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  1. Sure would be easier if we were picking in the top 10, but... winning and all. 1. DB/S 2. TE 3. OL 4 - 7. BPA
  2. Might have got this girl pregnant

    He'll leave behind a large and easily forgotten crater. Hope he finds a new path in life.
  3. Marcedes Lewis Cut

    Just read some more details on that and if they had already signed his option for 2018, then that was a pretty crappy move they made for a 12 year vet. (And let's face it, it takes commitment to be willing to play for the Jags over the last 12 years... straight). Okay, maybe he might be willing to go cheaper. He's probably not a long term guy, but he's probably got some extra fire to make a prove-it contract work.
  4. Hope the guy finds his way back from this, it's going to be tough on him and his family.
  5. Marcedes Lewis Cut

    Then he would have played ball with the Jaguars more. They looked strong at the end of the season and should be a power run next season in a weak division. He wants a paycheck first.
  6. Marcedes Lewis Cut

    He won't sign for what we'd be willing to smartly pay for him. Some team with a no name TE1 will overpay for him big time. I think he's still got a year or two left in the tank, I'm just not sure we're the best to pay the bill for that.
  7. It's really too early to tell. He has only been on the job since the beginning of training camp last year, so this is his first full offseason to work on the roster... one that had some holes in it and a lot of deferred maintenance work. So far on the moves he has made, I'd give him good marks. He hasn't broke the bank on an over-hyped free agent, he's picked up a couple of experienced mid-grade receivers to compete for WR3 and WR4 spots, resigned a kicker who had a pretty good year and might be over his rough spot, managed to bring Julius Peppers back for another year and retained Davis and the elder Kalil for another season while the team still has a window. He got burned on the Breeland thing, but that can't be hung on him -- there was a lie being told by an agent and a player that was luckily caught by the team physician. Yeah, he's going into the draft with some holes to fill, but so is every other GM in the league. We'll see how he does. If he can find the old Hurney magic when it comes to first round picks, things will go quite nicely. If he's learned how to do better with the rest of the draft, it'll go better. And I bet he'll have some kind of out-of-the-blue trade post draft that will be interesting. Still, too early to tell, but he's inspiring some confidence from me.
  8. Just not seeing the upgrade to Bersin yet here, but it could happen. Maybe Jarius just needs a shot. Time will tell.
  9. TE2 is getting worrisome

    I've got to disagree. He's a solid TE2 and for some teams, he's probably better than their TE1 -- that's not saying he's great, but that there really aren't enough quality TE1s to go around for all 32 teams. He's good enough to be called on when needed and he had some really good plays with us over the years. The guy doesn't really deserve any hard knocks, especially when you consider he is a second stringer guy. Guys like him shore up good teams.
  10. TE2 is getting worrisome

    It became obvious that Gettleman wasn't up to the task. Not sure Hurney can, either, but we should know by say mid-September.
  11. TE2 is getting worrisome

    I said it last year, people didn't give Ed Dickson enough credit and thought he'd be easy to replace. He was a good TE2 who could fill in at TE1 in a pinch. There are so many teams around the league that didn't even have a TE1 that was his caliber because it is one of the hardest positions to develop in the league. A number of the leading offenses in the league pivot around a big receiving TE and how he can disrupt zone theories or destroy teams with undersized or timid safeties. A good TE can also shore up pass and run blocking if they can mesh well with the offensive line. Those aren't easy things to do and they take time to develop since this is one area where I think the college game is behind the NFL one. Greg Olsen wasn't an overnight success and he'll probably be a second or third ballot HoFamer. These guys just don't grow on trees. It's easier to grab a RB or WR and see them produce overnight. And therein lies our difficulty. It's easy to pick out a good TE1 and try to poach them in free agency (if you have pretty deep pockets) -- you just go out there and compete with the intention of dropping a ton of cash. If you need a TE2, though, you really have a situation where you are competing against all of the other teams who are looking for a good-ish TE1 on a budget. The market gets a lot more crowded and it's harder to entice a player to be a second stringer for x dollars when another team is offering the same, but with starter status. Drafting and trading are really our safest bets. If Hurney can magically trade for someone that looks like Olsen did when he was with the Bears, then we're golden at both TE2 and heir apparent for TE1. If not, it comes to the draft and teaching someone up while hoping they aren't a bust. We've seen a lot of guys come in who looked the part, but just couldn't hack it.
  12. No compensatory picks

    We weren't exactly lighting it up with KB on the team, either. Whether or not the trade made us better, it really didn't hurt us. I was dumbfounded when the trade was announced, but time showed that in the end we unloaded a contract and gave KB a shot to shine elsewhere. The draft pick there does make up for the lack of one this year. Will it pay off? Won't know for at least six months or longer.
  13. While I certainly feel a connection to 53... man, you went off the rails quick.
  14. Speaking of failed physicals..

    Unless he fails the physical at the Raiders, too. That was the Colts medical staff giving him a passing grade. The same folks who were all like, "Yeah, Andrew Luck is going to be fine this season, no worries."
  15. Bill Voth on Breeland coming back

    Anything requiring a skin graft is a bit more than a cut...