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  1. Good for them, hope they have a great time. Let's watch some football.
  2. This may be a blessing in disguise.
  3. Yeah, this makes perfect sense and could set us for the next four years or so.
  4. Khyber53


    Nah, the silver is cool.
  5. Khyber53

    Winners/Losers - 2nd preseason game

    This makes a lot of sense, but it is really hard to watch Matt play and not think he's playing himself out of a job. We really won't know anything about his ability until Dallas comes to town. We should know before the end of the first quarter. Hopefully the season won't be over by then.
  6. Matt Kalil's reaction times were so slow last night he is still waiting to come out after halftime.
  7. Khyber53

    Matt Khalil...

    Never thought you'd be missing Remmers, did you?
  8. Khyber53

    Obada to the 53

    He looked good, but let's see him do it again before we give out one of the 53 spots.
  9. Chicken and dumplings.
  10. Starters on offense will play 1 quarter and we'll look flat and unimpressive. Not saying we have a problem, I just don't think Norv is going to pull the sheet off this offense and reveal it to the league in a preseason game. We'll see more shuffling of players along the O-line throughout the game as we try to evaluate talent and try to find the right mixture for the best chemistry. I think our pass defense will look better and Seymour will have a much better game. Second and third strings will prove to be much better and more cohesive than their Dolphins counterparts. Tackling among defensive starters will be lackluster again as they attempt to just make it through the preseason injury free. Panthers win in a close one. Moore plays less, but Samuels has a stellar night.
  11. The campaign is a whole lotta preaching to the choir, but it fills the time before the season starts.
  12. Khyber53


    Sure, we might as well get her named tattooed on our chest after the first date. I mean, sure, why not?
  13. I'm up for anything that makes NFL football fun again. Midfield logo, letting the past ownership just quietly disappear from the scene, treating vets and rookies with respect, and let's just let all that anthem ruckus go away. Let's have fun, let's play lights out and let's bring home the Lombardi this year.
  14. I think we'll carry six receivers going into the season. Will Byrd be one of them? No. I think Byrd is getting a chance to show out and get some interest from other teams. We may even see him end up in Buffalo. He's a good guy, but I think his skillset here is duplicated a couple of times already in the top 5. In my opinion, Byrd will shuffle off to another team and start the second phase of his career and perform really well, rather than be stuck way down on the depth chart. In his place, the sixth receiver slot will go to either Mose Frazier or Bug Howard.