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  1. If only we banned vans

    Maybe not trillions (even that's an exaggeration). But they are used as an essential function of daily life in many areas and by hundreds of thousands of people.
  2. Good news

    I bought a roadie RTIC long ago. Want one of the softsides for the beach due to weight. Still a ton of money for a cooler.
  3. If only we banned vans

    Shouldn't ban vans. Just ban people driving vans over people with the intent to kill them. Oh wait.
  4. MSNBC Blocked Me From Covering Bernie - Ed Schultz

    The RNC didn’t have superdelegates to kill Paul’s chances.
  5. The Boys in Blue love the Klan

    It’s why the law was written.
  6. The Boys in Blue love the Klan

    Wear masks, get arrested. Thank goodness this didn’t escalate to something big
  7. Where does your tax money go (NC version)?

    it's supposed to go to school construction, but yes. Lottery isn't a tax though. I'm very anti-lottery as I believe it hurts more people than it helps. It's a tax on the poor and hopeless.
  8. RIP Barbara Bush

    Doesn't matter to Cantrell aka GJBC.
  9. Rich finally paying their fair share

    Was just giving an 80/90s example...I'm sure it's changed now. Detroit better?
  10. RIP Barbara Bush

  11. RIP Barbara Bush

    Who? You're insinuating a TB forum person suggested this.
  12. RIP Barbara Bush

    Who has called for someone's death?
  13. RIP Barbara Bush

    Y'all have a whole life of hating to look forward to.
  14. Rich finally paying their fair share

    Sure. It stops subsidization of rich in blue areas by all US citizens. That subsidy is proven to be very high.