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  1. NFL Turning Point: The Clete Blakeman Effect

    What kind of loser, worthless, human piece of crap hangs out on other teams forums to gloat about a victory?  I would suggest getting a life but I would imagine you can find no one willing to associate with you.  Fug off.
  2. NFL Turning Point: The Clete Blakeman Effect

    If the NFL doesn't even want any of us (refs included) to know what the fug a catch is these days, you can bet your sweet ass they don't want FT refs running around fuggin up their grand scheme.
  3. Getting Benji Back

    I would think we are set at QB, OG/C, DT, and MLB, at least as far as the top of the draft is concerned.  We could draft literally any other position and it wouldn't surprise me.
  4. Getting Benji Back

    Thats right, which is why it hopefully wont be a problem.  Add in Funch, who Cam seemed to gel with as the year unfolded and it might not be an issue.
  5. Getting Benji Back

    I just hope Cam doesn't get too fixated on KB.  One of the strengths of this  years offense has been the way Cam has been willing to throw the ball to whoever is open.  I don't want us to return to a situation where he's targeting KB 15 times a game.
  6. He's been hurt for most of two years and hasn't really done anything to remotely justify his salary.  Having said that, if he were willing to sign a team friendly deal to stick around a couple of years it wouldn't be terrible to have him on team.  My concern is that if hes on the team he will be getting every snap regardless of whether he is the best option and that makes having him around, at any price, a dangerous proposition.
  7. Apparently Carolina won the Super Bowl

    Its like finding Santa dead and stuck in your chimney.
  8. The odds of him having another like this one are slim (hope Im wrong) so it's in his interest to get as much guaranteed as possible from us right now.  If he holds out for top dollar he gets tagged.  We sure as fug can't afford to just let him leave for nothing when we've got gobs of cap space this offseason.
  9. 2003 or 2015.... which one hurt more?

    Definitely this one.  We played well and lost to a good team in 2003 and played like crap and lost to the other teams fuggin front 7 this year.  Won't ever have a chance to hold another SB offense to under 200 yards again.
  10. There has been an awakening...

    I honestly hope we play at Denver week one.  Kicking their ass would set the tone for the rest of the season.
  11. Trump finally gets a win

    Its going to be a painful few months for Bernie supporters as they watch Hillary pull out every dirty trick in the book to steal this nomination from him and then have to hold their noses and vote for her anyway.
  12. Reading the comments section on pretty much any article about anything anywhere on the internet is setting yourself up for a lot of heartache.
  13. Of course.  He can't help getting hurt and then traded.
  14. Other teams early cuts

    Who will be this years old washed up FA that Dave signs and gets killed around here for, but who then goes out and has a great year?
  15. Getting Benji Back

    If theres one thing we can all agree on its that whatever DG does on draft day will leave most of us surprised.