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  1. Cam Newton sucks Denver's dick

    Naw you diving for that fuging ball! Piss poor
  2. Hold up...

    Did bitch ass Beats just remix the bandaid for feeling commercial. They played a lighter song and had someone talking other then  cam... That seems real suspect to me.
  3. Da fug? Other than this one it's the most important game in our history. Even when we win today, that game is still a panther highlight .
  4. Cam Fugin Newton.. Who is this guy?!!

    Lol, looks like the kid off the middle , the one that talks to himself
  5. Crowd is gonna be huge majority Broncos fans

    I bet we will still be able to hear the keep pounding chants on tv....after are 3rd td
  6. One

  7. These guys

    Read the "superman persona " comment . Then look at his icon (avatar?)... Lol straight clown. And oh yea ladies and gentleman Bob Ross...
  8. What position did you play?

    100 post on threads before you can start your own
  9. What position did you play?

    your doing it right now.... bottom of the page in the box that says "reply to this topic"
  10. What position did you play?

    lol, think you got it... whatevevr postion she wanted
  11. Practice

    they scared
  12. Snoop Dogg Interviews Cam Newton

    Lol. So 3 Newton touchdowns incoming
  13. As it should be, 1 and 2 will flip next year.