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  1. g5jamz

    WTF have we become

    No, the right attempts to abide by the laws. The same laws that tore these kids from their parents. The parents that chose to go through a separate immigration "route" that forced their hand regarding separation aka asylum. It's an abuse on the charity of western nations. Otherwise, every socialist bastion south of the US would be flooded with these same asylum seekers. Why aren't they flooding into other Central American nations, other western consulates within their own nations, countries within South America. The reason? Well, you know the reason but you would rather just lie about conservatives. Kamala will do as she is told by the progressive wing of the democrat party.
  2. g5jamz

    WTF have we become

    and Rodeo pretending that Kamala and others aren't wanting open borders? Quit lying. Here is the ex-DNC officer and possible future attorney general of Minnesota Go ahead. Google translate that. Rodeo lies for liberals.
  3. g5jamz

    WTF have we become

    becoming a rally cry. Good grief, she's not backing off the assertion. We have gone from the 2014 pics from Sarsour, to the kid in the chicken wire fence pic that was from a protest, to the recent Time photo that's proven to be a misrepresentation, to now ICE is a terrorist organization. This is why people hate the media. This is why people hate liberals. This is why they will not win over voters long term. Kids being separated from the parents is a REAL problem that should be addressed and will be. And we need to stop pretending that the asylum program is simply being abused as it stands now.
  4. g5jamz

    WTF have we become

    In this sense, yes he is.
  5. g5jamz

    WTF have we become

    No surprise you're joining the idiot brigade.
  6. g5jamz

    WTF have we become

    So all ICE agents are nazi fascists along with the other nonsense you just typed. THIS is mind of a liberal nutcase people.
  7. g5jamz

    Big Brother take one on the chin

    Have you read all the arguments for and the dissent(s)? For example
  8. g5jamz

    WTF have we become

    ? What was the point of the cover? Kid crying without a parent standing in front of Trump. Why don't you explain what the meaning of the cover was.
  9. g5jamz

    WTF have we become

    plus the dad was found and was interviewed. And she left three other kids (14, 11, and 6). http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5869829/Father-two-year-old-face-child-separation-crisis-speaks-out.html
  10. g5jamz

    WTF have we become

    Time magazine looks kind of stupid now.
  11. g5jamz

    Cabs vs Uber

    I was just in NYC. Cabs limit you to 4 people. Uber XL you can get up to 6 and obviously more if doing larger options. I never checked price on cab as we had 6 and wasn't an option.
  12. g5jamz

    Disagree with them? Label them

    Keep the racist crap out. If Norwegians were flooding in like Central Americans, I'd have the same opinion. Asylum seekers.
  13. Was it dark? Did the kids point guns at the cops prior to the pullover? Was there any suspicion that the cops felt they posed a danger to the public because a fleeing subject is fleeing the police, but could still pose a threat to the public. Especially one that is a person of interest in a shooting that day. Did it warrant a death penalty? Easy for me to say right now, NO based on the evidence that has been presented thus far.
  14. g5jamz

    Disagree with them? Label them

    So she's against separation, and she's against family detainment, so by default she MUST be for catch/release. Unless I'm missing something.
  15. g5jamz

    Drug Testing in High Schools

    I'm about equal opportunity.