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  1. The Huddle was ready to cut Funchess in the off-season and now this. Testament to the fact that players need time to adjust to the NFL and only a couple players each year are ready to contribute immediately and these guys are the first off the board.
  2. 1 year is not enough of a sample but thus far he has been a big impact to our offense. He isn’t getting huge yards, but he’s excellent at misdirections and being a decoy. He’s a game changer for our offense.
  3. Armah seemed to make a difference. Also, Cam throwing the ball accurately and running himself really opens up our offense. Miami’s effort on defense in the 2nd half was questionable at best and I’m guessing this helped pad the stats.
  4. I agree but my point is it is just one game. Panthers looked good and now folks are praising the Benjamin move and a couple weeks ago this place was in full meltdown. I even saw some Hurney compliments and didn’t everyone get the memo that we don’t like Hurney and compliments are not allowed...ha
  5. Let’s not talk logic, rather, let’s let everyone over react. The Dolphins gave up middle of the 3rd quarter.
  6. Hurney is awful and this place is so “in the monent” it is laughable
  7. If this continues, this guy won’t be on the team for long.
  8. Anyone else see Cams presser?

    I’m so sick of hearing about or talking about Cam’s feelings.
  9. Three Thoughts...

    You make some very good points and I wonder if Panthers also had concerns over KBs knee. Bills have traded a lot of talent this year and actually improved.
  10. Three Thoughts...

    I think we need to give this a couple weeks to see if our offense improves with more speed on the field. I don’t agree that it would be easy to take reps away from KB and accomplish this with him on the team given his attitude. Also appears Panthers had no interest in signing KB long term after this year and really didn’t want to exercise the 5th year option and pay him $8.5 million next year. If Funchess and Samuel blossom in the weeks to come this will be a genius move. If they don’t, this will define our season and could cause this team to implode. I don’t like the timing either, but it’s hard to forget the fact that KB quit on the team last year and then showed up to camp overweight. This isn’t the kind of player you want to sign to a long term big money.
  11. Marty Speaks...

    Everyone here complains that our WRs can’t get separation. Panthers have speed but these players haven’t been able to get on the field and now they can. I don’t like the timing of the move but I’ll reserve judgment for a couple weeks and let’s see if our speed improves. From the move it sounds like Panthers had no plan to sign KB long term to a big money contract and I can’t say I blame them.
  12. The Fire Sale Theory

    I think this is solely based on fact Panthers want more speed on offense and clearly think Funchess is better than KB long term. Also appears they didn’t plan on signing KB long term and are trying to get anything they can for him. I don’t like the decision, but I also wouldn’t like paying KB 8-9 million a year which he clearly will want. I don’t think he’s a franchise player with his work ethic and attitude.
  13. Panthers sack numbers...

    I disagree. CJ is good against the run and is good depth at the position. Folks here still expect him to put up 8-9 sacks a year and he’s well beyond that point in his career. CJ is a solid veteran presence.
  14. Panthers sack numbers...

    Folks that criticize Star either don’t actually watch Panthers’ games or know nothing about football.
  15. Curtis Samuel vs CMC

    Both have shown flashes and out of the gate CMC no doubt was a more pro ready player. Hopefully Samuel is getting comfortable with the plays and speed of the NFL and will be an impact player in the 2nd half of the season. On another note, it blows my mind how folks here can give CMC a hard time when he's on track to go over a 1,000 yards his rookie year.