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  1. Hubby needs a favor.

    Of all Lions players to never have a chance. Barry tried so hard for that poo team they kept building around him :(
  2. cmc still doing nothing lol

    That many defenders? Very rarely though it's happened before. It was a great setup.
  3. Hubby needs a favor.

    No one really wants to bash the Lions anyway. They've sucked for so long that they are kind of an everyman's team. Edit: And I love them for it! fuging A if the Lions won the Superbowl I'd have nothing to complain about except the Panthers which is par for the course.
  4. cmc still doing nothing lol

    If that's the main point you were making forgive me for misunderstanding you.
  5. Protesting from a veteran’s perspective

    Honestly I don't see why a military veteran's opinion holds anymore weight than any other opinion. I'm pretty fuging god damn sure it doesn't in fact.
  6. cmc still doing nothing lol

    Fiz actually has a fair point here. He just exaggerates too much. It wasn't just because of who the player was it was how we were using him I believe is the point. Edit: Or it's just the benefit of the doubt for me.
  7. Not salty about a thing and I'm not sure why you would think so.
  8. Looking like a great year so far. Of course I'd like to see the Panthers be more dominant but that's why we play the games. What's really crazy for me this year is how it is just the beginning of a new era in the NFL. So many actually good young players have come in the past couple years that everything has begun to change. I'm sure you and most others see the opportunity at this point.
  9. Clinched Fist

    You know he's drunk. Not worth commenting on imo. I love you so I bothered to reply.
  10. Clinched Fist

    I'm surprised this isn't Tinderboxed. Cam stand up for what you believe.
  11. Borat Hating

    I'm suddenly reminded about why message boards are poo.
  12. I'm not willing to bet on a first round bye but I certainly would on them being a playoff team. Unfortunately even the greatest quarterback can't do everything. That said NE has been so legendarily good for so long I don't want to bet against them either but it really looks like a down year for them... at least from a NE standard.
  13. Ouch what an unfortunate bastard.
  14. Ealy has all the talent needed to be a good DL. He just hasn't been able to put that talent together to become a good player. I hope this is the start of it for him.
  15. Borat Hating

    I'll take your word for it in this case as I don't follow individual personalities. I can identify a few here like Zod, Fiz, PhillyB, and a few others but for the most part don't bother to distinguish. Have some pie or whatever I randomly choose to click.
  16. I don't quite understand your first sentence. I didn't like football until I watched the 2007 Giants vs Patriots Superbowl. It's tough to hate the Lions though I agree. They and the Browns have had as rough a time as it could be in the NFL. Stafford is a very good quarterback but has his flaws. They've become fewer as he's gotten better but let's hope our coaches and players can capitalize on them.
  17. Borat Hating

    Dismissing stats out of hand should be a given. They mean nothing when it comes to individual games.
  18. We better give it to them my man!
  19. I suspect we will have to play even better than today to win against them. Fortunately we have the capability for it.
  20. Unless he is playing press coverage on a slot receiver there is no logical reason for him to ever need to cover an out route in our scheme. I am not claiming 54 is a world beater but he hasn't been the worst liability in my view either. That distinction lies with our safeties.
  21. Peppers as a shell of his former self is living up to his talent. Lucky us.
  22. Have you not seen what Gronkowski does to lesser LBs? He is a monster of a TE. 54 didn't have the greatest game but he is far from being a major weakness,
  23. I agree. Like I said elsewhere the Lions game will show where the Panthers truly stand this year.