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  1. I think JR and his advisors could see this season happening this way and that's what got Gettleman canned. Last season's terrible performance was bad and maybe he could just tell that the slide was going to continue. Losing Gettleman didn't make this season any worse. I don't believe that the shot fired startled Rivera and staff into doing more with the tools they have on hand.
  2. Leadership, and lack thereof

    I understand the man crush thing, it's okay. He is an amazing football player. He's had a rocket arm and great running skills. But we are entering that phase of his career where he doesn't want to be running as much and doesn't have the fluidity he once did to avoid tackles. And the surgery to his shoulder obviously has taken some of his passing ability away. That happens to all great QBs -- injuries happen and they all have the scars to prove it by the time they reach the years that Cam has posted -- but they have to find that something else. Leadership. Reading the defense. That go for broke instinct that plays out. I'm not seeing that in Cam right now and I think he is really struggling to find the power in the second act of his career. Sadly he didn't have an offseason to work it out and so we're all having to sit through it. I sure hope he finds his mojo and a way to lead a team not just when they are winning but when they are getting the dog water kicked out of them. Right now he's pretty disappointing to his fans. And he's a toothless tiger to the rest of the league.
  3. Leadership, and lack thereof

    Out there, TD and Luke are in charge (when Luke is playing), hands down. They run that show, they hold the others accountable and you can see them working it. The results show. Again and again. Olsen is on the sidelines (at least late in the last game), Kalil is injured and is probably looking at the end of his career. And Cam, well, at least he isn't sulking on the end of the bench with the towel over his head anymore. That leaves Cam out there to lead, like a QB should. He has been underwhelming at that task so far.
  4. Is Ron Rivera a good head coach?

    Ron, sadly, has proven to be that manager that everyone at work likes and can talk to about any problem. In the first year or two, there's a big upswell in morale and that helps. But then three, four years down the road, things start to run down and because of those relationships, he can't go in and crack the whip to get everyone straightened out when they start coasting and crashing.
  5. Leadership, and lack thereof

    Do you think Luke and TD lead the defense?
  6. Leadership, and lack thereof

    I think if Cam or Trai were going to stand up, they would have done it by now. One has gone Hollywood and both are just cashing big checks and putting in about 50% effort right now. And that whole "some people lead differently" crap is just a cop out that translates to "My favorite player is a great leader, just no one can see it."
  7. Right now, the coaching (at least on the offensive side -- defense and ST seem to be good) does suck. Even so, you'd expect someone out there to score more than 3 points. Hell, even the frikkin' Browns managed to coozy up far enough up the field to bang in three field goals and nine points. It is just unfathomable how bad the offense is. Perhaps the entire starting offensive group should be in the concussion protocol... it's gotta be dain bramage. Even with bad coaching, those guys should have been able to accidentally score more than 3 points. They laid an egg here, the biggest in franchise history, imo. Hell, bench 'em all and suit up Gilbert and any practice squadders that can find their helmets at this point.
  8. At this point, I'd just about take it. For all of his athleticism and capabilities, Cam is just disappointing right now. There's no fire, there's no getting the most of his teammates. If he gets behind or throws a pick, he just starts getting this look of "Man, I wish I was at the hat shop right now." Jake may have had dubious skills as a passer and ran like a '92 Honda Civic on three cylinders, but you basically had to beat him with a shovel over and over again before he gave up or let his team give up. Find a guy about halfway between these two and you'd find the next Brady.

    You know, maybe BigCat is on to something here... Brad Hoover for Running Backs Coach...
  10. Remmers vs. Kalil

    No body wanted to believe me when I said last year we'd miss Remmers if we let him go... Even just average offensive tackles are hard to find.
  11. Dude, are you trying to start the record for starting the most sh!tposts in a 24 hour period?
  12. I'd be willing to question CMC's abilities but it's not like any of our proven running backs are performing at the task either.
  13. Layered Routes

    Coach can't design the plays, QB can't read the coverages, WRs aren't fast enough. Best approach might be to have Curtis Samuel ride on the shoulders of Kelvin Benjamin out into the flat about 15 yards to best catch those fly balls Cam has been throwing. In the meantime, have Funchess run a crossing pattern and then have him run in circles yelling "Throw it to me, throw it to ME!" as he gathers up all of the linebackers in coverage around him. Leave CMC in to block and send Manhertz deeeeeep, way deep like "Go check to make sure the team bus is still in the parking lot" deep. In the meantime, have four linemen all block the same defensive tackle while the remaining one pokes himself repeatedly in the eye. JStew can hold the ball with Cam for an uncomfortable amount of time before launching himself directly at a middle linebacker. Then, to bring the play to its logical conclusion, Cam can just wing it right to their rookie safety and help start a legend on someone else's team.
  14. Yeah, but that guy was a Hall of Fame level WR, the other guy is well, Martavius Bennett. The distance between the two is astounding.
  15. A guy willing to throw his team under the bus because he's not getting what he wants? Yeah, that's really what we need to introduce right now.