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  1. No way would Cliff even entertain the idea of playing him over Batum and Lamb. He'd get maybe 6-10 mins every other night
  2. If the Hornets picked him, Mitchell would be averaging 25 ppg...for the Swarm
  3. Willy Hernangomez to Charlotte

    Clifford only cares about defense. If we lost a game 10-2, he'd be thrilled we held the other team to 10 points, not pissed that we only scored 2
  4. Chris Weinke news

    His biggest strength was probably handing off
  5. Giants hire Mike Shula as OC

    Scot is at an all-time pretentiousness high ITT
  6. Giants hire Mike Shula as OC

    inb4 "now that I think about it, Shula is actually good"
  7. Michael-Carter Williams is chasing history

    "but his defense" is the basketball version of "but her emails"
  8. Michael-Carter Williams is chasing history

    "but his defense" - Clifford
  9. Sobering Reality

    it amuses me that I get attacked when I say this and everyone else still says it
  10. The Jerry Richardson statue

    JEROME RICHARDSON CAROLINA PANTHERS FOUNDER "Girl, how do you fit all that ass in them jeans?"
  11. The Jerry Richardson statue

    No just a girl in jeans facing away from him
  12. that's a rhetorical question, right
  13. Totally agree, what Dundon has done is fantastic
  14. You all hear about that rocket today?

    but enough about Stedman and Oprah's private life
  15. The pick they get in return will almost assuredly turn into Luke Maye.