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  1. Freaking out, declaring the season over or calling for firing everyone after five games (with a 3-2 record) just makes me think of the old saying, "a coward dies 1,000 deaths but a brave man only one." Every danged week from here on out you're going to be screaming like kindergartners on a Spooky Woods overnighter. Get a grip. We're in it, with a chance up until the team is mathematically eliminated from the playoffs or suffers a loss in those playoffs. Neither of those things has happened (or will) so grow up, root for your team or find another bandwagon to jump on. You'll be happier and the rest of us will have a much better time. Week 10 or 11, that's a better time to evaluate this team. Right now, we've got some bumps in the road but we're still moving forward. This narrative that RR and crew are just sitting around working out new ways to lose or keep your favorite guy off the field is just asinine, so stop whining.
  2. There was nothing better than beating Jon Gruden. I like the guy, but man there was nothing like watching him turn into Evil Chucky on the sidelines as the win slipped away from him.
  3. Khyber53

    Poll: Players vs Coaching

    The answer might not fit your narrative. You also forgot to offer up that the opposing team is doing everything it can to win the game as well. We were in both losses until the very last moments of those games. The same could be said for the wins, as well. The team isn't working flawlessly and there have been coaching issues and player issues. There have also been moments where luck just hasn't gone our way. And then there have been moments where the opposing teams are just playing lights out. It happens in real life. Good teams bear down, work harder and don't give up. Good fans keep cheering. This season is far from over.
  4. Khyber53

    KK Short?

    He's dropped off immensely since getting the big contract, to he honest.
  5. And I wonder if we can get McDermott back next season on the cheap? Then just line everyone back up to where they should have been.
  6. Khyber53


    Are we still beating this dead horse???
  7. Khyber53


    I just can't understand Samuels only making it to the field on kick offs. It makes no sense at all. And teams don't win after three bad turnovers.
  8. We lost because of three Panthers turnovers yesterday, with the punt return fumble being the backbreaker. Teams don't come back from that, but we came close. The Panthers will get better. We'll take the Eagles and it will be a street fight.
  9. In Ron's defense, it really is a great idea to do that. We post too many three and outs for that to work, though.
  10. @Bronn makes some very good points and while I don't agree with everything he posted, when he's right, he's really right. My differences are on the defensive side, where I think the bend don't break style of defense is a very good one. Modern offenses are built to take the top off of the field and strike deep into the opposing team's side of the field. Vertical threats open up underneath routes and open up running opportunities... we all understand that. In the red zones, though, the field is compressed and the back of the endzone works just like another sideline to corral in receivers and coverage needs. In the red zone yesterday, we held them three times to field goals which is something the rest of the league isn't doing so well. We play more effectively because our LBs have to roam less territory and cut off intermediate routes better. Our pass rush benefits from the lack of dump off targets and our DBs can get on and stay on their men better (usually). I would like for our defense to be more stout against the run, though. There's no question that we're not as strong as we once were up front, and we look soft at times. I was hoping the return of TD would help this, but maybe he needs a week or two more to get back to speed. Really, though, the biggest help our defense could get is from the offense, though. We play slow ball and that's just not working out. We could go into the ins and outs of Norv's game plans, but it comes down to this: the game flows through the QB and how do you put his strengths against the weakness of the opposing side. Cam is not a field general who can pick apart complex coverages and schemes. Cam is a gifted QB with a massively strong arm, extreme confidence and the ability to take the ball himself down the field at a moment's notice, and not just toward the sidelines. The slow set up, complex plays we are running makes it a chess match between our OC and their DC. And there's the problem, he's playing chess but he has folks like Cam, CMC, Moore and Samuels to play with. He has to do a better job of matching the game plan to the weapons he has. Run some no huddle offense. Get Cam a wristband. Make sure at least two of your young speedsters are on the field at all times. Pick a DB and run go routes at him every play rotating between Smith, Moore and Samuels until the guy is ready to drop from exhaustion. Run Olsen and someone into the flat every play to draw their LBs back and away from the running lanes. And dang, let Cam be Cam. He's frikking amazing when he controls the game.
  11. Traditionally, Carolina has been vulnerable to good TE play, going all the way back to 1995. For all I know, it has something to do with the field surface or the old TE Jerry Richardson's deal with the Devil stipulated it.
  12. Khyber53

    Eric Reid

    How many receiving touchdowns don't have a safety out of position? And Alex Smith (who really is one of the smartest QBs in the league) did a good job of looking off the safety, like we've seen a hundred times in other games. Reid did bite on it and ended up way out of position. That netted seven points. He prevented a lot more by making some serious tackles in the run game as Methuselah Peterson was able to break through our line and linebackers into the secondary on multiple occasions. Safeties are your last ditch guys. When those guys break down, there's usually a trail of other players' mistakes leading to that spot. I say give the guy a few more weeks to get up to speed and in football shape.
  13. Here's an alternate take. Perhaps the D-line was at its best when Eric Washington was actually coaching the D-line and not the whole team? Same thing happened with the defensive backs group when Wilks was promoted the year before. Brady Hoke may be an excellent D-line coach, time will tell, but he's tasked with meshing Poe into a four man front with an uninspiring Vernon Butler and an overachieving Kyle Love to back him up or rotate out for KK. Addison and Horton together make a good team (not a lights out All-Pro tandem) and can you imagine how daunting it would be to coach Julius Peppers, a living legend? Your last back up is Efe Obada, a Nigerian-born British citizen who is still new to the game and hasn't been raised in the sport. Blaming Poe right now is just looking at the problem and throwing the new guy under the bus. The bigger truth is that our defense has had three different coordinators in three seasons. These aren't new blood being brought in with new ideas, but just promotions from within and possibly some that came earlier than they should be. Right now, we can't stop the run but it is a much more complicated problem than just Dontari Poe not grabbing onto two linemen each play. If that were all it took, then Brentson Buckner would be enshrined in Canton. They're working this out right now, but you might want to look around the league and notice that darned few teams are playing any defense and none are playing it consistently.
  14. Plenty of open seats at the Redskins game. Maybe you'd feel better in crimson and yellow?
  15. Perhaps too many with the Redskins fighting for their lives.