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  1. KBRed

    I love this pic

    Finally got the mythical creature breathing fire. Fantastic.
  2. 0.1% of what he just received from Tepper.
  3. Of course you would say he (you) didn't do anything. The bruises on her back were sure to be self inflicted. Regardless, as I will post in every Greg Hardy thread you make, he (you) had your chance in the NFL, AFTER being suspended the first time with Carolina. Doesn't matter about domestic violence at this point. You want to ignore the fact that he (you) played for the Cowboys, and had his (your) SECOND/THIRD chance to prove himself (yourself). So, congrats on making it to the MMA, but remember its MIXED martial arts. Learning more than power hits to a fighter that doesn't protect his jaw/head is very necessary.
  4. KBRed

    Matt Kalil article by Bill Voth

    I remember when he came here, the talk about him finally being 100%, his hips being more fluid, and Ryan talking him up for why he played like a bag of balls in Minnesota. Im an optimist about the Panthers, but I'll hold my breath on this one.
  5. Not to mention the years as a start up franchise. In comparison the Jaguars record is 165-203.
  6. I think most of it has to do with Jerry's dying love for the shield. If it benefitted the shield, then it took precedence over the team. It was the ultimate salute to who came first. So now, we all want that tradition to die.
  7. KBRed


    Edit: Didn't read the full thread, came to say something quirky, only to find that someone beat me to the punch.
  8. I think it's highly likely that Hurney gets the boot, even after a Championship. Maybe even prior to the first kickoff. What better time for the new GM to get up to speed with the team, than to come on board before the season starts after the offseason legwork has been done. Tepper will see Hurney's tenure in the past, as well as one year not being indicative of building a Super Bowl team. He will want his guy, that he knows will get the job done how he wants it. Hurney is not that guy.
  9. Interesting that the Peyton Manning story isn't on the NFL app.
  10. KBRed

    Panthers signing CJ Anderson

    Confirmed on 610 am.
  11. Sabates disappears and is irrelevant, and now he's back again? Sounds like a stunt to get his name back out there in the spot light. I think this ultimately stems back to the biggest ego of them all...Jerry. My tinfoil hat tells me he's only delaying this to get one more season out of it. He doesn't want to let it go, and will pull any stunt he can to delay the process. He can say all day long that it's for a higher bid, but I just don't buy it.
  12. I truly believe fierceness, heart, and a little bit of crazy makes up for some of the shortcomings that the common 'elite' players have. Josh Norman was slow, but he stretched his whole body out there to block the ball. Not all players sacrifice like that. Steve Smith didn't have the measurables the elites did, but he was cocky as no other. 'I should've at least been a second rounder.' You saw this relayed in his game. Donte Jackson may be small, but he is showing his confidence and willingness to throw it all out there. He's on top of his target, regardless of their size. And when the balls up, he's going to get to it, no matter what. I think he will turn out to be special.
  13. I would like a WR that we could turn into a RB. #onlygeniusesthinkthisway