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  1. Which is hilarious...find a post where I cite Fox, Infowars, Or Breitbart. In fact, I go out of my way to post using local newspapers (Baltimore Sun here), WashPo, NYTimes, etc...to hoist liberals on their own petard. Doesn't change the same tired arguments though.
  2. No clue what you're babbling about old man.
  3. Go for it. Why hasn't it happened already, but be careful what you ask for. You may just compound the original "Ferguson effect" when mayors/city councils/commissioners are going to be culpable.
  4. Business owners that pay taxes for police and fire protection...and find out government officials are telling police/fire to back down for rioter's space. That's grounds for a lawsuit I'd think.
  5. All their future relies on the possibility of Hillary rehashed or one out of the Cory Booker, Kid who lost a recent senate seat, and the Castro guy. Elizabeth Warren will never be elected as president of the USA. Tom Price...a congressman who'd been there over a decade. That's who's result you're comparing to. See how Handel does in 2018 and get back to us on how close it is. There's not going to be a $20mil coffer for Mr. Bean to spend then.
  6. http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/freddie-gray/bs-md-ci-rioting-lawsuit-20170621-story.html#nws=true Liberals mayors are taking notes right now. NEVER SAY you're giving the rioters space...unless it's YOUR front yard or business. I wish the plaintiffs well.
  7. Straight up race...a pretty boy young white male can't beat a white female who makes a "livable wage" gaffe less than week/two weeks prior to election. Keep spending that cash Dems.
  8. It went to "man that was close" because the democrats thought they could get 50% in the first round and sneak out a seat from a crowded republican group. Kinda what they thought they'd do in the presidential election, but again...their candidate was so terrible it didn't happen.
  9. Easily could've happened to a kid traveling to Cuba and attempted to steal a political sign. Same opinion?
  10. $20+ million dollars could've provided a lot of shuttles to DMVs/election boards to register or get new voter id cards. How many kids could that money have fed democrats?
  11. Why in the world would any party choose to dump that much money in a race that will have to occur again in a little over a year?
  12. Keep spending dems...
  13. Shouldn't happen and someone should be held accountable.
  14. No...he shouldn't have. This was nothing more than Kim wanting to send a dead kid back to the US. Kim will find it hard to build a monument at the DMZ over a political poster. Axes are one thing...