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  1. 2 hours

    This is one of the many reasons I could never be a pro athlete.  By the time the game rolled around I would be drained.
  2. As a side note it's amazing how many people actually believe that the NFL is rigging this game so Manning can win.  Aside from people on the internet I've talked to 3 or 4 people in person about the game and they are convinced it's already a done deal and Manning goes out with a Super Bowl...not because they win the game so much as the NFL rigs it so they win the game.
  3. Panthers plan to Tag Josh Norman

    It's better for the game I think.  It helps out the smaller market teams.  
  4. Making a Murderer

    I don't think anyone was saying that the cops actually murdered the girl.  They were saying that the girl was murdered and the cops set Avery up for it.  The reason I think the cops may have been involved in a set up is because they basically said that Avery shot and killed her in his garage.  While at Dassey's trial they said she was tied down, raped, and killed in the bedroom of his trailer.  So which is it?  By the way nevermind the fact that there was no blood found on the mattress or in the trailer where there would have been copious amounts of blood.  And you're not cleaning all that blood up.  It would have soaked into the mattress, carpet, underliner of carpet, etc.  There was also no blood found in the garage.  I have a theory from what I've read and seen about the case.  I think Dassey's step-dad and brother could have been involved.  They lived next door.  They were each other's alibi and they were in the area when she could have been killed.  I think Dassey could have seen something and possibly was threatened by the step-dad and given a story to follow.  He couldn't follow the story which is why he kept changing it.  The step dad burns the body in the barrel then transfers it to the burn pit by Avery's trailer, which is why there were two places where parts were found.  
  5. Madden 2016 Super Bowl 50 sim

    I could totally see the game going this way.  We go up 17-0, then Denver comes back and scores 20 straight.  Then Cam does a flip like he did in the Houston game for the winning TD.       
  6. Conan...that poo not funny

    Just watched the whole thing.  Loved it, and I'm not that big a fan of Conan.
  7. Dave Mirra dead at 41

    So he posts an instagram stating how his wife is his rock and then kills himself a few hours later?  That's weird. Feel sorry for his wife and kids.  
  8. Judge chastises racist cop

  9. Cam Defenders

    Next year will be telling as far proving to people how hard he works.  I don't think there will be a fall off.  I drew a parallel with Michael Jordan and I'm not the first to have made that parallel.  He also shares another trait with Jordan in that he hates to lose.  I mean nobody likes to lose but I believe he hates it with a passion which is why he appears to be so driven.  This year with the MVP and Super Bowl really might be the start of a historic run.  Like his father said, he's a monster and is on the cusp of greatness...and he knows it.
  10. Something I got a few weeks ago

    Well at least it wasn't herpes.
  11. Cam Defenders

    From all accounts that's the truth.  That's what separates GREAT players from GOOD players.  They all put in the work, but some put in a little more.  There hasn't been anybody that's played any sport and become great by not working extremely hard.  Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, etc.  They all had the athletic ability but so does everyone else playing professional sports.  Guys like Jordan and Cam though, have that extra bit of freak athleticism that you can't teach or learn so there is that to consider.
  12. Nevermind

  13. This year has been kind of boring to me in college ball.  Maybe it's because we're in the Super Bowl, I don't know.  I do like that dook fell out of the top 25 and we're ranked in the top 5 but I just haven't been able to get into it all that much this year so far.
  14. Man. This Coldplay presser on nfln sucks.

    I've got Coldplay, Prince, Megadeth, Dwight Yoakum, NWA, Public Enemy, loads of Classical music, and on and on and on.  Don't really get why people like shitting on other people's taste.  I'm not going to stop listening to stuff I like because other people don't like it.
  15. Man. This Coldplay presser on nfln sucks.

    I like some of their songs.  Don't really care about their opinions on football.