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  1. mr beauxjangles added a post in a topic Caption this Dolphin fan in Spartanburg   

    Oh the irony.
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  2. mr beauxjangles added a post in a topic Caption Contest - Cam Newton   

    "Uniform violation?!? What's wrong with this?!?"
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  3. mr beauxjangles added a post in a topic Star carted off practice field with foot wrapped   

    Sportscenter is there. Put a star player on the cart unnecessarily? I see you trolling, Panthers. Well done.
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  4. mr beauxjangles added a post in a topic My movie comes on tonight at 7pm on the sci fi channel   

    over/under on time of death: 8:09pm
    too generous?
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  5. mr beauxjangles added a post in a topic Panthers' 2015 Fantasy sleepers   

    If by "sleeper" you are referring to someone that is going very late in drafts but has the potential to be a fantasy starter, I don't think there really are any on the Panthers roster this year going by current ADP and pundit rankings. I don't think KB, Funchess, and Olsen can all be fantasy-relevant most weeks in our offense, so I can't really peg Funchess as a true sleeper candidate. That implies that I don't think Ginn or Brown will become guys that I would consider starting every week. I think KB and Olsen seem to be going where they should be in terms of ADP and rankings. I have KB as my #12 receiver so I'm a little higher on him than most.
    All that being said, is Funchess potentially being under-drafted without being a "sleeper," meaning he should be drafted higher but doesn't necessarily have starter potential? Maybe.
    I don't see Stew as a top 12 back. I have him ranked 16th for a PPR league that consumes way too much of my time. And I often think that's too generous. Some other guys will probably rise above him before the start of the season for me. I wouldn't peg his handcuffs as sleepers either. Just your average RB handcuffs.
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  6. mr beauxjangles added a post in a topic Ranking the NFC South Quarterbacks   

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  7. mr beauxjangles added a post in a topic I'm going to be in New Orleans tomorrow   

    Boucherie. Great little restaurant in the Riverbend area. It is owned by a good friend from Durham, Nathanial Zimet. He has survived some crazy stuff in recent years - he was shot three times point blank during a robbery. Great dude, great chef, great restaurant, and someone that deserves to be supported. It's outside of the more heavily-visited parts of the City but the surrounding area is a fine spot to spend an evening eating and drinking.
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