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  1. HVAC question

    I would offer the potential buyer a rebate of $250 on the purchase of the house so that they could have the scraping done if they so chose. I would also make sure in no uncertain terms, though, that you have been advised not to do it. You come off being the good guy either way there.
  2. Comfortable with running backs?

    The problem is that we only have one big name running back at the moment, Stewart, and over the years going back to John Fox, we're (as a fanbase) used to having two of those at a time. Most teams, if they are lucky, have one and then a group of no names afterwards. That's where we are right now. That's neither bad, nor good. It's really just the norm. And, if you take a pure moneyball approach, you can only get so much usage out of a running back in today's game. We do great by it, but on most winning teams, the RB position is a bit of an afterthought, and you can just plug someone in and proceed. The game is a changing and RBs are falling in value right now, with the exception of one or two game changing talents. And those guys cost so much that their teams start looking one dimensional.
  3. Bonnet and McGee gone

    At this point, every time we try to figure out what is going on, or get stoked about a new pick up, they go and shuffle the deck again. I think I'm going to just sit back and watch until we get to training camp. Something tells me there will be a few more shuffles yet to come. Someone pass the popcorn.
  4. Yikes! It's like they are snake bit as a team.
  5. Olsen is a pro's pro. What else can you say?

    Two touchdowns, most importantly that bullet he caught in Tennessee, 10 receptions for first downs. Blocked well when sent in. Dickson did okay for us, and better than most TE2s around the league. The guy doesn't get many chances because, honestly, there haven't been many tight ends that have ever played the game better than Olsen. We can cheer for Olsen, and we really should, but man, Dickson went in and did what was asked of him. No reason to slam the guy.
  6. Got a relationship question...

    thefuzz is right. 100% spot on.
  7. You really have a thing for spreadsheets and examining data. The differences are pretty cool in how the rosters are being built, but I think we're also looking at DG being a couple of years ahead of his competition in building those rosters. He's bringing in the most rookies at positions where we'll need to see the effects three to four years from now (like in the TE grouping) or in the regular reshuffle of our DB situation. In all the talk of the loss of Norman, we seem to forget that DG has reshuffled the deck for our defensive backfield each year, giving it a new twist here and there, elevating some younger players, bringing in some old vets. He might be looking for just the right combo to lock in, or he might just see advantages of keeping the costs down and simply putting in new blood each year. Right now, Atlanta and New Orleans are still trying to stop the bleeding, while Tampa Bay is actually progressing in their rebuild. I think the Bucs are going to be our biggest challenger this year and a real rival next. The Saints are mired in contract hell and I just don't see Atlanta as working out... Sure is nice to be sitting here looking at Carolina and thinking we're not just the front runners, but a stable one, too.
  8. 8 CBs

    Eight DBs, two DTs and a rotating MLB. It's going to work.
  9. Got a relationship question...

    Self respect is priceless.
  10. Got a relationship question...

    Man, I'm sorry. Get ahold of yourself and have some self respect. You talk about being honorable and whatnot, but this isn't honor. This is like mailing the local bully your lunchmoney while you are away on vacation. I have never seen something so stupid in my entire life. Cut the card immediately, cancel the trip to Europe for her and her friend right now, Have your attorney send her a one-month eviction notice. Dude, she QUIT SEEING YOU AS SOON AS SHE MOVED INTO THE APARTMENT!!!! Nine months without a kiss? Dude, she isn't even your girlfriend. Really... nine months! Sh*t man, cut it. Now. Figure up how much all of that was going to cost you between now and October, all trips and everything, and just donate that money to a good charity in town. Heck, do that just to clear your conscience that it went to a good thing. Because man, I can tell you right now, you won't ever f*ck her, but she sure as hell has been f*cking you. Don't get mad about it, just walk away and you'll breathe easy in a couple of weeks. Just go! And cut that money off!
  11. Got a relationship question...

    You're keeping her credit card open until October of this year? Why?
  12. Proehl talks about Damiere Byrd

    It's really his spot to earn. Right now, I don't see where Norwood and Hill retain spots and we might see the end of Bersin's time here, too. Byrd and Garrett, however, look like replacements for folks we've either got or have recently released.
  13. Got a relationship question...

    Man, you can't get other people to love you for what you do for them. No matter how hard you try, at best you will get gratitude and appreciation. At worst resentment and anger. People love you for who you are to the rest of the world. And real love, that romantic love for a lifetime stuff? You can NOT make that happen. It can't be manufactured in a lab or bought by gold. I'm not a wealthy guy, and honestly, what you've dumped on that girl over the last 11 months would probably pay off my mortgage. The deals I make are somewhere at the level of "Hey, there's the power bill taken care of, there's this month's contribution to the kids' college fund, or maybe even the splurge of we're going to have steak for dinner tonight". But every time one of my kids climbs into my lap for a night-night hug, or my wife makes me chicken soup when I have a cold, or good friends come over to watch a movie and share some laughs, I've got to think that I'm getting more for my buck than you. Sorry man, I am preaching too much here, but honestly, get a hold of yourself and gain some perspective.
  14. Got a relationship question...

    Man, you gotta quit listening to DJ Khaled or whatever his name is. And really, the brag factor here on your part is overwhelming. You've got to learn to pull back and get some real perspective. Really, save yourself man. This ain't about her anymore, it's about you. The guy who flaunts his money, his wealth, his accomplishments, his world travels, posts photos of his black card... it's noveau riche, tacky. In modern terms it's douchebaggy. I think you don't realize how it comes off, but it drives people with any real substance away from you. Those that remain and are attracted... well, you hopefully get the picture. Dial back on the conspicuous consumption, don't be so condescending of others' lives (she might not have needed/wanted being uplifted to an "equal" footing with you) and for God's sake, get an American Express green card -- the black card is for folks who want to look like a big shot. Trust me, I worked for American Express when they were creating the Centurion and Titanium cards -- they were called the "I'm a rich person" card and the "I SAID I AM A RICH PERSON" card. Don't chuck all the money away and become a hermit. There's nothing wrong with being successful. Just, have some class and respect for others. Real respect, not this stuff you've been throwing around.
  15. Got a relationship question...

    Okay, you're not getting it. You told her, "at the walls we keep breaking through." Who is the we? She didn't break through a wall with you. You did your thing and she wasn't part of it, she knows that. You are forcing your success on her, telling her she is a part of it, when she's really not. She went out with her friends because one of them got a job promotion. This isn't about a relationship with her any longer, man. It's about you. You are apparently a whiz at business but have literally no idea how the rest of the world operates outside of that bubble you are in. Admittedly, if you are stuck in a bubble, yours isn't a bad one. It sure beats the born poor, worked poor, died poor and alone one, but there's soooo much more to life than money, wealth and the trappings therein. Can I ask you a really personal question? Were you born into a really wealthy family?