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  1. Torry Holt on Norv Turner hire

    Well written and well reasoned. Thanks for that!
  2. Bad ass guitarist

  3. Mike Tolbert Coming Home?

    It has been a good, long career for him. Bring him home for a one day contract and a retirement moment if Buffalo doesn't keep him. He's a great guy, but he's just not what he once was on the field.
  4. And guys like that are what a winning team is built on. They let KB go not because he was bad, but they had seen his top end. Funchess stayed because he has heart, more speed and a lot more potential left to be tapped. Funchess won't be our team's next Smitty. He sure could be the team's next Moose... and that's something really special.
  5. Back in training camp I said this would be JStew's last season and I think we'd see him retire. I still think that is what will happen. He's got a kid and a wife, he's still young without lingering injuries, he's made a couple of fortunes and I can see his family being taken care of for decades. The West Coast is calling and he's done his job well. CMC isn't going anywhere, except out into the flat to catch more passes. We haven't even scratched the surface of what he will do in his career. Fozzy's career was supposed to be over back in 2013 when he was cut from Arizona's practice squad. Then he was cut from San Diego's practice squad. And then cut from the Browns practice squad in 2014. Most guys don't come back from that and just have to hang their hat on the idea that they did make it to the big leagues, even if they didn't make the show. Fozzy caught on with us, though, and has managed to survive here as being a jack-of-all-trades. He's not going to be a RB1 or an RB2 for any team, but when you need that third stringer who can run, catch and even field kick-offs, he's that guy and he's got one heck of a work ethic. He's under contract through next season, he's relatively inexpensive, and you can't risk being able to replace him easily when you have a new offense being installed. He's here through next season, IMO. CAP. Well, it's just not going to happen here. It's not going to be a thing, no matter how hard some people try. Hopefully he'll wind up with a chance in a training camp out there and something will click. I think the road for him ended in Atlanta, though. I wish him good luck out there. Lastly, Armah. We have a fullback. We're gonna need one. I think he's our guy for the long haul.
  6. Its Official- Norv Turner

    Well, whatever my misgivings were before, he's a Panther now. Good luck Norv, hope this turns out really cool!
  7. A lot of folks sure do make a ton of money off of stadium construction. It's almost like a WPA program for the modern day.
  8. Terrelle Pryor anyone?

    A bigger, slower Armanti Edwards, with less upside. What is it with all of these Cleveland Browns cast offs?
  9. pro bowler graham gano

    Honestly, there are so many other places where we need to raise the bar. This is just one of those areas where we may be good enough to stand pat and work on other things. One regular season FG miss (putting us 1st in the NFL for FG%) and three extra points misses, along with the highest touchback ratio in the league is pretty darned good. And really, that's all you need from a kicker. The guy isn't going to break the bank, but losing him and taking a crap shoot approach to a replacement (no young kickers are ever a sure thing, and good free agent kickers are just no better than what we have), could just kill the next season if it all goes bad. Re-sign him, treat him decent in the contract, and put the hard work into seeing if we can maybe score touchdowns more than field goals next year. That game we just played down in New Orleans showed that the kicking wasn't the problem -- having to resort to kicking, that was the problem.
  10. Glad to see you make full circle with this!
  11. pro bowler graham gano

    If you've got a kicker that only misses two field goals in a season, you'd be stupid to let him go. You pay the guy and then go and worry about other things.
  12. Receivers need to be #1 priority.

    Best to pick up a proven WR3 in FA, a real possession type slot receiver like Ricky Proehl back in the day, and then try to draft a WR1 or WR2 with speed. I believe in Funchess as a starter for us, but we have to get some more speed on the field. A lot of the fast guys with good hands will probably be off the board before we get to pick, but there could be a small school wonder to be had. If not, then look to the O-line... literally any position along it could be one of need.
  13. Play outdoors and do it anywhere in the Carolinas. If they want to get out of Charlotte proper, fine by me, as long as they remain within the state (I really don't see them shifting to SC, but that'd be better than losing them completely).
  14. We need a guy who won't cry when TD tackles him during training camp.
  15. Sadly, this one. I hope I am wrong, I really do, but just look over his history. It won't inspire confidence.