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  1. Getting Annoyed

    I'll show you why. I took this watching First take.    
  2. Fallout from Norman vs Beckham

    You just distinguish between regular personal fouls and flagrant ones. Two flagrant fouls means ejection.    This solves the issue of accidental personal fouls, like facemasks. Add a sentence to the in-game explanation.    "Personal foul, Facemask, 53 defense. 15 yard penalty from the end of the run, first down".   " personal foul, hit to the head of a defenseless player. 53 defense. This is his first flagrant foul. 15 yard penalty, first down".   Obviously, in my explanation, the hit to the head wasn't accidental. It was like Burfict.
  3. What position did you play?

    I feel that way every time, but those were some great years. Plus, I used to be really into nostalgia....
  4. What position did you play?

    In hs, I was a jack of all trades.   Freshman year, I was an inside backer in a 4-4 scheme. Strongside inside. Also the backup fullback. Didn't start at inside backer until the sophomore starting over me skipped practice all week. Got the start, impressed, started the rest of the year. Got some shots at fb in blowouts. Ran Paul Johnson's triple option. I scored one td. Sophomore year, I got bigger and faster. I played well and more importantly, I was smart. Knew our system because I wanted to be the best. So, i got a varsity spot. Unfortunately, I was still 5'8" and 175 lbs. Didn't fare well a lot of times. Ultimately, I missed half the season. Why? Because before practice, we're all playing two hand touch. Harmless, right? No. I ran into a guy with my face. I hit his face. I broke my face. Right orbital fracture. Surgery. Sucked. Junior year, I'm bigger still. 5'10", 190 lbs. I got moved from backup fullback to starting te, as well as starting inside backer. Set a record for tackles in a game at 18 in my school's first ever 3rd found playoff game. Was cool. Missed one game middle of the season with a concussion. Senior year. The year. Ended the season at 6' and 215 lbs. Got moved offensively again. I'm now starting at left guard. Almost got bumped to defensive end as well as safety (ran a 4.6 40 time) because coaches wanted competition at those spots. Eventually kept my linebacker spot. Best record in school history, eastern finals championship appearance, school season rushing record (something like 4200 yards between our qb and like, 5 different running backs), and I briefly held the school career tackles mark at like, 320, but the other inside backer broke that the next season.   Too many ridiculous stories to name. Most ridiculous would be either having Louisburg high school heckle us as we walked to the field in the 3rd round senior year, or being put on record on a Monday in a McDonald's before our eventual 4th round loss when I was told by a local reporter that I trusted that I was off record. Paper got printed, I was called in the office, parents notified, threats of lawsuits from my coach and principal to the reporter, insanity.
  5. Every time I think of reenlisting, my thought process is as follows: - I want to be a barrel chested freedom fighter again - I miss the M240B - I miss the guys -....but PowerPoint... - Yeah, I'll stay where I'm at.
  6.   "why are you looking at that female? Is she in danger? Is she in need? Is she a threat? No? Face out, take a knee, drink water you thirsty animal". Yes, I've overheard this exact exchange. Laughed uncontrollably.
  7. Cecil, "Cam is only scratching the surface"

    Wait wait wait. You seriously put us in the ring of teams such as the Browns and Titans? You seriously think people are clueless to the Panthers outside of the region? Have you noticed how widespread the dab has become? Where do you think that came from? EVERYBODY I know (including friends in Michigan, Wyoming, and Montana) is aware of where the popularity came from: Cam Newton. They aren't Panthers fans and don't follow the team, but they know. Apart from that, people knew of the Panthers as much as any team. Not to mention Luke being widely known and loved. Nobody outside of the Colorado region knows jack about Denver except for Peyton and maybe Von Miller. If I was a casual NFL fan, I'd know even less about Denver. Denver has been as much as an afterthought nationally as Carolina has been over the past decade or so. We both gained massive relevance now because we're both in the Super Bowl. Get over yourself.
  8. Vaguely remembering something to the effect of "you signed a contract to be here. You wrote on paper that you wanted this....take from that what you will. Too freakin' easy."  
  9. What a...SHARP response...
  10. Have you lost focus at work?

    I haven....   Wait, what?
  11. You can tell the same by looking at any defense. Very few disguise between man and zone. Disguising which zone is key.   For instance, I'm pretty sure on one of Norman's picks, it was cover 2 disguised as cover 3.
  12. My 5 predictions for SuperBowl 50

    My 5 are easy and very, very doable. 1. Peyton will get greedy and Peyton doesn't mind throwing at great DBs. He'll throw at J-No...J-No will make him pay with an interception. 2. Peyton will stop throwing at J-No after J-No snags a second INT. 3. Cam will break a Superb Owl record. Passing, running, combined yards or TDs. Something. 4. Shaq has his big coming out party on the grandest stage. Pick 6 and a lot of big stops. 5. Funchess strikes fear in the hearts of every defense with a big game against a secondary touted as one of, if not THE best. Not just for his skill, but the thought that next year, we'll have Funchess, Benjamin, Ginn, and Brown back. Funch has a 100+ yard game with at least 1 TD.
  13. Anybody else notice

    How absolutely jacked Cam looks at media days? Maybe it's just that he's wearing stuff that compliments and doesn't shroud his size, but he looks like an absolute monster. He has to be much larger/more muscular than he was as a rookie, and it's not even close. Can't post pics right now, but seriously, go to the Panthers FB page. Post from Feb 3 at 5:49. And the video clip of him and that reporter going at it, with him in that white shirt. I seriously hope I never see anybody like Cam angry in the street. Intimidating. Now I know how DBs feel...
  14. Panthers Nation

    Why is this?
  15. I'm not nervous in the least. We are the better team and I don't think we'll shrink in the moment. Hell, you could argue we didn't truly come alive until the big lights were on.   Peyton isn't the player he once was. However, he is very smart and I think be knows this is it for him. He's going to leave it all out there. Might it bite him if he tries that since his arm isn't as great? Possibly. But he'll never be Dilfer bad.