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  1. Id freaking love to have Corey Coleman. Him and KB as our 2 main WR would be outrageous.
  2. Josh isn't fast enough to excel in man coverage against any good WR with wheels. He was a great piece in our defense, but I'm dubious on his prospects as a so called shut down corner, especially in a system that isn't as good as ours...He will be a good player for them, but I think this past year will be Josh's last time on the All Pro team.
  3. Gil Brandt's top 100, for what it's worth.

    I like Gil. He's cool in my book.
  4. Manziel, cocaine, shrooms, and a rental home

    You mistakenly think that I give a poo aboutwhat you think about what I do or don't put into my body. What you eat don't make me don't check my fuging mail, know what I'm saying?
  5. Manziel, cocaine, shrooms, and a rental home

    Obviously you are the expert here. I'm just a crazy junkie.
  6. Manziel, cocaine, shrooms, and a rental home

    its reefer madness I tell ya!
  7. Manziel, cocaine, shrooms, and a rental home

    Actually I took some adderall this morning so I'm feeling pretty sharp right now. And on my most stoned, fuged up day I'm just about positive that I could dance cognitive circles around you. Dont take everything so literal on the Internet. It's called hyperbole.
  8. Manziel, cocaine, shrooms, and a rental home

    LMAO! Now that's rich! Get completely poo faced drunk - no worries. Smoke some bud - no thanks,I prefer to keep a clear head. LMFAO!!!
  9. This years "breakout" players.

    Mediocre isn't necessarily bad. It's more just average...and I did say most. Greg is most certainly elite. After that, I'd be hard pressed to call any other skill player besides Cam elite.
  10. This years "breakout" players.

    I mean hey, we were the number 1 offense in the league last year with what we would all say is mediocre talent at most skill positions....
  11. Manziel, cocaine, shrooms, and a rental home

    Str8 Edge 4 Lyfe brah!
  12. Manziel, cocaine, shrooms, and a rental home

    I bet you were a blast to hang out with when you were younger.
  13. This years "breakout" players.

    Can Newton i honestly still think that Cam has just scratched the surface of how good he can be. It wouldn't be out of the realm of possibilities for him to throw for 5000, run for 750, throw 40-50 TD and run for another 12-15. I know those are wild numbers, but not crazy for Cam. If Ginn could catch he would have had 40 TDs passing this year...and that's all without the services of KB, who if we all remember was looking like an absolute animal in training camp, and even that first pre-season game. I don't know if they would ever open the offense up like that with our coaches now though, but a guy can dream!
  14. Manziel, cocaine, shrooms, and a rental home

    It's fine and dandy to party your balls off in college...put every drug in your mouth or up your nose that you possibly can...but for me, if I'm gonna be making millions of dollars to play the game I love, I'm at least going to be more careful!! It would be one thing if he was physically addicted and shooting up horse or some poo, but he's just stuck in the frat boy lifestyle. Gotta put the big boy pants on at sometime, and retire the visor. From what I've seen, he doesn't have a substance problem, he just likes to party....and doesn't like to be told no. Drug addicts aren't addicted to shrooms, and unless he's freebasing or smoking rocks all day, I'd guess he doesn't have a coke problem either.