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  1. Fake hate crimes are a plague. They should receive a harsh punishment
  2. Allow amendment/debate and then produce a bill.
  3. Of course you say that prior decisions are a precedent. How else do you answer that question?
  4. And now Schiff claims they have more than circumstantial evidence of collusion between Trump campaign and the Russians... Dems fire a return salvo. This is all about preempting the other. Who knows what the heck the truth is.
  5. According to what I've read, as long as your communication has nothing to do with the FISA investigation...your privacy would be protected. Let's say your daughter attends school with the Raleigh Russian embassy official and you're coordinating who's picking whose kids up after their soccer game. Your information would/should not show up on any intelligence reports. That's how I understand it....but I'm no expert. No clue on ease of FISA warrant. Plus....Nunes should've shared this with Schiff AND the administration at the same time. His method of releasing this information may get him into trouble, BUT understanding the very nature of the unfriendly news media...he puts this out there that forces them to cover it. Shotgun press conf.
  6. Joe, George Stephanopoulis, and others got Trump nominated thinking he'd lose. Now Joe's working for the paycheck.
  7. Here's what I'm learning...FISA warrants are listening in on specific persons conversations that happen to get Trump persons. Non-Russian specific persons. If you happen to be recorded indirectly by intelligence departments, your conversations must be masked or redacted IF it has no pertinent link to the ongoing investigation. Privacy rights for an American citizen yadda yadda. The question then comes down to why/if they were unmasked...and what/who/when/why was the reasoning of the unmasking. http://www.politico.com/story/2017/03/devin-nunes-donald-trump-surveillance-obama-236366 Was there any direct wiretapping of Trump Tower by Obama? No. Does it mean that Trump Tower/Trump people's conversations were recorded/taped/transcripted due to communications with person's that WERE under investigation? Sure. Let's see the FISA for those persons that WERE under FISA investigation and if there was any unmasking/unredacted information released, explain why. Pretty straight forward. Put it all out there.
  8. Yes...it was. It was important to a lot of people. That probably weighed more on people's hearts than Hillary's ignoring them.
  9. If Antonio Scalia had not died, Hillary would be president
  10. Only one firefighter was slightly injured due to falling glass. Nothing else reported. Puts a damper on any drinking in Glenwood South for St Paddy's.
  11. So Putin is an abomination to true Marxists.
  12. California's budget can handle it. Have at it. On another note...if Calexit ever occurs, they better build some massive desalination plants or get ready to pay a ton of money to get money from states that have the Colorado river running through them.
  13. Federal monies tho. If I were Trump, I'd simply withhold federal highway funds, etc. That's how it works right?