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  1. Puts a whole new meaning to shooting the A gap.
  2. Are we saying he should have got more time or less time for the crimes?
  3. Competition makes the most of everyone. Gano had an off year and might be spurred on by the challenge. This guy seems like a good kid, but only one or two new kickers make it into the league each year... it's a hard gig to land.
  4. It's a business folks. Nothing survives if it remains static. Buffalo wants to recreate what we've done here.
  5. They'll line him up at SS to kill the opposing team's #2 receiver and RB in the first quarter, then move him to FB for the rest of the game.
  6. Don't know a thing about Armah. Played TE and DB in college?
  7. Developmental DE with height, size and speed. Gets to work with Charles Johnson and the legendary Julius Peppers. Yeah, that was a good trade up and a good pick.
  8. First, you need to look at Moton not necessarily as a second round pick, but the first pick of the third round. If you do that, his value to cost ratio goes way up. Watching the tape on him, I was impressed by how late in the game he was still handling his duties well and seemed to have just as much motor as during the first half. He pretty much owned Watt throughout the game. Actually, that who OL was a lot better than I expected. I think he's the kind of guy you pick to push against both tackle and guard positions. And you can't teach a guy to be 6'5" 319 lbs. He looks like he's all business, too. Personally, so far our draft has been almost Belichik-like in picking multi-use players with solid fundamentals and big upsides.
  9. Let her speak, don't interrupt her. Let her finish. Then just stare at her and realize that hate-filled, turmoil tramp boffed a bunch of really old dudes at Fox News to get to where she is. Just look at her and realize that if you completely trash every human value and openly jump in every pool of swill you are pointed at, you too are able to rise to the top of the inglorious heap that she stands upon. Sometimes the First Amendment is important so that you aren't stopped from seeing and hearing what evil is from its own mouth. There is a small house in Kansas waiting to fall upon her.
  10. It tells a lot that we picked up the Stanford wide receivers coach before the draft.
  11. We need neither his services or the trouble he'll bring. Let's grab the best safety or OT available at 40. Would love to see Cam Robinson available. If not, then Obi wan Kenobi...
  12. Fiz is gonna Fiz. If he's miserable, chances are it will work out fine.
  13. The new show he's done is pretty fun and informative. This may have been the jump the shark episode, though. Seems a bit, I don't know, forced? That song, though, man, that was just bad. It was like a bad joke that someone couldn't stop telling.
  14. Giving him a sure handed guy to receive those short passes can only help, if anything can. You are right, the short game problems do fall almost completely on Cam's shoulders. He's a phenomenal QB but it has been his weak spot. If he can improve that, then the return trip to the big dance will be much easier.
  15. He's going to give Cam a number of things he has been needing. Short passing game, screen pass game, slot receiver, a third down back that can block. He's also going to probably extend J-Stew's viable career for two more years, allowing Stewart the chance to go back to the power run game that he excels at. In many ways, this brings Double Trouble back. But not just that... he also gives us a speed receiver option on every down and a slot receiver option on every down. He's not as fast as Ginn (who is though?) but he has better hands and can take the routes through the flat. Honestly, if they are smart with him, he can very quickly be a player like Smitty in his early days (barring the Junkyard Dog attitude). The kid also has a top end football IQ and that is something that has paid off for us very well. Smart players take to coaching and game plans well, and with his father having been a well-respected pro wide receiver, the pedigree plays into his future as he knows what to do and what is expected for a long-term career. He is a bit on the small side, but he's still young, too. Adding another 10-15 pounds of muscle in the next two years isn't much of a stretch. He's going to be great for us.