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  1. That explains that 5-11 season last year then.
  2. I guess this explains the 5-11 season last year.
  3. Good guy with good character, and he's a good player as well.
  4. Khyber53

    CAP vs Barner

    I wouldn't put serious money on either one making the team. September is a long ways away.
  5. Oh geez, Trump wants players to get mad and speak out. He's trolling to start the coming smokescreen he needs. Just don't take the bait. Play football, speak to the subjects that are important to you, just don't put Trimp's name out there.
  6. I hope he finds a way to get past these problems. Can you imagine how much money this has and will cost him due to the impacts on his career? Glad we passed on him.
  7. If Jake didn't make the list then the writer knows nothing.
  8. No, I know he has quite the empire, reaching way beyond music. Music is probably just 20% of his income. Forbes has reported him with a net worth of $820 million, which, like I said is huge for you, me and anyone we likely know, but it isn't in the same club as the folks who can drop $2.5 billion on pro team.
  9. Rappers, or pretty much anyone in the modern music biz, can be considered as professional wrestlers when it comes to their time on camera. It's always just a show and don't break kayfabe. Hulk Hogan didn't steal Macho Man's wife and you can rent a Bentley or two for a video shoot. Yes, Diddy has a lot of money, compared to you, I or most of the people we'll know. But among billionaires, ummm, he's who again?
  10. Khyber53

    Julio Jones holding out

    Fine by me.
  11. Heck, am I the only one who is just glad that pro basketball season is over? In June. And that the hockey season has finally quit swirling around the bowl? Now, to just slog through the boredom that is MLB until football returns.
  12. Khyber53

    Maybe one more after 2018...J. Peppers hints

    If Pep wants another year after this, he'll get it, and another after that if he wants. Let's not be foolish and let those be with another team.
  13. Khyber53

    RIP Anthony Bourdain

    I've been a fan of his shows and writing for quite a while and while it was a shock to hear he was gone, the news that it was a suicide didn't seem out of place or even unexpected. Part of his personality has always been the jaded New Yorker who had seen everything and couldn't be impressed. When he started doing food travel, though, you got to see glimpses of honest surprise and joy when he got out among regular people and found himself enjoying himself, sometimes surprisingly, sometimes with a bit of self aware embarrassment. And he always seemed to be chasing those moments because they just didn't stay with him long. In many ways, he seemed to envy the simple enjoyment and fulfillment he saw others having in their lives around the world, sometimes in places we would think were Hellish in their difficulty. That's a tough millstone to hang around your neck and it could lead to chasing around the world to find happiness but never finding a lasting one. RIP Anthony, I hope you find the solace and simple joy that lasts.
  14. Khyber53

    Matt Kalil article by Bill Voth

    Right now, if he just played well enough to warrant the paycheck, we'd be sitting in a much better place. Better would be great but...