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  1. Carolina Panthers: Legacy of Linebackers

    For some reason I like the LB's we drafted and became successful (Kuechly, Davis, Morgan, etc.) more than the one's that came in as FA's.  And hopefully Shaq can become another successful LB that we drafted.
  2. Brandt speaking the truth.  The future is still bright for Newton and we should keep that in mind when looking to next year and the near future.
  3. The next 25 Super Bowl winners (Prediction)

    Now who wouldn't root for the Portland Sasquatches?
  4. Making a Murderer

    Paradise Lost was so much worse for me to watch, I guess because the victims were 3 eight year old kids.  That case was fascinating as well but the cops fuged up that investigation too.  I just don't know how you sentence someone to die with so little evidence.  And I don't know that I'm convinced yet one way or the other on who did it.  I'm currently reading Devil's Knot which has a little bit more info than the documentary had and it seems like the case was even more prejudiced than what was portrayed in the doc.
  5. I like to eat my crow on Kony Ealy want us to dick slap you or something?  Not sure what you want from us?
  6. Well, being that we're already hated .. Sign Hardy

    Jeremy should make it so that anytime the character string "Greg Hardy" or other variances of it are found in the title of a post the server should immediately redirect to a creed bomb youtube video upon pressing the enter button.
  7. It will always be discussed, especially by opposing fans and players.  You saw the reactions from other salty NFL players after the game.  That won't go away.  For good or bad Cam's rep took a hit.   For me I was a bit perturbed when it happened.  After rewatching it and hearing Ron and Cam talk I think I view it more of a freak occurrence/missed opportunity.  Plus when you watch the replay you kind of see his leg buckle so he might have injured himself if he attempted to jump on the ball.   I'd prefer to just forget about it and move on but I don't think the rest of the country is going to allow that.
  8. 2016 Top NFL free agents - running backs

    I'd like to stay out of the FA market for running backs.  How's the FA market looking for tackles?  That would be my first choice.
  9. Making a Murderer

    So how does the woman get shot and killed in the garage in Avery's trial and beaten, raped and throat cut in Avery's bedroom in Dassey's trial?
  10. 2003 or 2015.... which one hurt more?

    2015 without a doubt.  2003 we weren't favored to win anything and certainly weren't the best team in the league.  This year I felt we were the best team in the league.  Still feel that way, which makes it that much worse.
  11. Making a Murderer

    Well obviously everybody should feel sympathy for her and her family.  But the controversy isn't about whether or not you should feel sorry for her and her family, rather it's about whether or not the cops put the right person/people in prison.
  12. Making a Murderer

    Well stay away from Paradise Lost then.  Paradise Lost makes Making a Murderer look like a feel good movie.
  13. There has been an awakening...

    I wouldn't say best season in NFC history only because the '84 49ers and '85 Bears actually were able to win the Super Bowl.  But other than that I agree.