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  1. Hornets vs. Thunder

    Hell yeah, shot 53% from the field! That'll win you almost any game. Nice win
  2. Playoff Scenarios for the Panthers

    I don't think seven teams go 11-5
  3. Per Bonnell on the Observer site. MJ wasn't quoted but he talked to Marvin, who said it was a "productive meeting, it wasn't accusatory, he was just asking us what we needed to win and telling us what he expected."
  4. Damn I kinda like Food Lion MVP as a username
  5. Marvin said it was mostly a Q&A. "What do you guys need to win?" "OK, here's what I need from you," etc
  6. It must suck to have to wear a condom and a diaper to games
  7. Little too much Rum in that Ham, if ya ask me
  8. He pretty much has to be for us to win, unless Shepard, Bersin or Clay make a big catch
  9. Props to Bersin

    Most of us, especially the ones who were there, have a hard time forgetting Bersin's fumbled punt return in the 2014 playoffs against Arizona that could've cost us the game. But he's a reliable receiver who, while he doesn't get much separation, brings the ball in well and is a serviceable target for Cam.
  10. Is Funchess a bonafide WR1 now?
  11. I'll have a bite, I didn't think we'd win at all but that doesn't mean I'm not a fan. I was just wrong thankfully. I was not wrong in my belief that Stewart still had some tread on his tires, though, as evidenced by today's game (his best in quite a while)
  12. Time to Tank

    How are we ever gonna get better if we trade the only good player we have?
  13. I predict four more Huddle meltdowns.
  14. Hornets vs Bulls

    I really do want to know your answer to my question @Shocker so if you can type something besides "Loser," tell me why you think Kemba sucks
  15. Hornets vs Bulls

    I may not have an AARP card but I still know a lot more about this game than you
  16. Hornets vs Bulls

    Do you think Kemba sucks because he shoots three-pointers instead of set shots?
  17. Hornets vs Bulls

    We will finish with the worst record in the East, go 19-63 and get the fourth pick in the draft
  18. Hornets vs Bulls

    That's a horrible idea. You can't let the whole team go. Kemba is the only reason we won't go 12-70.
  19. Hornets vs Warriors

    MCW has to be the worst rookie of the year winner ever
  20. I don't see us beating Tampa. Every year we win at least one game we shouldn't win and lose at least one game we have no business losing. I don't think we have a chance this weekend or against a pissed-off GB. Hopefully I'm wrong, but I'm almost certainly not.
  21. No win is a lock. If we don't do our jobs and make plays we will go 8-8.
  22. Clifford's Leave

    Definitely hope he gets better soon. I don't often agree with his coaching decisions but he's a great guy by all accounts.
  23. He's a combo guard. He's a better passer than he's given credit for, he just needs to become better defensively. He's the best shooter we have.