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  1. David Brock is a terrible person
  2. Media Matters is fake news.
  3. g5jamz

    In defense of socialism

    Stupidest idea ever. Unions are a perfect example of how your idea would play out. "Democratically"/aka mob rule would create unsustainable situations/budgets and put the business model in jeopardy. Businesses would be at a huge comparative disadvantage to other countries.
  4. Wheeee https://abc7chicago.com/59-shot-6-fatally-in-chicago-weekend-shootings/4006842/ Stinking Inidanians with their gun supplies. Recent analysis done in Baltimore. You'd think that more guns would come from Pennsylvania than Virginia if you were basing it on the stricter gun regulations (Virginia). http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/crime/bs-md-sun-investigates-gun-traces-20180816-story.html#nws=true BBC story which is very good
  5. And he's allowed to be on the sidelines for the Panthers. How can the Panthers organization continue to allow someone with such views to be part of their game days. Just pointing out the absurdity.
  6. g5jamz

    How the Left Is Outsourcing Censorship of the Internet

    It’s fine as long as you like the ones doing the blocking.
  7. g5jamz

    Measles Report

    If you look at the majority of cases, it was people in their 20s from one of the reports I saw. That preceded Alex Jones. While he probably does go nutso on the stuff venom-style, it doesn't speak to the actual data of who was diagnosed and the time frames.
  8. g5jamz

    Measles Report

    Strike two to being an outright a-hole. Third time and I'm blessed with not bothering with you.
  9. g5jamz

    In defense of socialism

    Yes, I do. But if you read my statement I'm saying it is going to swing badly. I used words like "bad", "unfortunate". Please put your rage keyboard down and read. It can be, which is why this could end very badly. Fryfan seems to have had a comprehension deficiency.
  10. g5jamz

    In defense of socialism

    Sweden is going down a bad path right now. Pendulum may unfortunately swing very hard. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/far-right-sweden-democrats-hope-topple-century-socialism-n901131
  11. g5jamz

    Measles Report

    No reason we shouldn't have diseases like this defeated. Like polio we all but destroyed it. Be it new age alternative drug nuts or anti-vaxxers or whatever else, they are to blame for re-outbreaks.
  12. g5jamz

    'Don't vote for the ching-chong!'

    Let people say stupid things. That's how you figure out they're stupid.
  13. g5jamz

    In defense of socialism

    No one is owed anything. When that truth is realized, only then can progress be made.