett, Philly Brown and Ted Ginn lined up in the slot. Throw that in with Stewart and Tolbert running in the flat. Good luck defending that, NFC South!! #toomanycooks
  3. "Scary Interest" in USC S/LB Su'a Cravens

    hmmm "scary interest" sounds to me like first round consideration. as someone who doesn't follow college football, I watched a few youtubes of highlights and game tape and I can see that there are some definite tools. I definitely agree with people that say his 40 time in Indy isn't that big of a deal. there were several instances where he used speed to make tackles down the field that saved touchdowns. also pretty instinctive, and his playing attitude is an asset. covering in the slot, rushing the passer against Ronnie Stanley, shooting gaps for TFL's, good pass-rushing off the edge, anticipation on out routes for INT's. he's definitely got tools to be a really good safety if he can clean up some technique and maybe get a bit more core strength.
  4. Panthers working out several draft prospects today

    I like what I see with Harlan Miller. lots of special teams value as well. might bump him up a round or so in value for the Panthers, who spent a 5th on David Mayo in part because of his potential on ST.
  5. Next WR of the Panthers

  6. Coples visiting, taking physical

    Josina Anderson reporting he didn't sign today. not sure how "final" that might be. probably didn't come to terms, to say the least. I assume there weren't any major issues with his physical.
  7. eh, whatevs. prostitution should be legal and regulated, and players have earned a right to enjoy themselves literally on their day off. I'd love for this and the emmanuel sanders video to actually be signs that the broncos are going to get rolled but it's almost certainly not.
  8. It's Happening Dot Gif

  9. it'd probably be 'cue' in this instance. wait why I am even getting involved in this *vanishes in a puff of smoke*
  10. Panthers Trade for Jared Allen

    worth noting: this is where that cap space that was "inexplicably" unused in the offseason reeeeeeally comes in handy. $$$ salary.
  11. Panthers Trade for Jared Allen

    I let out a 6-second "whaaaaaat" when I saw the tweet from Glazer. all-in kind of move, depending on the pick (?) they gave up.
  12. Gone Campin...

    breathless descriptions of trai turner vs reserve d-linemen pls.
  13. Panthers Roster Projection Update

    I see you've got Chris Houston as a goner, which honestly I am a little surprised by. he's got veteran bonafides, and has been doing some work on special teams in camp.
  14. Buh bye Stephen Hill

    good lord I do not care about the guy having some grinders and a bowl in his car. but I don't make the rules. maybe he can say PJ Hairston loaned him the car or something.
  15. One Month From Today - Panthers @ Bills

    hmm maybe I should drive down to Buffalo. *checks passport validity*