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  1. tondi added a post in a topic Panthers - Jaguars - What Jaguar Fans Are Saying   

    Thats a good point.  The big uglies are going to be gassed so we need to keep those guys fresh as possible.
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  2. tondi added a post in a topic Cam responds to fans on Facebook   

    Has anything good ever come from responding to people on Facebook?
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  3. tondi added a post in a topic Mick Mixon quotes the Huddle   

    I love hearing him pronounce pass after pass complete only to then correct himself and declare them incomplete.  When I'm just listening to the games its quite a roller coaster ride.  When I'm watching and listening at the same time I have no idea what he's looking at sometimes.
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  4. tondi added a post in a topic Official Panthers at Steelers Gameday Thread   

    Can't wait til we lose a 1st down over the good old illegal formation in the regular season.
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  5. tondi added a post in a topic Goodell & the owners v. Fans   

    Don't know how a court deciding he can't discipline someone who is almost certainly guilty makes anybody think less of Goddell.  Other than that, as long as the games start on time and are on TV I don't really give a crap about Goddell, or whoever eventually takes his place and I don't really know why any other fan would either.  I mean, I certainly understand why the talking heads that have to fill 24/7 sports talk radio talk about how much he sucks because they will talk about anything to justify themselves having a job but unless you are highly susceptible to suggestion I have no idea why anybody would care about anything Goddell does.  He, his predecessors, and whoever takes his place are just the mouthpiece of the owners so if you have a problem with the NFL its with the owners, not the guy they pay to be the "bad guy".
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  6. tondi added a post in a topic When Don Shula watches Panther games   

    He probably thinks great Cam would.have been on the 72 Dolphins, since we are running the same offense.
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  7. tondi added a post in a topic Derek Anderson Extended   

    Or something pithy like, "QB Controversy in Carolina?" just to generate some extra clicks.
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  8. tondi added a post in a topic Dave Gettleman, the don, on the state of the team (via David Newton).   

    Thats a pretty clear shot across his bow.
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  9. tondi added a post in a topic There is a Big Misconception Going Around Right Now   

    I think most would agree that 11-12 wins COULD happen if everything breaks right but since that rarely happens folks who think we will fall a couple games short of that aren't being negative or reactionary.  Hope the season does play out your way, however.
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  10. tondi added a post in a topic Joe P thinks Boykin gets cut   

    It would be a mistake to cut him at this point.  KB is out, Funch is gimpy, Brown has the yips, and nobody else has exactly stepped up this preseason.  He's nothing special but at this point he's more likely to contribute on the field than somebody like Mayo.  Also if we cut him he will certainly get picked up somewhere unlike Mayo who we can probably PS and call up later if a need develops.
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  11. tondi added a post in a topic Damiere Byrd did not get a single offensive rep Friday night.   

    Well if our plan is to stash him there's no reason to play him and have him do something notable that might interest another team.
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  12. tondi added a post in a topic A little hope for Brandon Wegher fans....   

    Huddle meltdown.
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  13. tondi added a post in a topic What team do you really want to beat this year?   

    Well I'm going to the Saints and Colts games so I definitely would prefer we win those but of all the games I'm not paying to attend it would absolutely be the Dallas game.  Beating everyones most hated team on a national holiday when everybody will be watching would be awesome.  Humiliating them would be orgasmic.
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  14. tondi added a post in a topic We only have one issue.. Remove Brown from the roster and we are legitimate contenders.   

    I think lobbying to cut him is an overreaction but its getting harder and harder to see why he continues to start.  Lets get some other guys out there with the 1's and see how they do.  Just handing it to him regardless of how he plays reeks of the kind of bone headed team management that cost us a big chunk of last season.
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  15. tondi added a post in a topic Assuming Funchess pans out, we might have another blockbuster draft class.   

    Yeah, getting three starters and a RB who could end up as the starter next year would be quite a haul. 
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