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  1. I was watching Outside the Lines today on ESPN and they had a story on the sale of the team. They said that internally, JR's number is 3 billion.
  2. Goodnight Charlotte if Goodnight

    I mean, that's not a very good reason...they can always build a stadium. They're probably going to do that in Charlotte anyways.
  3. Just delete both of them. This is ridiculous.
  4. He's from Brooklyn and lives in Miami....his company just bought a Canadian steel company.
  5. So, Greg retires, and we use his cap savings to sign the Honey Badger and Ebron?
  6. Man, if he decides to retire after this season, we are going to have some serious holes to fill next off-season. Luckily, we should have a poo ton of cap room.
  7. He's going to go to the Steelers, watch.
  8. We would have potentially the best D in the league.
  9. That's about right. Cam is a top 10 starting QB, who's ceiling is MVP/best player in the world. You know what baseline you are going to get from Cam by now, but his hot streaks are as hot as anyone in NFL history.
  10. Andrew Norwell to Jags

    Well, at least they still have Blake Bortles as their QB, so there is that.
  11. Steve Smith. Lmao. That's about as possible as Megatron I guess. They might have more luck getting Leg-a-tron to come out of retirement.
  12. I have a wicked awesome plan.

    Don't forget the Byrd Man streaking down the sidelines on Go routes all game long!!