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  1. No doubt! But I feel like our problem is offense. Maaan, Ted Ginn is along for the ride in New Orleans.
  2. Yep. And look where that got the Redskins...
  3. Too early for JR memes???

    Too early? I'm disappointed it took this long!
  4. Saints Safety Vaccaro to IR

    What hasn't been dirty?
  5. Uhhh after a quick Google search, she could take full control of me too.
  6. MNF - Falcons at Bucs

    Gettin my crab legs ready! Go Bucs!
  7. Just enough time for Marty to create cap hell part 2!
  8. Culturally, what will change?

    The logo thing...seriously needs to happen!
  9. If somebody doesn't hang a pair of womens blue jeans off of it by the end of the day, I'll be disappointed.
  10. Don't NFL owners have to approve a new owner? Does anybody really think they would vote to allow any ownership group that included Kaepernick?
  11. Keeping It Classy Yesterday

    Couldn't the person that took this photo be in some type of legal trouble?
  12. Diddy wants to buy the Panthers

    Ugh.... I'd actually prefer Puff Daddy. Bruton Smith would be a nightmare.
  13. Don't be scared! Think of how satisfying it would be to go down to that stink hole of a dome and bounce their asses out of the playoffs.