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  1. Fugg Jerry...senile old bastard. Gettleman was the best GM this team ever had. He wasn't afraid to make the business decisions. I'm looking forward to a new owner someday.
  2. seahawks sign kaepernick

    Fugg him and his fake ass protest
  3. Gary Barnidge

    Why does this upset people? There's no guarantee Barnidge would even want to come hereanyway. You guys are starting to sound like crazy ass ex-girlfriends.
  4. Terrible attitude. I would never root for my team to fail. GTFO
  5. He's the same size as LeSean McCoy, Jamaal Charles, Melvin Gordon, and Devonte Freeman.
  6. Jonathan Stewart played in the Pac 12. So did Marshawn Lynch, Maurice Jones-Drew, Stephen Jackson..... I'm sure there's more. I don't think conference is a big indicator of success in the NFL.
  7. RB is the easiest position in the NFL to play as a rookie. Especially if you don't have to pass protect (which he won't...he'll be running routes on passing downs). His dad was a very good NFL WR and he is the best route runner in the draft (not my opinion...experts have said it). He can contribute from day 1.
  8. Man, a few weeks ago I was against his also for the same reasons you're giving now. I wanted Fournette. But then I did my research. You should try it.
  9. He can play both at a high level. Hence his value in the first round.
  10. Nobody scores a TD every single game. But just being on the field could make a defense lineup in a mismatch and someone else could score. He could motion out to the slot and then a LB has to cover him. Stewart gets less men in the box, etc. The possibilities are endless. A lot of you guys are stuck in this old school mindset of three yards and a cloud of dust football. That poo is gone. It's all about space and mismatches now. Step into the modern era.
  11. WTF are you talking about? He never has to come off the field. His versatility makes him an every down player.
  12. What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    Oh look. It's the I'm losing an argument so I'll talk about my teams past accomplishments move. I'd be more impressed if you could tell me who Steve Grogan is without using Google.
  13. I think of The Last Dragon. The Seahawks are Sho'nuff. The Panthers are Leroy Green. Panthers got their golden aura in week 6. Now they are the Master!