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  1. Krugman trolled

    http://krugman.blogs.nytimes.com/2015/11/23/terror-politics/?_r=1 When you see it...
  2. If someone would stand up and be a leader right now unifying NATO forces and the Russians if they want to be a part of this.  There are more dangerous threats to some leaders right now. 
  3. BLM shooting in Minnesota

    They are terrible and in the vast majority of cases, avoidable.
  4. The Money Grab is On! Clock Kid Wants $15M

    They won't get $15M, but they will get a settlement from the city/county/state. Cheaper than litigation. 
  5. ACA progress

    Liberals have to lie to get their true agenda passed.  No majority wants or wanted single payer. 
  6. The Money Grab is On! Clock Kid Wants $15M

    People like this must sit and laugh at how stupid liberal political correctness is...all the while imagining the dollars they are going to bathe in when they are paid off. 
  7. I'm sure...but he supposedly had sex with one of the goddesses every day for a year. 
  8. I love how we, as a civilized society/world, are supposed to standoffish in terms of the barbarism, slavery, and horrors being done in the Middle East.  As if staying out is going to magically repair the problems going on there.  It's akin to suggesting that just staying out of troubled/crimeridden areas of the US that all the bad people will just go away. 
  9. Josh Norman vs Dez Bryant

    Josh needs to wear some Eau de Funyons.  Tough matchup and must-wins for Dallas. 
  10. Titans have a decent defense and they are being coached by Dick LeBeau.  HOFer
  11. Titans Mom Responds Back to our Swag QB

    ~15 more days until she's crazy again...   :)
  12. Syrian refugees

    That's exactly how our system should work.  States do have a say.
  13. The Past Performance

    Better question, how many votes were there that were so tight that every one mattered.