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  1. Should Dex be banned?

    Article 8, code 44.8 of Southern Code and Ethics -Beverage consumption ----Non-alcoholic beverages ------44.8: No Southerner shall ever partake in the drinking of tea with less than .5 cups of sugar. Any person(s) who do so shall be forced to drink Busch Light whilst listening to no less than 4 southern belles saying "bless your heart, honey" no less than 5 times. Any disdain held for tea (with or without sugar) shall be met with the punishment of being taken to Boston Harbor and told the history of The Great Tea Mixin' (otherwise known as The Boston Tea Party) to the tune of sad-sounding violins. Specifically mentioned shall be the sadness felt by the men and women who went without tea for months due to the protest over taxation. Not only is it not southern, it's un-American.
  2. Reasons I cant trust Pitbulls

    What are you saying? I was pretty clear. Any dog (read: regardless of the breed of dog) that mauls a person needs to be put down on the spot. Pistol, shotgun, rifle, knife, katana, C4, take your pick. Or are you saying we should be preventive and put down all pits BEFORE they MIGHT maul somebody? Because if that's the case, again, it's not all pits and I think it has been shown pretty frequently that any dog can be docile and non-threatening, if in the right environment and raised/trained to be such.
  3. Reasons I cant trust Pitbulls

    I agree. Dogs that maul people should be put down, because I'm team people. However, demonizing pits is ridiculous. Pits may attack more than most breeds, statistically, but they're also the breed most likely to be raised by violent idiots or the entirely incompetent. Which is the problem.
  4. Reasons I cant trust Pitbulls

    I've walked onto porches at work with pitbulls that are chained to the porch (meant SOLELY for intimidation and security by their owners). Pit barks and snaps towards me from the time I park and get out. The minute my foot hits the porch, they're walking up and licking my hand, then sitting and dropping all aggression. Dogs are VERY perceptive of our mood and our energy. That's why owners that KNOW their dogs will say "calm down before you come to the backyard, he won't bother you" and the like. Sure, bad dogs (raised by bad owners) exist and they will snap at ANYBODY at any time (had that happen to me too, just so you don't think I am the dog whisperer. By the way, that one WASN'T a pit, it was an Australian shepherd). However, when a guy tells me "he literally never lets anybody that doesn't live here get on the porch without us out here. How'd you get him to let you up here?", then it seems to hint to it not being a breed issue, in large. My dad has a pit mix. Like most who have pits have said in here, she's a big baby. Thinks she's a lap dog. My niece and nephew are babies still. She was VERY skiddish around them at first, but she has grown VERY close to them. If they cry, she comes running. She brings their toys to them. She lets them aggravate her to a point, then walks away. Same dog, while I was living with dad a few years ago, I came home around 3 AM one night. All the lights are out, and I grew very good at sneaking in so as to not wake anybody. Usually didn't wake the dog. This night, she was awake. I touched the backdoor and she went off. I make it into the door and hear the most god awful, terrifying growl she's ever let out. I turn the light on and say "it's me, girl", she instantly stops, drinks water, comes to me, jumps to my chest, licks me, and walks back to her bed. All. About. How. They're. Raised.
  5. Comfortable with running backs?

    I'm fine with our RBs. CAP cuts out the fumbles and he's a young Stew. Fozzy is serviceable. Wegher is unproven but could be solid. Time will tell, and I think we take a rb in the first three rounds if the value is there next year. For this season, we'll be ok. With KB back and our other guys playing pretty well last season, teams won't be able to stack the box on us as much.
  6. Braxton Deaver and the #89

    Jackie won't give up 89 until at least a few years after Smitty retires from football. Dude is a legend in this place. It's like asking if a rookie is going to get 1 a season or two after Cam retires. Will not happen.
  7. Panthers Motivation Monday

    The ONLY play that beats this for me the whole season is Luke's pick 6 against the Seahawks in the playoff game. The reason being that I was there with my brother and a buddy of mine. The place went nuts when Stew took off on the first play and when we scored on the opening possession. Then my brother turned to us and said "if we get a pick 6 on this possession, the stadium may collapse". And, almost as if it were fate, Luke picks off that pass and I've never just lost it like that. Maybe it was the atmosphere playing into it, but man that was a crazy feeling.
  8. Captain America: Civil War

    The first ten minutes of Civil War > BvS in it's entirety.
  9. I think it's smart. It's just three days and it allows for a ton of film and Q&A in a comfortable setting where everybody can be a part of it. On the field instruction is usually one coach to one player or a brief discussion between position coaches and his guys. In the classroom, you can spend time talking that stuff out now so when you do get on the field, you are ahead of the curve a bit and it allows you to focus on just executing rather than wondering if you're thinking the right thing. And for guys who survived simple college offenses on sheer talent alone, this will be very important to their development. You know what you have physically because, more times than not, you personally evaluated your guys before drafting them. So you don't have to see them on the field to know they're getting it. Teach, then run practical/on-field stuff, then evaluate and break down that stuff with the guys. On field practices are limited in terms of time, so I love this.
  10. Who wins in a fight - Cam Newton or Goku?

    SS god vs football god
  11. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    Unless we work some magic in rounds 2 and 3....I'm not loving this pick. I see it's purpose, and perhaps I'll love the pick by week 4, but for now....meh.
  12. "We just need players"

    Let's talk about the importance of the OP's initial statement though. This isn't an organization. There are plenty are plenty of organizations in this league. There are very few teams. That's what we are. A team involves everybody and everybody is on the same page. An organization is just a collection of people who happen to be working in the same place. The fact that our GM and coach seem so in sync with each other is great. We know JR gets along with everybody well. We know our locker room is tight and our guys trust and respect our coaches. We're competitors in this league for as long as we keep on the same path we are as a team. If we become just another NFL organization, we'll fall from this success we're having pretty hard. So I'm glad that we are what we are. Also, I am all for Huddle's Famous Nippleshorts Pale Ale.
  13. State of the Canes

    David Perron and Jakub Voracek. Please and thank you. Rounds out our top 6 nicely, really. EDIT: Only want Perron if he can return to his Edmonton form of scoring at will.
  14. State of the Canes

    I don't know. Riley Nash had a decent year and he is a good locker room guy apparently. He'll take a friendly deal because he doesn't exactly command money by being a tremendous player. Gerbe and Terry are both gone most likely, unless they get sent down, which is unlikely. Need a couple pure scoring wingers. Guys who can go out and get us 30+ goals a year. We have big bodies in the middle, so there should be room cleared to shoot, and there has been. Just can't bury it when we need it. Who is there to really go after in net? I can't think of anybody who can come in and get it done consistently for us.
  15. Cam shirtless

    Read somewhere once that be keeps all of his workouts to simple, 30-45 minute sessions that are crazy intense circuit training. Based on that video, that seems right. Explosiveness, core strength, and endurance seem to be in high order for him. That explains him being a freak on the field, especially late in games when you expect him to be less efficient due to the first 3 quarters.