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  1. Raleigh in running for Amazon Hub

    That is an argument----the other side Many new jobs, expanding economy, higher real estate values. Can we expand ( Triangle) area & keep our great quality of life ?
  2. Raleigh in running for Amazon Hub

    Most of the articles that I have read regarding ranking the 20 finalists , list this as a"con " for Raleigh. Way to go GOP & Pat whatever his name was.
  3. We're not going to find our receiver in the draft--I still think Pryor can fit our needs: -Relatively cheap--think salary cap Never had an elite QB throwing to him.
  4. Haven't read the thread--apologies. Anyhow, how about signing Kyle Fuller this offseason ?
  5. Curious---what positions should we dumpster dive? LT; DE: CB; ??
  6. We could debate till : "the cows come up ". We are in agreement that we need a high powered receiver--I don't want Hurney to break the bank.
  7. So go sign Landry & blow the cap situation.
  8. And he had 3 QB's , none of them worth a poo , when he caught 77 passes .
  9. Pryor has greater potential, in my opinion.