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  1. g5jamz

    Disagree with them? Label them

    Keep the racist crap out. If Norwegians were flooding in like Central Americans, I'd have the same opinion. Asylum seekers.
  2. Was it dark? Did the kids point guns at the cops prior to the pullover? Was there any suspicion that the cops felt they posed a danger to the public because a fleeing subject is fleeing the police, but could still pose a threat to the public. Especially one that is a person of interest in a shooting that day. Did it warrant a death penalty? Easy for me to say right now, NO based on the evidence that has been presented thus far.
  3. g5jamz

    Disagree with them? Label them

    So she's against separation, and she's against family detainment, so by default she MUST be for catch/release. Unless I'm missing something.
  4. g5jamz

    Drug Testing in High Schools

    I'm about equal opportunity.
  5. g5jamz

    Drug Testing in High Schools

    Does/can someone gain a competitive advantage and thus financial benefit (sports or academic) in secondary education from use at the primary education level? Are you limiting your argument to simple illicit drug testing?
  6. g5jamz

    WTF have we become

    PSC and posting is to Keanu Reaves and movie lines
  7. g5jamz

    Drug Testing in High Schools

    I'm surprised more state high school sports organizations, like the NCHSAA, don't look for things. It may be beyond their jurisdiction although the NCAA does it and they are amatuer athletes. Seeing if valedictorians/salutatorians having been taking Ritalin, athletes on steroid, hormonal enhancements, illicit drugs, etc I could see being done where any extracurricular activity/recognition was gained or improved by such drugs. Just a blanket drug test is a waste. If there are behavioral problems with certain kids, sure. Maybe there should be drug testing on those kids in order to get help to the kid and alert the parents of potential problems.
  8. g5jamz

    Disagree with them? Label them

    Go read what Kamala Harris said yesterday. They absolutely are pushing for open borders/catch and release
  9. g5jamz

    WTF have we become

    Most foreign nationals know the significance of consulates/embassies. This isn't a communist/socialist dictatorship we're talking about. It's Mexico. Heck, multiply all the other western democratic nations as well that have embassies and consulates in Mexico, et al. France, UK, Germany, etc. We're worried about kids being separated from their families, and rightly so, but ignoring the great risks and dangers they put their kids into by doing this trek when the same can be accomplished by going to a consulate?
  10. g5jamz

    WTF have we become

    There are nine consulates in Mexico alone. Not counting ones in Central American countries these people are fleeing. Explain why the need to make the dangerous trek AND deal with separation anxiety?
  11. g5jamz

    Disagree with them? Label them

    Maybe a better product will come of this.
  12. g5jamz

    Disagree with them? Label them

    I'm not using children as a pawn for a wall, but I'm not for open borders, period. Seems the EO Trump just signed may make things a little better regarding separation, but they will have a few legal hurdles to deal with. Anyone with half a brain understands the strain it would be to be separated from your kids, while also understanding there are rules and procedures to follow. Rubio was the only one with enough guts to put some semblance of an immigration bill together and got killed from both sides. Maybe this will get things started since Trump and others are going to get killed politically over this. If you do not offer up strong solutions, just saying you're not the other guy isn't going to suffice.
  13. g5jamz

    Disagree with them? Label them

    Keep reading what he wrote PhillyB.