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  1. 2016 NFL Draft Prosects

    my early watch list   Vernon Hargreaves III Ronnie Stanley Josh Doctson Rashard Higgins Marquez North Germain Ifedi Joey Bosa Dadi Nicholas Jalen Ramsey  Deon Bush Larmey Tunsil Jack Conklin DeVonte Fields
  2. Panthers interested in Landon Collins

      i have to re watch those games, i think he just got caught out of position. in other games, he showed plenty of ability to hold up on a hash, and center high as a safety. i do agree he is at best at SS, roving the short to intermediate of the field, but he has some single high skills as well.    in the panthers defense, he would fit perfectly in the role Harper plays in. Harper is rarely in single high coverage, and when he is back, he plays in a 2 high, on the hash. that gives him less field to cover. he is a much more fluid athlete then Barron, Lester, and other SS prospects from Bama.
  3. Panthers interested in Landon Collins

    Clinton- Dix is a centerfield, single high type safety. Collins can play that role, but is better used as a box safety. very flexible considering he can play both roles. 
  4. Panthers interested in Landon Collins

    i do not understand why some of y'all believe he is a liability in coverage. he is not.    another Bama prospect that has been playing good ball lately was Dre Kirkpatrick, CB, for the bengals. came on towards the end of the last season.
  5. Panthers interested in Landon Collins

    and Collins mom is beautiful. 
  6. Panthers interested in Landon Collins

      very good box safety. effective tackler in the open field, decent athleticism, and has ball hawking skills. can play zone, and man coverage. has shown the ability to cover in the slot at times, on some WRs, and TEs. can play single high safety, over top, and on a hash in a 2 high look. takes the correct pursuit angles when finding work, whether making a tackle or tracking the football. attacks the ball in air at its highest point, and has very good hands for a safety.     by far the best safety in this class, some scouts believe he is better then HaHa Clinton- Dix, who went around pick 21 last year to Green Bay. i think he should come off the board around the late teens to mid twenties. i find it hard to believe if he is on the board at 25, that the panthers will pass on him.
  7. Panthers NFL Draft Prospect - Justin Coleman

    if a larger, outside guy is available,(Trae Waynes, Jalen Collins) he will get picked. what the other guys are saying is, that in nickel situations, you can slide Bene from the outside, into the inside to play the nickel role. the guy coming in, would then play the outside, because his skill set would be better used there compared to the nickel.    Bene would not lose any reps, he will just be playing nickel in passing situations. 
  8. Hardy 911 call

      you can hear a female screaming in the background. Hardy is even saying to the 911 operator, everything she is saying. everyone should wait til more details come out before making a judgement.
  9. Hardy 911 call

    she told me to break her arm when i asked her to leave.
  10. Panthers Begin Head Coach Search?

    i saw this too.i am really interested in who that 1 candidate that knows, is.
  11. just heard on gameday morning, that the panthers have already begun the coaching search by doing background checks on the people they interested in. one candidate already knows they are interested per Ian Rapport.
  12. Cam cannot read a defense, as he goes through progressions and find the open guys for TDs.
  13. Breaking down the league's head coaches

    good write up. one guy that really intrigues me that has some great qualities and a decent coaching resume is David Shaw. he has been the HC at Stanford for the last 2-3 years. before that, he was the OC there so he has that experience as well. what really makes him stick out is, he has NFL experience. was the quality control coach in Philly, Oakland.was  QB coach there as well in Oakland. he was also a QB and WR coach at Baltimore. he has tons of moxy, and charisma as he started out on college gameday this season as a guest host.(only time i watch espn shows)   with that said, he will take some courting to get here, but he is well worth it. is JR willing to pay the man, and go to Stanford to convince him to come back to the NFL to coach the panthers. plus JR would have to agree to pay his buyout with little research i found is $2 mill. he is coaching the school he attended so some major presentation would have to take place to get him to leave, but i think he would want to make that jump eventually.    
  14. RIP Travon....Racisim is still alive.smh.

  15. you are back on the clock