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  1. I was reading the comments of the article that was linked on the last page. Someone said that Weddle has been telling his neighbors in SD that he wants to either play for the Panthers or Steelers next season...
  2. He will be a Panther next season. So it is written - so it shall come to pass.
  3. Matt Kalil to be cut?

    There are a few interesting names on that list. I have a feeling Gettleman is really going to work his magic this offseason and our roster will look even nastier by the time next season comes around. We already have a talent packed roster, and we have 20 million dollars under the cap right now, before any moves or anything like that. It is fuging on people. The NFL is not going to know what hit them. The dominance will only continue.
  4. I'm on the Eric Weddle train myself. I just think that he would be a perfect fit for our defense, and I think he could be that last piece to complete our monster defense. Harper has a liability all year long. Weddle would turn that weakness into a strength.
  5. Mike Wallace expected to be cut

    This could actually be a move I see us making. Even with the success we had passing this year it's pretty obvious that we need at least 1 more legit weapon, even with KB coming back. I think Wallace would be a very interesting choice. You know he can absolutely fly, and with the different types of guys we already have, a straight burner would really help things. This might be something we need to keep an eye on....of course that all depends on how much money he is looking for. I don't see us as a player at anything over 5 million a year for someone like him....gonna be a very interesting offseason. We have a lot of cap room, and DG doesn't seem like the kinda GM to just bank that kinda money and rest on his laurels.
  6. Sound FX: Superbowl 50

    Ding ding ding, we have a winner!! Wink, tell him what he's won!! that right there explains it all. fuging bullshit!
  7. Prepare the feels

    Is it July yet?
  8. NFL Turning Point: The Clete Blakeman Effect

    The big problem with these refs is that most of them are 60 year old out of shape, old ass dudes, who do that job part time. Why a league like the NFL doesn't have full time officials, who train year in and year out on doing the best job they can, is fuging beyond me. They would rather have some lawyer from Omaha than guys who would actually be in shape and train to do the best possible's really fuging bullshit when you look at it. 
  9. tiger, aren't you the same asshole who got on me a little while ago when I said something along the lines of "cam makes the white women moist" and said some stupid bullshit about why did u have to bring race into it?  Hypocrite much?
  10. Getting Benji Back

    These days an ACL tear, while still a major injury, is not going to derail you for multiple seasons like it used to. Just look at Adrian Peterson from a few years ago, or eve. Todd Gurley just last year. Gurley tore his like halfway through the season, and then came back guns blazing by the start of the season. Given that KB tore his in training camp makes me feel very confident that he will be ready to go, better than ever, hungry as hell to go out there and destroy opposing defenses. From everything we saw before his injury he was going to come out this year and do some serious serious damage. I expect a stellar season from Benjamin in 2016.
  11. What do I have to do to become a Freemason? I've always been interested in things like that....
  12. An Interesting Clete Blakeman Stat

    Illegal block above the waist and illegal blindside block....seriously what the fug are those??? I have watched a poo ton of football and I cannot remember ever hearing those two extremely obscure penalties.
  13. Mike Remmers

    Leaving Mike Remmers alone on an island to try and deal with Von Miller all fuging game long is the reason we lost this game. You can say what you want to say and look for any other reason, but IMO that right there is the one thing that we just could not overcome. There is not a QB alive that can operate successfully when he is being pressured like Cam was last night. You just cannot win that way, period. Remmers has been a massive overachiever since he came here, and kudos to him for that....but he was fuging exposed yesterday, time after time after time, and Shula/Rivera did absolutely nothing to try and fix it.... oh, and Oher was not much better. Number 1 priorities this offseason - upgrade the tackle position if at all possible. Upgrade the DE position if at all possible....add a CB or 2.