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  1. Carl Spackler

    The Super Bowl is going to stink. Amiright?

    Given that it will be played in the Atlanta Sphincter Dome, yes it is likely to stink
  2. Carl Spackler

    Graham Gano

    That's truly astounding. The most Gano moment I remember was last year's playoff game when he missed a 19-yard FG, but made a 56-yard FG later in the half. He definitely played a major role in us losing the Super Bowl as well as the game-losing miss against Denver in 2016. I was shocked when he converted to beat the Patriots in New England last year. Definitely a big moment for him here. We should thank him for missing enough easy field goals against TB in 2016 so we could move up in the draft order and get a better player. I guess what I'm saying is that Gano is by no means a bad kicker. More often than not, in the clutch, though, he's been known to morph into Zane Gonzalez.
  3. Carl Spackler

    Graham Gano

    Gano scares the poo out of me on FGs from 17-38 yards, not as much from farther
  4. Neat deal, that place will be packed after we win
  5. Sunday brunch at Fahrenheit is excellent, it's also very close to where you're staying and offers a nice rooftop view of uptown
  6. Carl Spackler

    Donte Jackson

    I thought he did well. It was his second game
  7. Carl Spackler

    Kuechly looks like poo

    Yes that’s true, so we had 3 guys show up on defense and about 12-13 who ate poo
  8. Carl Spackler

    Kuechly looks like poo

    All of those people are either 1) blind, dumbass haters or 2) never played football to begin with
  9. Carl Spackler

    Kuechly looks like poo

    Luke was the only player who remotely performed on defense aside from Jackson. Granted I can’t see the OP because I wisely put the ignorant bastard on ignore years ago
  10. Carl Spackler

    Play DJ Moore

    Man I was gonna say this in the game thread but I got sidetracked
  11. You should win when your offense, despite 9 drops, scores 24 points defense sucked. Good thing is we’re 1-1 instead of 0-2
  12. Cam and the offense, despite it all, gave us a shot there
  13. I only like it when it’s a part of cole slaw