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  1. Who gives a poo who the mvp is.  Panthers lose fug everything.
  2. Lots of other plays in the game.
  3. Denver D has played very well.  It's looking like they will win the game because of it.  What good defense does is make you fug up.
  4. If you can challenge you challenge.  You may not get another opportunity.
  5. The shitty thing here is we don't get our extra challenge thanks to the refs screwing us on the Cotchery catch.  I hope we don't need it.
  6. See you wimps this game has just started.
  7. What a bunch of pussies you whiners are.  Lots of game left to get things on track.  It's not looking good now but they can play better.
  8. Shaq was maybe the best player on the field tonight

    Shaq smashing the fug out of Fitzgerald likely lead to both drops he had.  Fantastic execution of what he was told to do.
  9. This motherfuger makes everything about him.  Why?
  10. Reverse 2008 season ending.  I hope it goes like this every year!
  11. Genuinely happy for you all.

    It's not over yet.  Don't put that evil on us!
  12. Official Panthers - Giants Gameday Thread

    Don't use this.  Use uBlock origin.  ABP sold out.
  13. Notes and Memos - Falcons

    Dear Falcons, Bon appétit. -Mother Goose
  14. Playoffs at this point

    The two teams I'd prefer not to play are Seattle and Arizona.  If the Panthers are going to win the Superbowl they better be ready for them though.
  15. Saints gave us a hell of a game.  I hope we get better for it.  I can't speak for anyone else but I wasn't worried two scores down at the start when I knew we were getting the ball back in the third.