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  1. Cam on MNF: 4 W 1 L 58.93% 1369 YDs (273.8 YPG, career avg is 232.8 YPG) 11 TD 4 INT 97 QB Rating (career avg is 85.4) 8.15 Y/A (career avg is 7.4) 36 CAR 163 YDs 2 TD
  2. " McCaffrey has the skills to be used as Alvin Kamara is in New Orleans and Kareem Hunt in Kansas City " lol
  3. Clinched Fist

    Clenched* but how could this have possibly offended anyone?
  4. cmc still doing nothing lol

    300 yards in 4 games is nothing to scoff at. He hasn’t even had any huge plays so the consistency is encouraging. This is coming from a skeptic.
  5. Hey remember last year when Rivera ran the ball 3 times trying to run the clock to play for OT... and then proceeded call timeouts for Tampa which let them drive down the field and win the game? or when Rivera called a timeout right before half to let the saints get a field goal in? I'm not surprised at all by this. Garbage coach.
  6. Yea we'll probably finish with 6 or 7 wins and roll on with the same idiot coaches next year
  7. Don't worry guys we'll just make some halftime adjustments.... LOL
  8. The Rivera/Shula era is done. Good riddance. Those two are fuging idiots.
  9. i'm pretty sure they were the worst in the league last year.
  10. he would have been quite literally the perfect addition to our team. a temporary fill in for 1-3 years that plays at a high level. just enough time to draft/groom his replacement.
  11. i said before the draft i'd be shocked if he was successful under shula. the dude is incapable of getting the ball to players in space. everything on offense is always a struggle. i think cmc can be a good player, but you don't spend the 8th overall pick on a change of pace back/slot receiver... and i'm pretty confident that's all he'll be. i wouldn't spend a top 10 pick on a RB unless they have superstar 3 down back potential.
  12. star as much as everyone loves our interior o-line... our run game sucks. stew gets hit behind the line damn near every play. that doesn't happen with 2 great guards and a probowl center. it's very possible that norwell/kalil/turner aren't as good as everyone here hypes them up to be. not all 3 of them at least.
  13. Post a pic, any pic.