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  1. joemac added a post in a topic Will the Panthers win Super Bowl 50?   

    Most teams are so evenly matched that luck plays a huge part in the games and in who wins the Super Bowl. The teams that get the good bounces and timely no calls do well - 2 seasons ago for the Panthers - the teams that don't - 2 blocked punt TDs against Minn last year - struggle.
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  2. joemac added a post in a topic Madden 16   

    Madden 16 is pretty slick. Definitely the best Madden so far.
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  3. joemac added a post in a topic So...Cam and KB scored against their 1's?   

    Once they got in sync the passing offense looked much much better than they ever have with Cam, for the first pre season game. If this is the starting point, I think the passing game could really shine this year.
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  4. joemac added a post in a topic Smiling while whooping ass?   

    You must be joking...Dukes mayo shits all over any other brand of mayo, and it's not even really close.
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  5. joemac added a post in a topic Jonathan Stewart remarks on Lee Ward....   

    Definitely keep Ward over Brockel this season.
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  6. joemac added a post in a topic Q&A with Peter King posted by Panthers.Com   

    Peter(less) King is a no talent pussy. I used to like him, but not any more. fug that dude.
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  7. joemac added a post in a topic Who will be at camp Sunday?   

    I'm going tomorrow. I've never been to TC before. I'm pretty pumped. I was thinking I'd be good leaving Charlotte at like 8 AM. Will that be Ok?
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  8. joemac added a post in a topic Hardy sentence reduced, we're getting a comp pick   

    What about Todman and the other assorted FAs we they not count?
    btw tony romo is a pussy.  But damn if he doesn't always have some absolutely choice tail all the time.
    Carrie Underwood, Jessica Simpson back when she was like miss America or some poo.
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  9. joemac added a post in a topic Panthers Falcons Twitter battle on who can go more America   

    Who all seen the leprechaun say Yeahhh!!!!
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  10. joemac added a post in a topic Luke cracking the top 10 this year?   

    I think Watt and Luke are the two best defensive players in the NFL. I have a feeling Watt goes top 3 in this particular ranking, while Luke goes maybe 8, IMO.
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  11. joemac added a post in a topic Anyone see this on Instagram?   

    If you actually read the article it gives the Panthers all kinds of love. Damn we have got a seriously talented roster, from top to bottom. I can't wait and see what unexpected gems play great like seems to happen every year.
    We are gonna make some fuging noise this year people. 
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