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  1. The...South Carolina Panthers?

    Yep http://www.fundinguniverse.com/company-histories/springs-industries-inc-history/
  2. The...South Carolina Panthers?

    I personally know at least 15 people in or from CLT with 100m. There are prob a few very quiet people worth 500-750m. But 1.5B in assets? Not so many. If if I were a betting man, I’d say the cash comes from Connecticut. tiger fund money with Julian Robertson ties.
  3. The...South Carolina Panthers?

    All the big money is his wife’s money btw. Erskine prob has 100m himselft wife has much more.
  4. The...South Carolina Panthers?

    And btw Bowles already owns all the land they would ever need to build a stadium, in SC near Carowinds.
  5. The...South Carolina Panthers?

    Step 1, buy the panthers. Step 2 build a stadium. I’m talking step 1 here
  6. The...South Carolina Panthers?

    Johnny on his own definitely definitely doesn’t have the juice for this. Majority owner only needs like 30%. No doubt they could get the other money buy you need that much without much of any leverage. He doesn’t have that. Bowles wife on the other hand just may have it. Thing is you probably need a clean billion in cash, all one person then enough left over to spend on the team, live life etc. there are maybe 5 people in NC with thy rope. There are prob another 15 folks with NC ties in NY/ CT (hedge fund types) that could fund this rather easily.
  7. Few teams now do TC away from their main facility. So odds are the whole thing just stays in CLT and no more Wofford
  8. Buffalo Reached Out to Us

    Comp pick would have been in 2021 draft FYI. A 1st is 2021 is worth a 2nd in 2020 which is worth a 3rd in 2019. So we just traded our 2021 comp pick for a 2021 1st and a 5th. If you really chose to analyze it that way
  9. Gettleman and Rivera Presser

    Ron doesn't seem overly pumped up about this one. The past two years they were both all smiles in similar interviews. This year..not so much
  10. If it came down to Peat or Perriman....

    Cam of all qbs needs good hands. He throws so hard
  11. Panthers Sign Michael Oher

    To be fair, I make a lot more money than anyone who works for the panthers outside of maybe gettleman and the players. But yah he sucks. No real way around it. Literally anyone else would have been better
  12. i do recall not liking the signing when they made it, yes. hes just not good. even in a passing only role I dont want him. realistically, as a TE, he will do a lot of blocking no matter what.
  13. meh, why sign a TE who cant block, then ask him to block? the #2 TE in our scheme will always have to block a lot. he is a "receiving TE" with shoddy hands and an inability to block.
  14. i dont think most people realize how much you are hurt by having well below average players on the field. you can have all the great players you want, but a few just horrible players screw up everything. we have had far too many of those recently. simply mediocre players arent that hard to come by cason + decoud absolutely crushed our defense at the beginning of last season. you could say the same about horton, bell, chandler, white (i think he can turn it around, was injured last year). they were all pretty awful last year. dickson, dwan and cole were well below average as well, though they werent so bad they hurt us a great deal.
  15. Oher is the Antoine Cason of Offensive Tackles. NO upside. lots of downside.