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  1. j2sgam added a post in a topic Russell "Golden Calf of Bristol" Wilson   

    I ain't callin him a douche, would never question somebody's belief regardless of mine, but something ain't right with RW.. I've said it before, he looks like he knows where bodies are hidden or is into some sort of really weird poo, something.... It will come out in time, I have faith in that....
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  2. j2sgam added a post in a topic Can You Dig It!   

    Always hated country growing up, things change I guess... A good friend recommended Zac Brown knowing what I listen to & come from.. Bought his live disc Pass the Jar and was hooked, so much talent in that band.....
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  3. j2sgam added a post in a topic Cam's Story presented by Under Armour   

    Kick rocks? Pop the clutch? GTFO? Pick one...
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