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  1. lightsout added a post in a topic: What happened to Al Jefferson?   

    Al is a double edged sword, really. He gives us a big man down low that is hard to stop. But, as pointed out, he just doesn't fit with the other 4 guys on the court at any given time. Sure, if we had a sure-fire 3-point shooter to kick to on the wing whenever they collapse on Al, it'd work better. We wouldn't have to go from fast paced, efficient passing to a snail's pace with Al working his man over in the post for 10 seconds. But, we don't have that right now. I think we just have to keep an eye on his minutes. Pepper him in and give Vonleh and Biyombo more minutes, because they're the future here. Jefferson is a stop-gap to develop those two more without throwing them to the wolves and when he was picked up, he was sorely needed.

    Long term, Jefferson isn't a problem. He'll be gone and I think our offense will be more solid for it, both in his helping guys like Vonleh with their post work, and with just giving the young guys a chance to develop while doing good work on the boards to give us a chance to win now instead of just saying "we'll win whenever we get our young guys developed". And in that, as said a million times, our tempo on offense will pick up. Because honestly, our offense is fuging boring a lot of the time. Nice to see Al get like, 3 straight buckets down low every quarter, but still, I want us playing to our strengths. Efficient passes, get good mid-range looks, take the occasional 3, drive the lane with guys like Hendo. That's our identity and we need to stick to that.
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  2. lightsout added a post in a topic: Game 50: Hornets @ Sixers   

    Nah, we'll start Marvin with Zeller and Al. Then, we'll rotate in Taylor and Stephenson as we need to. This is why we need PJ and Hendo rotating at the 2, with Stephenson coming in at that spot if we need him to.

    But we won't do that. Because this is Gary Neal Month.
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  3. lightsout added a post in a topic: Game 50: Hornets @ Sixers   

    PJ, regardless of how inconsistent he may be with his shot, is AT LEAST as good as Gary Neal, with the added benefit of not being Gary fuging Neal. Play him. At least when he shoots it looks nice and he can't be any worse than what's on the floor. This team needs a spark in the backcourt. No reason to not rotate in PJ at the 2. Hell, play him in the high post for all I care. Do something with the kid.

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