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  1. Also sorry that without the Panthers, NC would have no team worth rooting for except Duke Basketball Take exception : UNC basketball; State basketball (on right track); ECU baseball; Charlotte Knights.
  2. One More Notable Signing?

    Thanks for the info.
  3. The Browns

  4. It is what it is

    Sometimes the best play is a punt.
  5. It is what it is

    We picked a bad day to have a bad day.
  6. Is Ryan Kalil still safe?

    RK has to go to move forward-hate to say it.
  7. Shades of the "Refrigerator ".
  8. Out of the blue--Holy Poo!--if true
  9. Exactly-its the "touch" passes that could improve--perhaps the Turner's can help.
  10. Not quite, but he sure plays like it.