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  1. My mother in law kept buying me Panther trains, so I have like 3 different ones. Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
  2. Hmm...where have I heard that mentality... No days off...no days off... Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
  3. The juice is loose... Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
  4. Saw the screenshot through Panther Nation on Facebook Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
  5. I can't imagine this not being posted already...but at least worth a second post if not...(I didn't see it) I can't imagine.... Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
  6. So that's what it feels like to not have a huge gap of no Panther football.
  7. I <3 the Panthers and I <3 the CarolinaHuddle
  8. Hawks Fans are mad RW isn't MVP

    The real question is...who's bird is that? That's Russel Wilsons bird.
  9. The Jared Allen? No, seriously this time...the Jared Allen?
  10. They deflated the ball John Kasay kicked. Now, how to find evidence...
  11. This is a good article about why the decision to not go in the third day was the best option. Not only does he get to choose his own team, but he's only committed to a 3 year deal, not 4 years...and the monies made would be similar to a 2nd to 3rd rounder, without bonuses. http://mweb.cbssports.com/nfl/writer/jason-la-canfora/25172161/examining-why-its-better-for-lael-collins-that-he-went-undrafted Edit: ...and then there was top dawgs thread that I just saw.
  12. Calling lilsmitty...

    Another request: How about a nice highlight video of Lael Collins. And at the end, a 'coming soon' Panther roar.
  13. 90 Minutes of Bottomless Beer Fo Freeeeee!!!! - Now pay me your $700.
  14. Greg Hardy suspended 10 games

    We lose $13 million last season awaiting the trial. The year when he has his mistrial, he gets signed by the Cowboys, and suspended for 10 games, costing them nothing. We lose out on a compensatory pick. The first game back is against us on Thanksgiving. Ray Rice drug his wife's unconscious body on video through a hallway. 2 game suspension. I'm not sure I'm following...
  15. Oh sorry! I thought this was the photo thread.