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  1. Panthers Motivation Monday

    I remember this moment, and spotting you on television that day. What I didn't recall was what appears to be going on in your head over the course of those two seconds: "Awww yeah whassup seabitches! Dab on 'em Jeremy! Do it! Oh schit, better not, walk away slowly...."
  2. From the perspective of an Atlanta resident, Panthers fan, and season ticket holder for Atlanta United FC at the new stadium: They have been rolling things out related to sponsorship and the new stadium over the last couple of weeks. The kit sponsor for Atlanta United will likely come in the next week or so. Coca-Cola was announced as the "official food and beverage sponsor" or some crap like that - shocking, seeing as how this is Atlanta, I know. Nonetheless, this is definitely a Coca-Cola related program and they are basically subsidizing the stadium concessions. Two bucks for a bottomless soda and three bucks for a slice of pizza or a hot dog? You can take your kid to the game (Falcons or AUFC) and spend ten bucks on food and drink for the two of you. That's pretty impressive in today's world of concessions. There will be Coke Freestyle stations all over the place. There will be more Coca-Cola branding that stadium than Falcons, Atlanta United, or Mercedes-Benz. And everyone will still make a killing; the stadium is getting larger relative sponsorship deal, and it still costs less than fifteen cents to produce 16 ounces of soda without packaging. All that aside, you're all right - Falcons fans will still be the most pathetic fair-weather lot. They'll just be a little tubbier and farther along in their quest for diabeetus. And as a supporter of Atlanta United, I guess I'll be right there with them. Bring on the five dollar bud lights.
  3. Give me your porch drinkin' songs

    since i'm currently sitting on a porch working (strike that) drinking and listening to music, i guess i better post what's playing:
  4. Electronic Music

    It's been almost two decades since I was part of this scene, so I don't recognize any of these artists. If anyone want to talk Chicago house, UK hard house, or jungle/D&B from the mid-late 1990s, I'm game...
  5. Multi- colored pocket tee shirts

    Nordstrom Rack, search "threads for thought" J Crew Factory Both have crew or v neck pocket tees of various colors for $10 or less.
  6. Super Cereal Insider info inside

    True story: I have friends, a married couple,who couldn't decide on names for their two cats. A long standing argument over the best available dipping sauce at Bojangles resulting in an agreement to each name one of the cats in honorof their respective favortie dipping sauces. And so, they haveArtie (RD) and Aychum (HM) in honor of ranch dressing (RD) and honey mustard (HM). And it goes without saying that Aychum is the boss.
  7. Corn Hole Lighting

    There areall kinds of cute schit you can do with outdoor lighting that isn't too epxnsive, but most of those things (christmas lights, lanterns, candles, etc.) probably aren't going to provide enough light to play a game like cornhole. Assuming you arne't interested in installing flood light on the corners of your house,I'd just buy two portable flood lights/work lights with clamps and extension cords, clip them to a branch, fence, orwhatever is close, and point them to each board. *shrug*
  8. Advice plz...

    what Philly said
  9. At least nine different teams interviewed Ron and passed on him as their head coach over the course of his career.
  10. My sons robotics club competition shirt

    CAD on 'em?
  11. Sothe only connection I can think of that he may have in Charlotte is Tolbert. Maybehe's here to meet with Tolbert.And maybeit's not about Gates coming to the Panthers...
  12. The last 10 years of Superbowl Losers

    pimpin' ain't easy
  13. Poo

    schit like schmidt with a soft sch. soft schit. ewwww.