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  1. A portion of military bases are named after confederate generals. Heck we even have a county named for Lee. The end of all this is a long way out.
  2. Conservative USSC judge...completely worth it. Now just if you'd impeach the jerk.
  3. Barcelona?

    Trump better get ahead on this...can't let Putin look like the upper hand in a response. Can't let another Red Terror occur.
  4. -John Hood of John Locke Foundation
  5. Opioid "crisis"

    Soup de jour on semantic outrage have at it
  6. Back to the original reasoning behind the thread, just this story came across the CBS wire. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/down-syndrome-iceland/ The news story asks why/how Downs is disappearing from Iceland, but they tell you in the story that it isn't some miraculous cure using genetics or stem cells...it's because they are simply killing them. Why not expand all screen all babies for genetic markers that could cause issues for the parents and just terminate them all. Read the article, because Iceland has laws that severely limit abortions after 16 weeks, UNLESS there is a deformity which in Iceland includes downs syndrome. Who is to say that some other genetic marker is considered an abnormality...predisposition to diabetes type 2...alcoholism...brown eyes....IF it's left strictly in the eyes of the mother/father what they determine an "abnormality" is. This is eugenics. Pure and simple.
  7. I didn't say they were a monument to them. I'd misread your earlier post and when I reread your response I realized it really didn't apply but the rabbit was out of the hat. My brain was reading statues as statutes (as in statutes of limitations). Blaming work...
  8. No...just love it when hypothesis(s) become settled science/truth.
  9. Of course Egypt says no slaves were harmed during the building of pyramids...wouldn't have been part of that culture during that time period. Right. Whether one can hypothesize that because they had structure and found commonality amongst themselves didn't mean they were any less subservient to the leaders.
  10. We still have pyramids...so who knows.
  11. It was made a law that put that into the hands of the North Carolina Historical Commission. Again...a democratic/civilized process to deal with these. Not through posses. Cooper is wanting that law repealed, but does not explain how that process would work. He is wanting that process to include moving to museums and or historical sites, but here's the thing. I don't think even that will suffice for a lot of people.
  12. You're feeding the narrative I just pointed out as stupid/ignorant.
  13. This "debate" is a prime example of the worst in politics now. No one in this thread is suggesting they stand with in any way with Nazis. Period. They are a despicable group of human beings. If you find someone in this thread that believes and supports their positions, point them out and let me know and I'll add them to my ignore list. Fact is, even in most progressive AND conservative areas there are movements and plans to remove a lot of these monuments/statues to museums or just removed altogether. There is a civilized process to manage this. Would the people that seek this method be considered ON the side of Nazis because of their delay in removing it immediately? Sounds like it if I were to read the opinions of everyone. The alt right is an abhorrent group of people that should be allowed to speak their crap so people can judge them appropriately and that idiocy will be exposed for what it is. I do not stand with or excuse their behaviour, UNLIKE certain individuals that stand with what the Antifa does.
  14. http://www.nationalreview.com/article/450470/charlottesville-virignia-robert-e-lee-statue-remove-right-decision-confederate-monuments-museums There is a civilized process...not some ISIS-esque manuevers to blow up, tear down, create a hostile environment to destroy OR protect these monuments. Anarchists from left and right extremes should be shunned, jailed, and ridiculed into submission.