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  1. Dickson has been a solid #2 TE and did a good job filling in when Olsen was injured. He is a great team player and had no issue being in the shadows of Olsen. Trust me, if Panthers sign Ebron, you'll appreciate how great of a team player Dickson was because my guess is Ebron will not be happy getting single digit snaps every game.
  2. DeMarco Murray?

    I’d rather have Crowell. He is younger and very physical.
  3. I actually think Panthers have a solid roster going into the off season. I think this team needs a traditional RB to pair with CMC. WRs are fine once everyone is healthy and I’d add a vet.
  4. The Cam Conundrum

    Honest question: Do people think Olson, Benjamin, Funchess, CMC, Samuel, and Stewart is not having any weapons for Cam? Or are people upset that Panthers didn’t have enough depth to account for injuries?
  5. The Cam Conundrum

    That’s a great point and I’d add Brady, Brees and Watson to your list. Look back at this season and our D won at least 4 games despite our offense.
  6. Historically Cam is great after the media jumps on him for something. They’ve been highly critical of him this past week and I expect him to ball out this weekend
  7. The Cam Conundrum

    I’ll never understand why this place criticizes every other aspect and player with the Panthers but Cam gets a free pass and he’s off limits. Without our defense, this team would probably be 7-9 this season. Cam will ball out this weekend and I think the Panthers will win bc he was god awful last week and will actually work hard this week and have a chip on his shoulder. When he does, he’s unstoppable.
  8. The Cam Conundrum

    Why shouldn’t antics bother me? Cam is dancing all over the place when he’s winning and acts like a 5 year old when he loses
  9. The Cam Conundrum

    He’ll be a HOFer for what he has done with his feet if he retired today and nobody is questioning that. My issue is his passing. Cam has Lebron potential and I don’t think he works as hard as most and relies on his physical gifts too often. And don’t act like I’m the only person that feels this way...many former players that know and have played with Cam say the exact same thing.
  10. The Cam Conundrum

    Anyone outside of Charlotte knows the antics I’m talking about. Wentz doesn’t Superman and do the kind of celebrations Cam does so the generational argument falls short (neither does Wilson or Goff or dare I mention Luck). If Cam had such a great work ethic his accuracy wouldn’t be at the bottom of the league with the same poor footwork he had coming out of college. Elite players like Brady and Lebron are constantly trying to improve to get an edge. I don’t see it with Cam and this is my personal opinion.
  11. The Cam Conundrum

    It’s an interesting and fair debate. I often wonder if the Panthers would be better off with a traditional QB that was an accurate passer that didn’t turn the ball over. With our defense, the offense doesn’t have to do much. Cam draws unfair criticism and a lot of it is due to incredibly high expectations. Cam could be the Lebron of the NFL but doesn’t appear to work that hard at it and relies on his god given physical attributes. If Cam had Manning’s work ethic he would be one of the best to ever play the game. I find myself more and more frustrated with his lack of accuracy and antics on and off the field. The fact that Cam still has poor footwork and mechanics that haven’t improved speaks volumes to his off season work ethic in my opinion
  12. Also, with so many people cutting the cord I question how the networks can actually track ratings now.
  13. I think the ratings drop is a combination of the kneeling and too much NFL football on TV. We have Thurs night, two Monday night, Sunday morning in London, Sunday night, etc. Also, many cord cutters don’t have NFL network and can’t watch those games. I use to look forward to Sunday and Monday night football and now I’m generally burned out of football for the week by the time these games are on. I think many feel the same way and tune out.
  14. The alternative isn’t always better and I think Wilks has done a great job.
  15. Offense needs to focus on the basics and not razzle dazzle. Manning has often said the Colts only ran a handful of plays on offense but ran them perfectly bc they practiced these plays over and over and over. Certain plays if run correctly are uncoverable even if the D knows they are coming.