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  1. Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

    was she naked, or at least topless?
  2. The Smack Forum

    Taints started dumping yesterday. should be a glorious offseason to watch.
  3. you keep deflecting. it's not about other people being racist. YOU made racist statements. you cannot justify YOU making racist comments by saying someone else is being racist. You could have brought up this topic and called out what you believe is racism on his part, without making racist statements yourself. I'm not denying anyone in the media is being racist. I'm calling you out for it.
  4. YOU made racist statements. you believing he is racist does not excuse you from making racist statements.
  5. you made a thread with a racist title and racist statements. that's straight up fact. his race and skin tone have absolutely nothing to do with his opinions.
  6. racist is racist, keep that poo out of here. you're being just as racist as people hating on cam for being black, and hypocritical to bring that poo in here after how much we've bitched about it.
  7. Arthur Blank.... Prostate Cancer

    keepPounding Arty.  I hope you get well, so we can start making fun of you again. #fugCancer
  8. Big Congrats to the Carolina Panthers

    banner of cammy cam stil flying at Levi's #goFugginPanthers #keepPounding  
  9. Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

  10. the Shula and gettleman haters spilled out like roaches after Sunday, hard to tell. :-)
  11. why the absolute fug would you want to get rid of the OC who orchestrated the #1 offense with mediocre receivers? what part of #1 offense in the league is hard to understand? there isn't one better. his offense was #1. jeebus.
  12. Big Daryl Williams....

    Shula bashers just couldn't wait to point and scream 'I told you so!' He shut your ass up for 17 games, orchestrated the #1 offense in the entire league, and you act like you're all high and mighty after 1. you guys are no better than the fans of other teams coming on here to talk smack.
  13. Big Congrats to the Carolina Panthers

    but...but...but, we need to fire everyone!!!
  14. well here's one way to drown your sorrows

    liquor in the front, poker in the rear
  15. I saw lots of Seahawks fans celebrating with Denver fans last night. guess they're buying #18 jerseys today.