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  1. Who said they have to be mutually exclusive. You feel the urge to purge all of these things of religious foundation? Or just ones people don't feel like making excuses for.
  2. Yes...it can be. It can do great things. Build hospitals. Universities. Help millions around the world with medicine, food, housing, etc. If used to commit random/or not random acts of terrorism as a means to convert non-believers...that's where it takes a terrible tangent and should be targeted.
  3. Your choice. I'm not going to go fishing for excuses FOR third world civilizations attempting to spread their brutality and ignorance.
  4. Read your statement...and imagine it being said by what I said.
  5. Thought of by who... a 1930s/1940s German?
  6. You just didn't hear about it as quickly and as easily. Third world civilizations have tried doing third world crap in westernized countries for centuries (relatively speaking). At some point the backlash will be very bad.
  7. Still haven't read it? Pretty clear. I know it's not huffinpo...it's cnn.
  8. Read the bolded part again. And again. If it doesn't make sense...read it a third time. The last sentence was meant to be sarcastic.
  9. Go look at the 1990 12th district map. Then compare it to the latest. Are you that ignorant? http://www.cnn.com/ALLPOLITICS/1996/states/NC/NC12.shtml Read that in bold...twice. Three times if needed. Seems the Republicans were simply abiding by the 1992 Justice Department mandate. Right?
  10. who knew...packing AA into disticts reduces AA voting strength. No. It reduced liberal democrats voting strength. District 12 existed long before a Republican had a say in how it was drawn. The 1st was just a page out of the old democrat playbook.
  11. This
  12. Yet he was on Gore's ticket.
  13. We could easily be making a killing but we as parents chose to invest in our kids. That's really the only long term legacy the vast majority of people leave on this planet. I've put in the time...so hoping the wife is ready to be my sugar momma soon.
  14. It's always been cooked numbers and talking points. If it were true, you would always hire the cheaper labor that can do the same job.