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  1. As many have mentioned, it is preseason and vets don't go 100% despite what us fans think. Also, Olsen gets separation because of his route running and knowledge of the game and has never been a TE that is going to blow by everyone because of his speed.
  2. Not many in the league can handle Quinn
  3. jtm

    Matt Khalil...

    He looked bad but I’m not going to freak out until we see this in the regular season. With all the speed rushes, in the regular season Norv will scheme around this and call screens to that side to help.
  4. I don't take a whole lot from preseason other than watching rookies and back ups. I don't think guys that don't have to worry about their roster spot go 100% in the preseason other than for maybe a couple series just to knock some rust off. I don't like to see false starts and pre-snap penalties with the starters because this typically means the starters don't fully grasp the playbook and this isn't a good sign.
  5. Agree, it was a stupid idea. I could see the first year to show appreciation for the franchise getting awarded to Charlotte, but after that the NFL logo looked ridiculous and made no sense.
  6. I wouldn't say ECU is a WR factory, but they have turned out some good talent recently and agree that Trevon Brown could go first couple rounds of the draft if he has a good year and combine. I have a buddy that is an NFL scout and he agreed that Jones was the real deal and hopefully he can get healthy and workout whatever happened this past summer which was very odd. I know nothing about this Kiante guy and he's likely just a camp body.
  7. I think you misunderstood my post . . . I don't mind Smith and was defending him. I think he'll be fine here for what we need.
  8. The targets say it all and Smith has not been a primary #1 WR since leaving Baltimore. People here see these stats and say he's done and perhaps he is, but it is more likely that his role in the offense has shifted from a primary target to a #2 or 3 target which is all we need here. To be honest, if he still has 4.3 or 4.4 speed, if he can just run deep routes and open up the middle of the field this would be helpful.
  9. NFL shield at midfield was a JR thing and it will be removed for just this reason alone. Tepper is using this as a marketing tool to win over players and fans and it will be effective.
  10. Panthers essentially gave up nothing to get Smith and are paying him peanuts by WR standards. People here act like we need Smith to have a 1,000 yard season. We just need him to get 400-500 yards and help move the chain on 3rd down and mentor our young WR talent. Between CMC, Funchess, Samuel, Olsen, and Moore . . . how many looks do you really think Smith will get? He's essentially an experienced role player and the hate here is unreal. Also, it appears that he is okay in this role and isn't going to be a diva for targets like many of the free agent targets many here wanted (ie. Crabtree). Don't minimize the importance of someone willing to allow our young WR talent be the focus.
  11. If they can stay healthy, we have a bright future at WR. Samuel is electric but injuries are always a concern at the next level and especially for smaller receivers.
  12. Panthers will keep 6 WRs, especially given the injury bug they had last year. They'd be crazy to let Byrd get to PS and risk another team grabbing him. There is zero chance Smith gets cut because if nothing else, Smith is a veteran presence that our young receivers need.
  13. Those two were friends. Cam walked up and was like wtf. KB is a chump
  14. jtm

    Funchess Cost

    The cap continues to increase and team owners always max the cap. It would be interesting to see the WR pay as a percentage of the total cap compared to this number 5 years ago. This is the real measuring stick to see if the position is that overpaid.
  15. While this might not be fair, it is reality with the Carolina Panthers until something changes. Our D will be stout again this year and keep us in just about every game and the rest will fall on Cam. If Cam has a good year, we'll be scary good and if doesn't, we'll be average to below average. Until I see better coaching and game planning out of the Panthers, this is what I expect and why I really don't get worked up about injuries other than injuries to Cam or Luke.