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  1. joemac

    The offensive version of Wade Phillips

    Wade Phillips was a great Head Coach. ....for me to poop on.
  2. joemac

    Dear city of Charlotte

    Straight doom porn. Gee, I wonder why everyone hates the cops?!?
  3. joemac

    To steal, or not to Steel?

    If Tepper can somehow replace Hurney with Ozzie Newsome I will personally finance and install his statue in the spot of Jerry's.
  4. joemac


    When I was in Iraq I was tasked with guarding the boss of one of the foreign contractors doing work in country. They were all paid in cash money from the USA. This guy carried around 2.2 million in sealed US currency all day. I have pictures of me holding it up. 2.2 million dollars filled up 2 giant extra large briefcases, and weighed about 65 pounds.
  5. 4 future NFL Hall of Famers And Panthers legend Sam Mills. Good stuff!
  6. I bet we sign a vet safety. Guard on the other hand I think we roll with what we've got.
  7. You guys already have a killer offense. Better hope the guy you moved up to draft is worth it. The NFC South ain't UT-San Antonio!!
  8. joemac

    Panthers signing CJ Anderson

    Niceeeeeee! We should have a pretty strong running game with CJ/CMC/ and a little CAP sprinkled in for good measure.
  9. We have a better roster and coaching staff than last year's 11-5 team.
  10. CB >>>>>FS/SS. I have much more faith in a rookie saftey as opposed to a rookie CB.
  11. Ok Marty....you're not even trying to hide yourself anymore.
  12. We're going to be nasty on offense this year. DJ and CMC busting poo left and right all game long. We should screen teams to death.
  13. We had holes and each pick seems like a direct attempt to full those holes. We will see....I think Moore is going to be a beast.
  14. If history is any indication, DJ could turn out to be one of the top WRs. Hurney drafts studs on R1.
  15. 20% of his routes are Go routes... GTFOOH with that he can't get deep poo.