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  1. Hornets at Pistons Thread

    Bet Igo already jumped off the bandwagon. TBH we tend to have better records when we start slow. Not worried at all right now
  2. Hornets at Pistons Thread

    I'm pretty sure we'll have a winning record. We missed it by six games last year with a far weaker roster. This is a rough-ass first game for everyone but Kemba and D12 but it'll get better.
  3. This is like saying Clausen would get better because Jake didn't light it up as a rookie
  4. Weird tinder date

    i'd have given her my NUT BAR amirite guys
  5. Lines to pick up girls .

    Social media is also a valuable tool. I've gotten girls I've barely known or not spoken to in years by doing something like facebook messaging them "hey, i think i saw you uptown today!" even if i was nowhere near uptown that day. then you just engage conversation and after texting for a few days, offer to meet up. had a whole relationship start that way. we laughed about it later
  6. Lines to pick up girls .

    1) walk up and say "hey there," etc. and start a conversation, ask where she's from and if she engages you, sit down and chat; if not, or if she's with protective friends, just fold and try someone else 2) if she's let you sit down, once you find out where she's from, pretend you have a relative or friend from there (or, say she's from Alabama, be like "that's football country!" and start chatting her up (or if she likes Bama run the fug away)) 3) once you have common ground, chat about that for a while and buy her a drink if she's good with it. if you're at a club, see if she's up for dancing. if not, don't despair. say something like "i don't blame you, there's a ton of people out there and I'm a little more lowkey," and for God's sake don't spend too much time there if you're just treading water
  7. I've been to plenty of rivalry games at BoA and the worst I've ever gotten into it with a fan was with a drunk Panthers fan
  8. Luke update

    Yeah I saw no head contact but I'm not an expert. i'm just pissed off
  9. He's one of our best receivers
  10. Mike Ditka to Cam - hold my beer

    Dannon sure to drop Ditka now
  11. Game ball, who gets it?!

    Cam Whoaaa Cam
  12. Dannon Oikos has dropped Cam as a sponsor

    Jourdan is the type of manipulative snowflake who is making herself the story. I initially felt bad for her and she shouldn't have to hear what he said to her, there's no doubt about that. This was preventable. But the way she's handled this has all but clinched the fact she'll be working for a major outlet very soon. Cam picked on the wrong snowflake and she's going to milk this for all it's worth (which, for her, is a lot.)
  13. Jourdan apologizes for racist tweets.

    I bet once JR got wind of this his first thought was: "He told a woman what in a press conference? Why in the hell are we having press conferences in the damn kitchen?"
  14. Jourdan apologizes for racist tweets.

    I'm sure Robert E. Lee probably learned his lesson about fighting for the pro-slavery side but that isn't enough for anyone, either. Point is, it's not OK to just brush it aside. I'm not saying it's a big deal, per se, but the argument that what was done before she started doesn't matter just doesn't hold water to me