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  1. That would've been a nice plan. Too bad Obama didn't offer it up.
  2. If Kennedy it will prob be his buddy from Pa. All signs pointing to Kennedy. If Ginsburg, it will probably be a woman. If it is Kennedy first, Trump may choose a woman just in hopes that Ginsburg will take the hint she isn't needed any more.
  3. The fact it's news...GMA, etc shows the pettiness and ridiculousness of our morning news shows. They've become nothing more than a glorified version of the View...with weather.
  4. http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/look-patriots-call-out-new-york-times-for-white-house-photo-tweet-lacks-context/
  5. Why not go ahead and leave and build up dem hopes in picking up another special election seat...and use up their money.
  6. Trump definitely damages the R brand, but most understand that Trump isn't the R brand and many Rs will openly admit that. The alternative is akin to setting your own house on fire in protest. What do you think people will do.
  7. It wasn't a head to head contest...so you will get a better comparison of results in June to how much Price won in 2016. Just because the DNC coalesced behind another DNC-approved candidate...nationally even and still not achieve 50%...should prove they still suck.
  8. Too bad for his 4yo kid. Maybe a message was delivered to him what was waiting for him or his family when he got out and he felt this was his only option? No clue....just strange.
  9. So dems and Trump failed..looks like a victory for sane people everywhere
  10. It is common knowledge companies like Cognizant, Infosys, and others have been abusing the H1B system in conjunction with American tech companies. There needing to be a curbing.
  11. 8 million dollars. Keep trying
  12. My bet it goes to run off. Glad the FB dude is dead.
  13. Same rules come into play with cigarettes?