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  1. REPORT: Panthers are not done in free agency

    The problem with this is that our grill kept getting burned deep and we were probably going to dump it later anyway. Now we have a better grill in Ross Cockrell and your original post is moot.
  2. REPORT: Panthers are not done in free agency

    I remember when we agreed to terms with an upgrade at CB only to find out he had more serious non-related football inures than previously realized. I'm not a Hurney fan at all. I didn't even like him as a radio personality. But, he's done a good job so far. Interested in seeing how this team looks come week 1.
  3. Bucs trade for JPP

    My bad. Briefly saw the story on my phone's updates. Just saw the draft pick rounds.
  4. Bucs trade for JPP

    Third and a fourth.
  5. Another school shooting this am

    You're absolutely right an assault rifle can. Good thing guns with selectable rates of fire (such as semi and full auto or burst),which is what makes something an assault rifle, are not legal. That's one thing that I know more about guns than you do. It may have been a reach to compare you to another huddler and I'll apologize for that. I didn't even realize I did it until I went back to read. Clarify what weapons you're talking about here. Because you can't be discussing an AR and other rifles.
  6. Another school shooting this am

    Substantiate what? I haven't entered any debate on this because it's a waste of time.
  7. Another school shooting this am

    Those two terms are a crutch for the ill-informed, brought out usually the first time someone states a fact contradictory to someone's beliefs or statements. If someone proves a point that's percieved as the slightest bit condescending those words appear regardless of the"offended" partys' conduct during the discussion. It's dumb and it makes the user of those terms look foolish. Be better than that.
  8. Another school shooting this am

    Belittling someone who knows more about weapons than you do isn't a valid debate or arguing tactic. Terms like "mansplain" or "gunsplain" do nothing but make people roll their eyes at you because, you have to use some made-up term to bully your way into feeling like you have a valid argument. Some of you need to seriously grow up.
  9. My Mock Draft.

    I like Josh Jackson, you just are going way too heavy on one side of the ball there and reaching for percieved needs. Besides, going into the season with that many young secondary players is an invitation to disaster. The running back you picked is also smaller than CMC.
  10. El oh El is what I said every time he got beat deep last year.
  11. Draft Targets

    Ragnow, Kerryon Johnson, Reid, Hernandez. If we can get a combination of those guys I'd be ecstatic.
  12. Cam & Kia pregnant again

    I think dingalings helped get them in this predicament to begin with.
  13. Brownies making moves

    They invested along Investing along that d line eventually paid off. Problem with the browns still exists in the trenches on both sides and their head coach.
  14. Brownies making moves

    Browns always seem to win the off-season super bowl.