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  1. Did Anybody See Travis Kelce Dance?

    It was kind of hot wasn't it?
  2. Tattoo

  3. Tattoo

    Just think about how Luke, TD, Cam et. al. feel when they read this.  Your not putting 19-0 might be the jinx in a reverse mojo kind of way.  We're counting on you to get it done.
  4. Tattoo

    So what you're saying is you kind of dig the team, but you really don't believe in them.  
  5. Is anyone worried Stew might get burnt out?

    Dude rode a bike for 3 straight years, he's in great shape.
  6. Tattoo

    I dare you to go ahead and put 19-0 up there.
  7. Tattoo

  8. 95 year old panther fan doing the dab!

    That's all fine and good until the next time she feels faint.  Instead of perhaps saving her from a broken hip people might stand aside and admire her hipness.
  9. The Panthers are the WORST team to ever start 11-0

    It's going to be like this until we lose...if we lose.  And if we lose, they'll all say, "See, I told ya!"
  10. Did Anybody See Travis Kelce Dance?

    Are you saying they are intentionally being racist?  Sure there are fans of other teams that are blatantly racist but I doubt anybody that gets paid for their opinions for ESPN or any other "news" outlet would intentionally be racist.  They might as well paint a sign that says "Fire me please" and hang it around their neck.
  11. I never doubted Stewart's abilities.  But I did doubt his ability to stay healthy.  Props to him because he's obviously taking care of himself.
  12. Did Anybody See Travis Kelce Dance?

    I think subconsciously race does play a big factor.  Another factor would be Cam's over the top personality.  People just love to hate on a guy that oozes that much charm and short, they're jealous.
  13. 1.  (left blank)  2. Carolina Panthers.
  14. and then there was only one.

    Yeah wtf is wrong with these people?  Remember the last time we were the last undefeated team standing people?  Act like that.