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  1. Seems the playbook for owners wanting new stadiums is to ask for a new stadium and if city refuses (Charlotte will), the team threatens to relocate. After this, the city gives in and ends up building a stadium or paying for the majority of it. I for one don't look forward to this and make no mistake, this will go down in the next couple of years. I don't expect the Panthers to ever leave Charlotte and hate when owners use this as a bargaining chip. If Tepper does't do this then he's a solid guy in my book.
  2. I’m fine w anyone other than Anderson. Anderson hasn’t been an NFL caliber QB for at least 2 years. Moore would be a great option.
  3. I’m interested to see what Norv can do, but this offense will still require Cam to be healthy and accurate. When Cam is healthy and accurate, we are borderline unbeatable with our defense. Cam is one of the best deep ball passers in the league and hope we can keep some speedsters healthy bc the deep ball to Ginn was such an important part of our offense (even when he dropped pass).
  4. No question he’ll get his shot this year.
  5. Most players selected after the 2nd round are depth and are rarely starters. Moore is a definite starter and Jackson will prob be by mid season I didnt care for the draft after the Moore pick but we have Hurney so what did you expect.
  6. I hate these types of questions and they are a bit insulting to the franchise. The Panthers were in the Super Bowl two years ago.
  7. Dickson has been a solid #2 TE and did a good job filling in when Olsen was injured. He is a great team player and had no issue being in the shadows of Olsen. Trust me, if Panthers sign Ebron, you'll appreciate how great of a team player Dickson was because my guess is Ebron will not be happy getting single digit snaps every game.
  8. jtm

    DeMarco Murray?

    I’d rather have Crowell. He is younger and very physical.
  9. I hate when I'm correct. Cam can't win the big games.
  10. Coleman just got owned...that is so bad. Cam is killing us...game should be tied.
  11. he looks far worse than Pep. Addison looks like he's shot out of a cannon compared to Allen. Also, Allen has quit on several plays. Not good.
  12. Allen looks slow, very slow. Let's hope he's adjusting.
  13. We look bad, but only one starter on our dline is playing tonight.
  14. 2nd place is the 1st loser. That's how I was raised.
  15. Some guys don't want to move beyond being a position coach and maybe Proehl is one of those guys.