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  1. Vague Worley tweet

    Well. perhaps they can start the game early, since you're sick of waiting.
  2. Vague Worley tweet

    Could it be that he's waiting for tonight's game ? Typical huddle overreaction.
  3. It must be The Great Gettleman !!!
  4. Quick Question

    Great post. We win a game-come to the huddle & its like we lost. Pathetic --
  5. Gettlemagic?

    There are a few more: -Norman out of town -Davis & Olsen next, but Gettletragic got nailed instead -Ginn gone, not only gone ,but in same division--will bite us all year -trading a 4th round pick for a punter--now gone. -His drafting Vern, the invisible man, Butler; Shaq, I can't attack, Thompson; Worley and Sanchez Who ?? -Drafting a Benjamin clone in Funchess making our offense more putrid than Shula could -
  6. Agree. I believe some huddlers are obsessed with firing Rivera He does stay with vets too long, he's too loyal to his coaches and can be too conservative. But, all in all, he has produced.
  7. Hubby needs your help again.

    Lions in a rout.
  8. Super intelligent thought, Thanks Harvey.
  9. If i remember, we won the fricking game.
  10. Also great fricking analogy that makes no sense--typical on this forum.