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  1. In the interest of prop bets...

    Nailed it.
  2. Less than 1 hour

    It is getting close!!! Go Panthers KEEP POUNDING!!!!!  
  3. Thebigcat

    That would be him. Pretty cool.
  4. Official Panthers - Broncos Superbowl Gameday Thread

    John Travolta just dabbed on NFLN.
  5. Not sure of the when, but as to the where, my educated guess would be Charlotte.
  6. 2 hours

    Well, Seal sounds like poo.
  7. Official Panthers - Broncos Superbowl Gameday Thread

    6 hours until kick off.
  8. In the interest of prop bets...

    Tails and defer..always.
  9. Official Panthers - Broncos Superbowl Gameday Thread

    So this is what it feels like. We have been to a Superbowl before, but never as the favorite. This has been an amazing season. Not sure if I am going to spend any time in here, since I will be watching it on my computer, and there is a slight delay, but if I can wrestle the TV away from the kids then I will watch it there and post. But just in case:   Dammit PU, it was one TD.  They are not going to lose because of a 24 yard punt return by the Broncos. Dammit Ginn, catch the ball. TD CAM!!!!!!SUPERCAM!!!!!CAMVP!!!! God these announcers suck. Can they be any more biased? It is like they are rooting for the Broncos. Come on refs, that was a BS call. The Panthers are having to play the Broncos and the Refs.   Think that about covers it. I will come back after the game.
  10. 24 hours...

    7:30 start here.
  11. 24 hours...
  12. I haven't decided if I will watch on the laptop or the TV. Probably the laptop to keep the kids from bugging me to change the channel to cartoons.
  13. Where is that reporter that got after Cam? Back it up, Rodney. You know you meant what you said. Why are you backing down? Back it up.
  14. Panthers Nation

    I was about to post that those are the whitest people I have ever seen.
  15. This years Clueless Gamer...

    Anybody know when this airs?