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  1. joemac added a post in a topic Jonathan Stewart remarks on Lee Ward....   

    Definitely keep Ward over Brockel this season.
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  2. joemac added a post in a topic Q&A with Peter King posted by Panthers.Com   

    Peter(less) King is a no talent pussy. I used to like him, but not any more. fug that dude.
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  3. joemac added a post in a topic Who will be at camp Sunday?   

    I'm going tomorrow. I've never been to TC before. I'm pretty pumped. I was thinking I'd be good leaving Charlotte at like 8 AM. Will that be Ok?
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  4. joemac added a post in a topic Hardy sentence reduced, we're getting a comp pick   

    What about Todman and the other assorted FAs we they not count?
    btw tony romo is a pussy.  But damn if he doesn't always have some absolutely choice tail all the time.
    Carrie Underwood, Jessica Simpson back when she was like miss America or some poo.
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  5. joemac added a post in a topic Panthers Falcons Twitter battle on who can go more America   

    Who all seen the leprechaun say Yeahhh!!!!
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  6. joemac added a post in a topic Luke cracking the top 10 this year?   

    I think Watt and Luke are the two best defensive players in the NFL. I have a feeling Watt goes top 3 in this particular ranking, while Luke goes maybe 8, IMO.
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  7. joemac added a post in a topic Anyone see this on Instagram?   

    If you actually read the article it gives the Panthers all kinds of love. Damn we have got a seriously talented roster, from top to bottom. I can't wait and see what unexpected gems play great like seems to happen every year.
    We are gonna make some fuging noise this year people. 
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