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  1. lightsout added a post in a topic Madden 16   

    OK, so which of you played Madden tonight (around 1 am-ish) as the Panthers against an opponent that was also the Panthers? Because that was me, and you're either terrible at the game or the biggest troll online. lol. Either way, good times.

    I'll explain.

    His first play was 5 WR Panther Go's. Philly Brown 80 yard bomb. He ran that play almost exclusively until I started running cover 4. Then after the score was like, 28-21 (me up), he started running FG block on defense. And then spinning the entire kick return. Then I ran fg block to give back the two TDs he gave me doing that that put me up 49-21, he finally hits a wide open KB....only to do Cam's little airplane thing to the goal line, then turn around and run back to midfield.

    Never laughed so hard during a game of Madden.
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  2. lightsout added a post in a topic Strange that Rivera had no Update on Norman   

    I'm hoping it's just a stinger and they're just being cautious. Even if it is a concussion, if it's a small one, he can be good to go in a week and a half. Of course, if it's one at all, you can bet he misses Jacksonville.
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  3. lightsout added a post in a topic Madden 16   


    Against the Cowboys, I ran cover 3, cover 4, and 2 man under the entire game. Mostly 4 man fronts, and Addison was getting decent pressure. I always adjusted to anticipate pass, and had the secondary adjust to over the top.

    Couldn't stop the deep ball. Ridiculous catch after ridiculous catch. Double coverage, don't matter. Bene running stride for stride all game, but suddenly gets blown by. Same with Norman.

    I wish more people did like me and actually called plays like a normal person, instead of just running a guy  deep and chucking it all game. Sick of seeing opposing QBs stats be 4-10 for 205 yards and 3 TDs.

    Usually, the adjustments and whatnot work. But depending on the team you're playing and the money plays they call, it may not matter.

    Also, I have NO money plays. I don't just run 4-5 plays like a lot that play. I actually try to make it a point to use every formation and variation at least once. Keep it mixed up. Run a balanced attack.
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  4. lightsout added a post in a topic Does anyone have the gut feeling that we should throw a BBQ/Cookout for Police Officers?   

    I echo the sentiment. Though, I wish I made 40K.
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  5. lightsout added a post in a topic This Corey Brown Hate-Fest Is Asinine   

    I don't like Corey Brown. Corey Brown drops passes. Corey Brown disappoints. Corey Brown waits for life to come to him. Corey Brown waits for the ball to come to him.

    I want Philly Brown.
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  6. lightsout added a post in a topic Fear the Walking Dead - Season 1   

    Well, let's think. Georgia heat means it'll be hot until late September, right? Rick woke up and found his family within a week. Then by the time they found the farm (about 2 weeks later, I'd imagine), it's still hot, but starting to cool for fall. Rick mentions getting through the winter. I assume Shane died end of October-ish. Then you have a time-lapse between that time and season 3, and it's early spring-ish at the start of season 3 (based on clothing and hair growth).

    For it to make sense, they will have to have this virus spread within a week from FTWD's episode 2. Right? Like, total fall of civilization. Because Rick couldn't have been in the coma long after the hospital went down and his part of Georgia fell. No more than a week, and it was still summer through season 1.

    EDIT: School is in...does it ever give an indication as to how far into the school year they are? If the date on that banner is accurate, then school had to have JUST started...

    Now this is bothering me.
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  7. lightsout added a post in a topic Five-o at it again   

    Watched the video a couple more times. If you try to go frame by frame from the moment the officers are to the left of the vehicles parked at the curb, you notice a couple of things.

    1) the suspect is erratic. Like he wants to run, but keeps thinking better of it.
    2) You see him initially put both hands up and, from best I can tell, both hands are empty.
    3) He lowers his hands, then steps forward to where the pole obstructs that left hand. But I don't notice him moving as if he pulls anything out.
    4) JUST before the first shot, he is either reaching downward to his waist or his feet. It's very quick, and it may just be the way the video recorded it. I'm not sure. Something doesn't add up with that. Not saying the video is edited, I don't believe that to be the case.

    From best I can tell, based on JUST what we have right now, that's a bad shooting. Both officers are experienced. I'm not sure what they were thinking honestly.
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  8. lightsout added a post in a topic RIP Deputy Goforth.... can we end this #blacklivesmatter nonsense?   

    8 cops killed in 7 days.

    Also, did I say poo about "rabid black people shooting cops"? 

    Also, did I once blame Black Lives Matter? 
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  9. lightsout added a post in a topic RIP Deputy Goforth.... can we end this #blacklivesmatter nonsense?   

    Lol at the blatant misrepresentation of what I actually said
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  10. lightsout added a post in a topic RIP Deputy Goforth.... can we end this #blacklivesmatter nonsense?   

    Then offer up a solution that minimizes the risk of officer's lives during an investigation into an officer involved shooting. Because releasing the names of the parties involved (cops and civilians) is a surefire way to get MORE people hurt. It also makes the officer's marked men if/when they are cleared, unable to feel safe anywhere because the subset of society that I'm speaking of will be looking for him, even if he was justified.

    The media coverage of "unarmed man shot by police" is not helping and has often been inaccurate. Let's look at Kerrick for example. The suspect was vastly larger than Kerrick. Kerrick tried deploying taser. Taser failed. Kerrick told him several times to stop. Kerrick defended his safety as he felt an imminent threat of deadly force, which is justified in that the guy attacking him was so much larger than him. What happened in the media? "Officer shoots unarmed black man in Charlotte". The entire city vilified the man. The then-chief wasted no time in throwing him under the bus....then resigned. Then the video of the encounter was released. All of a sudden, with ALL the facts on the table, there is doubt that the original narrative holds water. And EVEN THEN, there are STILL people screaming "injustice" at the mistrial. Hell, the guy did the only thing he felt he could do to protect his life, and people STILL think he callously killed a man.

    The media is not helping, for either side. They're hurting. So, how do we avoid that?
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  11. lightsout added a post in a topic RIP Deputy Goforth.... can we end this #blacklivesmatter nonsense?   

    No, people have always tried to kill cops. To a criminal, the cop is like the strict parent. The kid KNOWS they screwed up, and they KNOW that when dad gets home, it's their ass. The difference is, the kid might just say "daddy no!" and try to run for the impending ass whooping. The criminal may try to attack and kill. 

    I agree, the bad apples in law enforcement need to be weeded out. But every shooting, even those unarmed (Kerrick), isn't going to be a case of a blood thirsty cop. People simply don't understand how, when, and why an officer uses deadly force. Again, there are and HAVE BEEN bad shootings this year, and I'm sure that holds true in any year. I'm not trying to dismiss it. But saying "well, if bad cops would stop shooting people, this wouldn't happen" is missing the point.

    What needs to happen is 1) the anti-police sentiment in media and social media has to stop. It's getting PLENTY of people brazen enough to go out and hunt down cops (say what you want, at least cops aren't posting on social media that they're about to go kill some poor bastard for revenge for other fallen officers...), 2) there has to be better handling of officer-involved shootings, 3) there needs to be VERY limited media coverage of any on-going investigation (since, as evidenced in the TB, most jump to a conclusion long before all the relevant facts are known), 4) there needs to be better education for the public on how police operate (love how every time a media person or activist goes through deadly force training, they come away realizing how ignorant they were to it before), 5) there needs to be more community policing done to rebuild trust and respect.

    If all of that happens, we'll see change. If even ONE of those doesn't happen, we MAY see change, but not as much as we need and not as quickly.
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  12. lightsout added a post in a topic Five-o at it again   

    Never a good day when anybody gets shot. Ideally, nobody ever would for any reason. But this is reality. The reality is, there are some situations where a shooting is justified. There is a reason why EVERY state in the US has a law defining how and when one can use deadly force.
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  13. lightsout added a post in a topic Five-o at it again   

    I'm not sure how this whole ordeal went down. Again, the video was taken from so far away that you can't really tell what is going down until the shots. But if a taser fails, the two most likely reasons are this.

    A prong, or both prongs, missed the target. If one misses, the taser won't work. If there is thick clothing and the prong fails to get to the skin, the taser won't work. Given the distance from the target at the time of the shooting, one missing is likely, if they shot him from that distance. What it looks like is that the one deputy got much closer to him, and fell back pretty quickly shortly after. That, I think, is when he tried deploying a taser. It failed, he got to a safe distance. Now, the other scenario... that it failed because this guy isn't effected by them. It's well known that people under the influence of certain drugs aren't effected by the taser. And even for sober people (granted, VERY few), there are some that just don't get eat up by tasers the way you see some on COPS when they get hit with it. Tasers in general have a fairly high failure rate. As far as non-lethal weapons, it's still the best option. If it fails, you don't have many options.

    As far as them losing their patience, it depends. I hadn't read that they talked to him for 20 minutes. When I posted that this morning, it was the end of my day (working third means my sleep schedule is ass backwards), so I may have been too sleepy to read the article carefully enough. If he was armed, and was the offender in the assault on a female and assault on an infant, then he posed a risk to the safety of everybody he was around. Even at the distance he was at, if that other hand has a knife or some other deadly weapon, you can kill someone with a knife within that distance. Been proven. Even if the other individual has a gun, they may kill the assailant, but they'll get killed as well. If he was saying threatening things and refusing to drop the weapon, the longer you wait, the more dangerous the situation becomes. You're just giving him time to plan his next move, which could result in you dying.

    Now again, it's still entirely possible this guy was unarmed and was simply talking and trying to get answers on the situation at hand and got shot by a moron who doesn't deserve to wear a badge and carry a gun. I'm not trying to automatically defend either side in this. I'm just trying to remain objective and offer up 1) better details on the case and 2) the other side of the scenario that is just as likely that nobody here will offer up because everybody is too busy jumping to their anti-cop assumption,
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  14. lightsout added a post in a topic RIP Deputy Goforth.... can we end this #blacklivesmatter nonsense?   

     Also, it fuging happened again.

    Press release says that it doesn't appear that random law enforcement officers are being targeted, but if they are able to find evidence otherwise, then people are seriously going out of the way to find officers and execute them in their home. Where their families sleep. Cops presume a certain expectancy of risk while working, but when you're not even safe at home?
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  15. lightsout added a post in a topic RIP Deputy Goforth.... can we end this #blacklivesmatter nonsense?   

    Yes, because what one cop does, all cops must surely also do. People aren't responsible for only their actions. 

    I hate all priests because some molest children. 

    I hate all teachers because some fug their students.

    I hate all ex-TV reporters because some go batshit and shoot at former co-workers.

    And, just to top off your line of thinking.

    I have no pity for black people killed in gang violence.

    I have no pity for soldiers killed in war.

    Now a reasonable person reading that would call that sociopathic as fug. Well, that is precisely how you seem. A man was fuging executed while pumping gas. Much like the cop shot last week while on a traffic stop. Much like the other 5 or so cops shot in the past week.

    Seriously, you're part of the problem.
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