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  1. joemac

    McC will be LT 2.0

    CMC looks EXPLOSIVE so far this year! He’s got a different burst than he had last year. Looks so much more confident. He looked like he was about to take it to the house about 5 times last night. I’m excited.
  2. If Cam wasn’t such a beast that would have been another turnover. Lesser QBs would have crumbled.
  3. The O line is going to be out Achilles hell this year. Jesus Christ...
  4. joemac


    Jesus I just looked at his college stats, how's this for a season: 2012: 398 - 579 68.7% completion 5076 yards passing 44 TD's 14 INT's 126 rushes for 470 yards and 11 TD's Good lord - dude had 154 total TD's in 4 years.
  5. DJ Moore and Curtis Samuel are the future at WR for the Panthers.
  6. I’m highly optimistic about our offense this year. Already looked better than Shula ball.
  7. Dude it’s the first drive of the preseason. Relax.
  8. That playoff game was one of Cam's best all around games of his career. I expect us to pick right up where we left off on offense. I think we're about to see a very big year offensively from this team.
  9. joemac

    Hey Yall, Cam is healthy

    I firmly believe that Cam is going to have his best season to date. He will be in the MVP running again this year. My Cam Newton 2018 stat predictions: 4100 yards passing, 38 TD's 13 INT's, 655 yards rushing 10 TD's Grand total of 4755 yards and 48 TD's. Panthers go 12-4, win the NFC South and win the Super Bowl.
  10. Worst sports site on the internet....and thats saying something.
  11. It's the G-G-G-G-Grammar Hammer!!!!
  12. joemac

    No QAnon thread?

    There is a disturbing lack of QAnon talk here. What does everyone think of this phenomenon? I’ve been following since day one on 4chan....it’s is definitely interesting and though provoking, that’s for sure. What do you guys think about it around here?
  13. When was that? I must have missed that season. I know Rivera always talks about limiting Cams carries prior to every season, but that all goes out the window once the bullets start flying. Hell, didnt Cam have the most carries of his career last year?
  14. joemac

    Observations from camp today...

    Our offense was the best its ever been with Shockey and Olsen lined up together. I love the 2 TE set if you have 2 baller TE's.
  15. DRC and Vaccaro would be awesome. Although Dante and Bradbury are looking strong in camp, we could use another quality CB. I dont trust Jackson to start right away, and everyone behind him is worrisome.