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  1. Khyber53 added a post in a topic OUCH. This stat hurts!   

    We were a horrible team at the start of this. Then we became a bad team. Next we worked our way up to a middling team (in a seriously weak division). The trajectory is good for a strong season this year!
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  2. Khyber53 added a post in a topic Anyone else watching Battlebots?   

    Battlebots had such promise. I loved it during the first time around in 2001. Today's version is long on the padding and short on the battling. 
    Less talk, more wham bam boom.
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  3. Khyber53 added a post in a topic self-representing in court   

    Smart-ass white boys go to jail sometimes just because they are smart-ass white boys. Pony up for a lawyer and chances are all of this will go away.
    Or skimp, defend yourself and maybe come out with a light fine, six months without a license and major insurance points at best. 
    I'd pay now, taxis are expensive and it takes a lot of soap to wash off jail sweat stink.
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  4. Khyber53 added a post in a topic Looking for some new Sci/Fi or Fantasy novels.   

    Not sure if it has been mentioned yet, but if you haven't read Ready Player One by Earnest Cline, you should. It's the most fun book I have read in decades. Fantastic.
    His next book, Armada, is coming out in two weeks. It should be a smash hit.
    Trust me on Ready Player One, this is a book you'll read and re-read.
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  5. Khyber53 added a post in a topic More IS Attacks   

    Oh yes, the original spark was already there, and it was obvious that there was an undercurrent in each of the countries of a people under extreme duress. We weren't the prime mover, sorry if I gave the impression that we were, but I do believe we were the conductors of the orchestra once everyone came to the concert. 
    And we made sure that cellphone and internet service continued in those areas through the entire events. That is a huge logistical aid in the kind of rebellions we saw. Not to mention our holding back on the reins of the Eqyptian military. Libya... well we were pretty involved in there during the overthrow and afterwards, much to our detriment.
    We certainly weren't the only participants either, but you'd be foolish to believe that we weren't responsible for the voices of dissent becoming an unavoidable chorus.
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