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  1. lightsout added a post in a topic Walking Dead Season 6   

    You should. Just to give you an idea on pacing, issue #70 is the start of the Alexandria arc. They're on issue 147 as of tomorrow. So, it won't take long to blow through the comics and get to where we are in showtime. Also, there are some deviations in the comic to the show. The story of the comic is just better, period. Art gets better as you go along, so don't let the first 20 issues discourage you if you start reading them. Seriously don't know why people don't read the comic. It's amazing.
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  2. lightsout added a post in a topic Walking Dead Season 6   

    I get the plan and it's intended purpose, but it really wasn't the greatest of plans. Better idea, find a way to topple on of those semis on the ramps to make a blockade, then dig out a 15 foot trench behind it, so if it ever did give and walkers got beyond it, they'd still have to go up a steep incline, which they can't. Both sides sloped to where they're just tumbling down into it. Could do it in a couple of days with limited risk, if you brought lookouts along to keep the work crew safe. Wouldn't burn them all in the quarry though. Fire that big, with the smoke, would be bad. Any other large groups looking to loot would see it and be brought fairly close to Alexandria. Which is why the flares were stupid. If you're going to shoot them, shoot them low so they don't go over the trees. Or find a better way to get the walkers to get off of the wall and moving down the road. Why not throw up more pikes before they get to the wall? Reinforces the wall, and keeps them from advancing into the wall, save for a few that may squeeze through a crack?

    Overall, not a bad episode. I love the black and white in flashback because it reminds me of the comic. Nice touch, IMO.

    Pacing was drawn out because the underlying theme for the episode was Rick's leadership, who he is going to be, and how the rest of the community is taking to him. Morgan is clearly Rick's conscience, and it will become Rick v. Morgan by midseason. Morgan is trying to get Rick to not go over the edge with extreme measures and thinking. It's working somewhat. Rick seems more like he's trying to be a leader in the community and less like a man wanting a hostile takeover. I'm guessing that what probably happens by midseason is Alexandria takes a big hit, Morgan and a bunch in Alexandria die under Morgan and Deanna's leadership, and Rick and Co. save the day. Afterwards, Deanna tells Rick that he's running things now because trying to do it any other way has lead to bad results. Possible segway into the next "big bad" villain after the Wolves.

    Next week looks like it's going to focus more on the rest of Alexandria back home dealing with a problem. Something or someone got in. Probably a bit of both. I'm banking on the alarm being somebody from town calling for help. I think we'll be set in Alexandria and not focused on Rick and his team until the end of the episode (ideally, anyway). Have the start of the episode seem mundane, little disposition until the first commercial, then let poo hit the fan. I'm thinking it's the Wolves first attack on Alexandria. Mainly with walkers as the weapon. They break a part of the fence, pour them in, and get inside themselves on an opposing end. The sneak peak shows somebody who looks like they shot in the stomach, not bit, that's why I'm saying that. I think Rick and the rest show up in the nick of time to help clean house and restore order, with the Wolves retreating. Then you have Rick go hyper-vigilant and seem "dangerous" to the others, thus inciting Morgan's push for Deanna to follow his lead in dealing with Rick.
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  3. lightsout added a post in a topic Luke Cleared to Play   

    This news makes me happy. Here I thought hookers and blow were going to be my only saving grace on this pathetic Tuesday.

    Also, don't feed RahRahCarolina aka 15/PU/KT/whoever he is an alt for. Just let him post his nonsense and pretend that he's that spot on the floor that your foot hits after sex. You feel and know what you just stepped in, but you gotta maintain your cool, so you just slide your foot on the carpet beside it and pretend like it never happened.
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  4. lightsout added a post in a topic Seattle.... they will be looking for blood!   

    Keys to beating Seattle:

    - Win the turnover battle
    - Win in special teams
    - Win in big plays (limit theirs, create more than them)
    - Time of possession

    We win those four aspects, we beat Seattle. It's really that simple.
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  5. lightsout added a post in a topic How often do you unplug from work?   

    I have plenty of time to, but I'm always ready to be called in. Hasn't happened yet, but my three day weekend every other week can be cut short pretty quick if somebody calls out or something serious goes down and they need extra in.
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  6. lightsout added a post in a topic Not panthers related but IDGAF...   

    To those wondering why they didn't of the dozens of vehicles sitting at all sides of the intersection would be the reason.

    No matter the race, no matter the gender, this is the only thing you can do. Keep traffic from entering the intersection and try to get her stopped. Or wait for her to total the car. Were they justified to shoot? Absolutely. A car is a deadly weapon and you're ramming cars needlessly, and it does appear aggressive.

    She has a mental health issue. She's going to be getting the help she needs, but let's not play the "if she was black she would have been shot" BS. If she would have pulled a gun, there would have been no hesitation.

    As to the officer pulling his gun and pointing it at her, he was trying to get her stopped. He had no intent necessarily to shoot, but that is the only way you can do it. Close to the car and angle it so if the bullet misses or goes through, it hits the ground on the other end and doesn't keep traveling. Even then, a stray bullet hitting a bystander is a bad thing.
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  7. lightsout added a post in a topic What's your official prediction for what our record will be at the end of the season?   

    I posted my year long prediction in a previous thread. So far, I haven't been too far off on most.

    @ Jags - W 28-10
    Texans - W (20-14)
    Saints - W (24-13)
    @ Bucs - W (35-10)
    @ Seahawks - W (38-21)
    Eagles - W (34-20)
    Colts - W (impressively too. Like, 31-10)
    Packers - L (will be close, but only because our defense keeps it low scoring. 17-7)
    @ Titans - W (21-3)
    Redskins - W (27-14)
    @ Cowboys - W (34-17)
    @ Saints - L (think we go in over-confident after winning on Thanksgiving. 28-13)
    Falcons - W (35-10)
    @ Giants - W (17-14)
    @ Falcons - W (20-3)
    Bucs - W (21-7)
    14-2, NFCS champs, NFC championship losers though. Think we lose our steam on that 4 game stretch at the end, limp through the divisional round, and just sputter out. Without KB, it's hard to predict Super Bowl.
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  8. lightsout added a post in a topic Have We Really Beaten Anyone?   

    Misleading thread title is misleading.
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  9. lightsout added a post in a topic More CAP   

    Negative. He was born in 1990. Panthers site has him listed as 25.
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  10. lightsout added a post in a topic THE UNDERRATED PANTHERS   

    Thought about our offense.

    Cam has always and will always obscure our rushing stats. Him running for a big gain once a game is almost the norm. That pads it. If he continues to pick up 40-60 yards per game rushing, yeah, we'll look like a good running team. Fact is, we're an average running team right now. Our OL just can't open lanes (to which I fault play design, but oh well).

    I've been so anti-Shula that it borders on the ridiculous. However, this season...something has changed. We seem more aggressive, and I love it. We also seem to be having more open receivers. I don't know if there are plays that have been tweaked to allow this, or just having more time in the system, but our offense actually looks respectable now. Not great, but serviceable enough to give us 21+ points per game, which is what you need to be able to win in the NFL. Shula still struggles some in situational playcalling, but I can live with it as long as it doesn't cripple us like it has in the past.

    All in all, I'm pleased with our offense. We need receivers to be consistent and to make plays happen, but if we get that, we'll be fine.
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  11. lightsout added a post in a topic More CAP   

    His age is deceptive. Remember, he had 2 years after high school where he didn't play. He didn't get much of an opportunity at Auburn until last season. He's got some mileage left on those legs. He can play to 32-33 at a high level, if only because he doesn't have the wear and tear of a typical 25 year old RB in the NFL.
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  12. lightsout added a post in a topic The Devin Funchess "drop"   

    It is a bit harsh, but it's not really off point. However, he is just 21 years old. He's one of the younger guys in the league. At his size, he needs to add some muscle and impose himself on opposing secondaries. His ball tracking seems fine, but we have a small sample size. I believe the poster you were quoting was referencing the endzone throw a couple games back. If so, I think that's just a chemistry thing and less of a ball-tracking issue.

    I believe Funch will get more reps as the season progresses. He'll have to, because he's our best physical specimen at receiver right now. Big, quick, deceptive speed. Gotta get him some touches and raise his confidence. Make teams respect him so Ginn and Brown are getting more opportunities. Once we have somebody other than Olsen that demands attention, I believe our offense may really take off. But we have to get that first.
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  13. lightsout added a post in a topic More CAP   

    While I agree with each of you to some degree, I also disagree a tad.

    Tolbert, I don't think, has been bad. He looks MUCH shiftier this season, similar to 2013. Still, the age is showing. He shouldn't be here next year, IMO.

    Stew has looked decent with the blocking he has received. However, he gets in this weird habit EVERY game where he starts dancing. I get that he's trying to create plays when no lanes open, but you have to just put your head down sometimes and get the ugly 3-4 yards if you can instead of trying to bounce a B gap run outside. End man on the line of scrimmage is getting kicked out, so you trying to bounce AROUND that, with another LB, safety, or corner coming outside to help out, just spells disaster a lot of time.

    CAP, I think, can be our #1. He's not ready right now. He'll need another off season to put on more muscle and learn more of the NFL game. Once he does that, if he maintains his quickness and burst, he'll be a solid #1 RB in this league. Take that to the bank.

    Reasons for thinking this is that in each of the last two games, if he's not hit in the backfield or at the line, he's getting 4 yards. He is seeing the hole, hitting it, and driving through first and sometimes second contact for an extra yard or two. He gets to the edge quickly on off tackle runs and cuts up as soon as he can, and he does it explosively.

    I think runners like CAP are indeed Gman's vision at RB. Is CAP who Gman wants out there for the next 6-8 years getting the bulk of carries? That is yet to be seen. However, if CAP gets more opportunities and can make the most of them, he can solidify himself a spot at least in rotation with other young backs, like Wegher.

    I just get the feeling, when CAP is in, that I had when D-Will was a rookie. I just knew if he got 10-15 touches in a game, he'd settle in a groove and bust off a long one. Sure enough, once they cut D-Will loose and let him run wild, he showed precisely what I thought he would. Hopefully CAP does the same, given the same opportunity.
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  14. lightsout added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    More CAP
    OK, so let's think of the past two games. CAP comes in late and doesn't do anything too flashy. Teams selling out on the run late in the 4th when we have a lead, so what can he do?

    Well, rip off 5 yard runs is ONE thing he can do in that situation. And he did. In each game. The guy is quick and decisive. He gets north and moves his feet through contact. Lot of energy in those young legs. Runs like a D-Will/Stew hybrid, really. The punishing running style of '08 Stew with the sheer quickness in and out of cuts of D-Will. Some I have talked to say he doesn't look that quick, but I beg to differ. He gets north in a hurry!

    CAP needs more carries. Everybody loves Fozzy, but Fozzy provides nothing that CAP doesn't apart from experience. CAP needs to be getting 10 touches per game, minimum. Screens, runs, designed passes out of the backfield. Get him involved in the offense. Get teams keying on him so our play action game is more of a threat, because right now, we aren't catching teams biting on playaction. At all.

    Also, CAP is a better choice for running zones and zone reads out of the shotgun. He and Cam come from the same coaching at Auburn. They are automatically going to mesh better and CAP is less removed from that kind of game than Stew is at this point in his career.
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  15. lightsout added a post in a topic The Devin Funchess "drop"   

    Stopped when you said "his accuracy continues to be a question".

    Cam has proven he has greatly improved his accuracy (which I think is largely a product of actually being healthy for the first time in 4 years). The "bad" throws that are cited? No more than ANY QB in the league. No QB throws a perfect pass every time. No, not even Rodgers. He misses a few each game. Some throws aren't even bad placement. They're purposefully put in a spot where the receiver catches it or it falls incomplete. Cam has MASTERED that technique. Sometimes it's due to lack of ability on the receiver's part (Cotch going down the seam, for instance). Cam hasn't had but a few really off the wall throws this season. I defy you to find them if I am wrong.

    If the ball hits you DIRECTLY in BOTH of your hands, in stride, and you're not having to be a ballerina to go up and get it, the throw is not the problem. Was the throw perfect? No, it wasn't. Was it well enough placed that it should have been caught? Yes. Was it an outright drop? No, it was partly a great play by the defender.

    I get bent up over this because you act like you know what you're talking about when you display, repeatedly, that you have no idea what you're talking about.
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