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  1. the hyperlink is "CJ Anderson Super Bowl Ring" yea i'm not watching that poo
  2. nickzz

    Power RB & Shifty RB examples

    no one in the league can move like shady mccoy
  3. i think we'll come out of rounds 2/3 with either chubb, michel, reid or harrison. i'd love it if we could get landry.
  4. nickzz

    Yikes are WR depth chart

    shepard is gone for sure, and i'd hope wright would be the next to go.
  5. i interpreted that as the cardinals favoring Rosen over Jackson. i also don't think OP's quote is a shot at gettleman. i think it was hype. he's a big dj moore fan.
  6. nickzz

    CMC, Samuel, Moore

    people saying he is only a slot guy couldn't be any moore wrong.
  7. nickzz

    Who to watch?

    I believe Fox and NFL Network will be the same broadcast. They’ll have Aikman, Eisen and Mayock.
  8. 8 out of the top 10 rushing teams made the playoffs last year
  9. nickzz

    Post a pic, any pic.

  10. it better be designed for olsen to recover this poo
  11. these play calls make it seem like our coaches are scared
  12. nickzz

    AFC Wild Card games thread

    i love how they don't flag the launching spear helmet to helmet but threw the flag on the clean shoulder to shoulder hit by cinci's safety in the first half.