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  1. Harriet Tubman

    Typical Americandoesntknowanything about either of them. Outrage or joy will only erupt afterpeople are told what to thinkby theirmedia masters.
  2. Luke Kuechly turns 25 today....

    How many other defensiveplayers have achieved more prior to their25th birthday?
  3. Bruce Springsteen cancel Greensboro Show over HB2

    Right wing kooks should start boycotting everything that comes out of California, specifically Hollywood, to match their left wing kook brethren. I don't know why right wingers ever go to a movie or watch a TV show anyway since pretty much every face they see on screen, and every face behind the camera profiting from their patronage, hates every fuggin thing about them. You can bet your sweet ass that left wing idiots would never watch a movie or TV show that was produced, directed by and starred only right wingers who then spent a not insignificant portion of the profits to support the right wing agenda. Maybe some day the right wingers will put their money where their mouth is and give the lefties a taste of their own medicine. Until then they should plan to get rolled by those who don't cower from their convictions and will try to fuggin ruin anybody who dares disagree with them.
  4. That applies to pretty much everything every left wing kook thinks. The only reason they don't line up everyone with whom they disagree with and execute them is because they can't currently get away with it. Right now those who speak against their agenda only have to worry about having their life ruined or their career destroyed,. but within another generation or two the firing squad will be used to handle those who dare dissent from their government programming.
  5. If the white trash idiot in Kentucky orwherever she was from has to do her job or resign so.should Roy Cooper.
  6. If Paige keeps playing well they are gong to be hard to beat.
  7. Boykin Visiting

    What kind of money would we be happy with to get this guy?
  8. J-No wants 16 million a year

    My question is, what if he comes back on the franchise tag and plays at a similarly high level next season? Do we tag him again or let him walk if he still wont agree to whatever we offer? The franchise tag for next season wouldn't really be an unreasonable amount for an elite corner so it isn't out of the question that we would tag him again but with all the other salary obligations upcoming DG might just let him walk.
  9. I was wrong about Ted Cruz

    Regardless of their politics, any politician who cheats on their spouse is a hypocrite and a liar, unless they openly advocate infidelity and/or admit to being in some kind of open relationship, which pretty much none of them has ever had the integrity to do.
  10. It would definitely end in buttsex.
  11. Can we get a ruling on when it will return to being OK to use the word niggardly without having your life ruined by morons?
  12. The question of Nkemdiche

    This guy is still getting all this press based on what he did when he was in high school. If he hadn't come out of HS as the number 1 rated prospect he would be on nobodies draft board, at least not til perhaps the third day.
  13. Projected Reality

    The Pub nominee is always portrayed as an idiotic, radical, extremist by the media while the Dem nominee as always portrayed as an intellectual, warm hearted, mainstreamer. The next Republican nominee who isn't said by somebody to be a flaming racist will the first of my lifetime, yet who was the last Democratic nominee to get labeled with the same moniker.
  14. The Hulkster just gave Gawker the big boot

    These huge verdicts are the only thing thats going to get the attention of those profiting from these kinds of behaviors.
  15. Georgia's "Religious Liberty" Bill

    These religious types might as well get used to the idea that their religion in no way protects them from their government and its expectations of them. These silly laws appear to be their last desperate attempts to live in a world that has long since passed from existence where individuals were still allowed to associate and do business with whoever they wished.