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  1. XFL (Fans Above All)

    after seeing most of the ideas in this thread I think I’d rather them not listen to fans.
  2. Instead of Watching the SB....

    only twice in AFC championship games. this being the third time. 3/17= ~18% i'm saying it's probably higher than that with ALL games since 2000 included. i don't think it being the AFC championship game matters. making this kinda rare, but not all that appalling.
  3. Fozzy will absolutely not be a featured runner and CMC won’t get close to 400 touches.
  4. Instead of Watching the SB....

    But how often does it happen in NFL games? Because that would be more relevant.
  5. Instead of Watching the SB....

    picking the pats to win the super bowl isn’t exactly going out on a limb dude
  6. thanks for this man i had no idea
  7. i'm not opposed to getting someone in FA. i just don't want us to spend $12 million a year to get him. i've mentioned moncrief as a guy who we should look at.
  8. Hurney on WFNZ

    of course there was a reason. i disagree with it, whatever it was. philly showed up in the playoffs and most of our WRs didn't.
  9. i didn't mean another funchess in the literal sense, but another WR of comparable value. someone with a different skill-set entirely but would be considered the same caliber player, if that makes sense. i think we have other needs to fill via FA so i'm not interested in spending the money necessary for a big time guy. we'd have to draft one.
  10. Drama in Steeler country?

    that was a dumb decision but they did also put up 42 on the the best D in the NFL.
  11. it's not like DG ignored the position. he drafted KB, Funchess and Samuel - 3 WRs in the first 2 rounds of the draft. he didn't trade KB. i was down on funchess but the improvement he has show from day 1 to now is pretty unbelievable. i think he can be a 1000 yard 10 TD guy, which is fantastic in our weak passing offense. jury is out on samuel, but when he was healthy the way he moved looked special. i'm excited about what he can become. i think another WR right around funchess' level would be good enough. i don't think paying a top 10 guy is realistic though.
  12. Troy surprised

    they said the same thing when he went to minnesota. his offenses haven't been very good this decade. i think he'll definitely be an upgrade over shula, but it's completely reasonable to be upset with the fact that we didn't explore any other options.
  13. i've been hard on funchess in the past but i'm not convinced he can't be a #1. he finished this year with 840 yards & 8 TD while being our #1 option for only half the season. if we trade KB before the season starts i'm guestimating he finishes with ~1000 yards & 10 TDs. not bad at all considering how weak our passing attack is. cam finished with 3302 yards which is below is career avg of 3582 per season. if cam has a 3800 yard passing season (like we know he's capable of as he's done it 3 times) funchess likely finishes with 1200+ yards. there's no guarantee that he WILL become a #1... but i'm just not sure we need to add someone that much better than funchess himself.
  14. http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agents/wide-receiver/ obviously most of these guys are going to see a huge increase in pay coming off their rookie contracts. maybe someone like donte moncrief would be affordable.
  15. i think we have to stick with our 2 outside CBs whether we like it or not. it's reasonable to expect improvement in their 3rd year and we have other holes to fill. corn elder will also return to compete with captain, who should probably be cut depending on his cap hit. i could see us drafting a SS in the early rounds though.