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    Two observations: 1.  I'm glad Luck stayed in school another year. 2. Cam is underpaid
  2. ...they will go into Dallas with a chance to make history.  This "maybe pretty good" team will have the opportunity to win 15 straight regular season games and tie the 2010-11 Packers and 1989-90 49ers for 9th on the ALL TIME LIST of consecutive regular season wins. Both those teams won the Super Bowl.   Look for the media to start talking this up for the Thanksgiving day game.
  3. ....on the team building learning list.  The Panthers are no longer the hunter, they are now the hunted.  The last four games were the end of this era and why RR didn't give them Monday off.  Every team will now be giving them their best shot, and for some like Tenn. it will make their year.  We are now a measuring stick for others.