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  1. Should we expect a Bob Costas monologue this Sunday night calling for a revoking of Thomas Davis' Man of The Year award because he clearly doesn't understand the severity of Greg Hardys actions as determined by Bob Costas and the rest of the media hyenas who don't know what the fug actually happened just like the rest of us?
  2. How can we be the most overrated 10-0 team ever when nobody will even give us credit for being the best team in the NFC this season?
  3. Panthers have two opponents this week.

    Barnwell also had a piece today where he says its a two horise raced with Brady slightly ahead of Cam but that Cam is catching up fast.
  4. Panthers have two opponents this week.

    When one of our guys gets tackled he needs to hold on to that fugging ball until he gets back to the huddle.  Can't give them a chance to call any phantom fumbles.
  5. Those Redskins offsides penalties

    One of the best ways to slow down a pass rush is to keep them guessing by changing up your cadence and snap count.  This is something Cam has done MUCH better over the last few weeks than at any point in his career.  So not only are we getting 5 yards every time but Cam is also effectively slowing down the pass rush and giving himself more time to throw which is being reflected in his personal stats and the offenses performance in general.
  6. If the line stays there, it will be more of a reflection of the idiocy of the betting public than it will with anything to do with the bookies in Vegas.
  7. He's overrated but he's also closer to a franchise QB than anything about twenty teams currently have on their roster which means he will get his money.
  8. Boom goes the dynamite.
  9. Terry Bradshaw died today on fox

    They don't take kindly to dancin' QB's down on the bayou.  Too busy fugging their cousins. (not you Jake)
  10. How about a breakdown of the two fluke plays that were the only thing keeping them from losing 44-2?
  11. Falcons lose Pie!

    Fug them
  12. Referee Assignments for Week 11

    How do refs universally regarded as incompetent keep their jobs year after year?
  13. Airport Workers Across the U.S. Go on Strike

    I'm actually kind of suprised there is anybody in those roles only making  $10/hr.  Would have thought they made a good bit more, especially in the northeast.
  14. Which is going to make you happier.... ?

    Not one of my tougher decisions.  
  15. Wife just asked who was winning the UNC/WF game.