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  1. I have to apologize to @TheRed , not for what I have said, but most certainly how I have said it. He was right that this isn't how I normally post and my passion for the subject matter got the best of me and left me with the just the worst. I should have said, "Please, you have obviously got an informed opinion and a desire to get the best out of this country we share, so don't pass up on your opportunity to cast a ballot. It doesn't have to be for every race, but find someone or something you can get behind and put your votes there." One single vote may not matter in a presidential, or even gubernatorial, election, but don't let that turn you into thinking the voter doesn't matter. Look, act and vote local -- these are the races that have the most impact on your life and where you have the most impact, too. A change at the local level does reverberate up the ladder, it is how all great movements start. I won't get on you or anyone else about not voting again, but please, in exchange, could you just commit to casting a ballot next time your local elections roll along? You are full of smart ideas and are passionate about a number of issues, don't let that go to waste. You might very well actually improve things. And Lord, we sure do need that, don't we? Once again, my apologies to @TheRed and @NanuqoftheNorth for going above and beyond in calling you out. You deserve a better shake than I gave you.
  2. Whew, talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Rage pissing is all you do man. And your "thinking" may be critical, but it isn't very deep or wise. In the end, though, if you aren't participating in the governing, then quit complaining. I'm not angry at you, really. I am astonished, though, with all of your political pronouncements and judgements about every facet of our government, that you weren't actually going into a voting booth. I don't want to call you a hypocrite, but man, you're just a spectator.
  3. No, her attitude was "That other guy's a joke and surely no one will vote for him." Hubris was the byword of her campaign. It's the same attitude that most of the other Republican candidates for president went into the primaries with when they looked at Trump. None of them took him serious until he started knocking them off like chumps. And now look where we are. My attitude is, "Dang man, I hear a lot of complaining about how the world is, we better start actually taking part in the process and try to wrest it back from the people who'd destroy us and everything that's been worked for for 240 years." I'm saying, get out and vote, don't just give up and let them take what they want.
  4. Wow. I'm just going to let that stand there and shimmer a bit. You've managed to circular logic yourself right out of relevance there. My vote won't count, so I'll never cast it, and yours won't either so you should never cast it, because those other guys always win. That's the kind of thinking that got this nation into this mess, Einstein.
  5. Did you vote for anyone in the last election? Senate? House of Reps? State senator or representative? Governor's race? County Commission? City council? Board of Education? Insurance commissioner? Bond referendum? State judges? I mean, this last election, nationwide, had candidates and races from the bottom to the top, being one of those years when just about every office was up for grabs at every level. Sure, you can take a pass on president, I can see that, I really can and can really empathize. But to not go in and cast a ballot at all?
  6. So, how are you going to change things? Please, do explain, I can't wait to be enlightened. And yes, I do take voting very seriously.
  7. You didn't bother to even vote down the ballot? But you talk about politics here like you had a stake in it. Dude, you haven't even warranted a political participation trophy. So, if you didn't vote at all last time around, I guess that unless you're out there drilling with some kind of paramilitary revolution group, then all this political grandstanding and pronouncing how right and wrong things are is really just you blowing smoke out of your butt.
  8. I guess you could just roll over and take it. Limiting polling places, making them inconvenient, ending early voting, limiting days and hours, and oh my Lord, Tuesdays!!!??!!!? If people in Baghdad can walk to polling places under threat of gunfire and car bombings, reprisals against their families and other hardships while they are just trying to keep their children fed, just to cast a vote and get a purple-inked thumb to show what they've done, you're going to complain about you having difficulty in voting? Don't like how the Democrats and Republicans are doing it? Good, join the club, it's called just about every damned body in the country. Go find a bunch of people like yourself, get them together and either: 1) start voting for a third party OR 2) pick the party of your choosing, join it and work to steer it back to what it should be. Add some damned light to the world rather than just heat. Cast a vote based on your conscience, your learning and your ideals -- if your person doesn't win, don't just give up and go cry into your pillow, vowing to never ever play with those mean kids again. Go, vote, participate. People lived and died to pass down to you a chance to take part in selecting your own government. People are literally dying to come here for that opportunity and the opportunities it spells for them. You guys are political Jimmy Claussens... little girl screams and all. You ought to be Steve Smiths, fighting the big guys and making your place by never giving up.
  9. If you're doing it right in this day and age, then it probably is going to be a hard decision. I voted third party this year because I couldn't put my faith in either presidential major party candidate. Did it matter? Maybe? At least one party might have lost because of folks like me. They might even learn from it. Maybe.
  10. I'm not that far off. But I vote and research candidates and work in the community to get out the word for the good guys and have literally sat through hundreds of meetings by town councils, county commissions and boards of education. I'm not saying any bootstrap thing, because that crap isn't terribly real. Your vote and your participation, though, are as real as you want it to be. The impact of your vote and participation can be incredibly important, too. But if you can't even muster up the nuts to vote, then really, stop complaining.
  11. If you think I was in any way suggesting people just sit around and think this is fine then your reading comprehension is as off as your perspective is. I'm actually challenging you to get up, roll up your sleeves and really get involved in making this country work out right. You've got the drive and the idea that this isn't how it was supposed to turn out. I'm saying take that and get to repairing the broken machinery rather than blithely sitting back and advocating that it be knocked down and rebuilt again. By not, you play into the hands of the despoilers just as much as the sheep-like voting herds that you decry, if not even more so. They may be so dumb and codwallopped by life that they can no longer form independent decisions. You've still got that ability, but to just shelve it next to an unused voter registration card is near criminal. If you're insulted by me saying, you ought to be better than that, then maybe you've been needing to be insulted.
  12. This is a huge cop out and it says that the only way to save our beloved means of governing is to bail out of the system and then have a revolution and start over again. You fix the system by casting knowledgeable votes in every frikkin' election. Every election. Local, state and federal. The situation is screwed right now because frikkin' lazy voters don't take the time to learn anything about their local candidates, or their state ones (here in NC that really bit us in the ass, didn't it?). Those elections lead to the ones above them AND frikkin help decide who will be taking part in primaries and even putting in the votes for the electoral college. An educated and willing electorate also tears the crap out of big money donors and tends to churn the political offices for the good of all. But no, a bunch of folks just drag themselves out of their cocoons to cast a vote for the president and maybe check off a box or two of people whose names sound familiar every four years. And then we've got the whiniest and most self righteous of the bunch, like you, who say that votes don't matter and they aren't going to get involved in the whole corrupt system. They march around smug and whining, putting on airs of intellectual superiority while complaining about every frikkin thing under the sun. Get up, learn your candidates and start voting local and up. All politics is local. ALL POLITICS IS LOCAL. Your town council or Board of Education or County Commission matters. Your State senators and representatives matter. BIG FRIKKIN TIME HERE. Doing this is how you really start reforming the system. This is how you start beating back the machinery in place that goes and grabs people by the busload and brings them to the polls to elect idiots and thieves. And then, maybe, just maybe, you run for office or volunteer some time to work for a candidate you believe in. You attend meetings and voice your opinions and hold politicians accountable, those in your own backyard first. And buy a frikkin' newspaper once in a while or buy an ad in one. No matter what crap the politicos try to tell you, those guys and gals scribbling notes at government meetings and then getting ink stains from printing the stories are your first line of defense and your best teachers. But stop acting all superior about not voting. Really, be a responsible adult. You have to work for it. Our republic doesn't have a reset button like your Xbox.
  13. Sadly, this will probably lead to "driving while Muslim" incidents.
  14. The water appears to be about waist deep and rising now. " As part of their investigation, U.S. officials were expected to look into millions of dollars' worth of wire transfers to Manafort. In one case, the AP found that a Manafort-linked company received a $1 million payment in October 2009 from a mysterious firm through the Bank of Cyprus. The $1 million payment left the account the same day — split in two, roughly $500,000 disbursements to accounts with no obvious owner. " -- cherry-picked from the story