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  1. 3 For 3

    Cool story bro 
  2. Well there is no earthly, logical scenario where I can see the Panthers losing, so something supernatural or magical will have to happen for Denver to win....sounds about right.
  3. Review of the Broncos' Last Two Games

    Our offense is just too dynamic....too multiple.  Is there even a proper description for what our offense has evolved into these days? Can't call it a west coast offense, can't really call it a spread, has some E-P principles....but could we be seeing the birth of a completely new offensive system? The Shula Option? There's definitely no other offense in the NFL that compares to the Panthers offense.
  4. I'll just leave this here

    MJD is the only person to pick Denver and he has them scoring like 42 points. It should also be known that TJ Ward is his cousin, lol.
  5. Madden NFL 16 Simulated Super Bowl....

    I played the SB on Madden earlier today actually. We won 30-10. Actually sounds about was funny, I went up 30-0 at halftime and then ended up winning 30-10. Pretty realistic.
  6. If we were playing Manning from 3 years ago then it may be a little that we are playing Peyton "Fasani-arm" Manning, I'm not nearly as worried...
  7. Like someone else said, it is very easy to tell if a D is in man or zone...just put a WR in motion. If the CB checking big him follows - Man, if he stays put - zone. Not exactly earthshattering info there...
  8. We are going to run them into submission. There is no chance that they are able to contain our run game playing base D, and once they decide to do something about the run, we start hitting them with play action and huge chunk plays in the passing game. 
  9. KB really does just tower over everyone...

    A WR corps of KB, Funchess, Ginn and Philly looks pretty damn good to me.
  10. Watch the game at Roman Harper's Condo

    Wow looks like he's got a great view!  5K for a night seems a little steep to me though...
  11. Todd McShay Mock Draft 2.0

    I like Will Fuller there, also like the Dodd pick. I believe that the most glaring needs for us in the first round are CB, DE and some sort of speedy offensive weapon.
  12. The waaaaaaay too early Super Bowl 51 odds

    I hate the Cowboys as much as the next guy, but they are actually a pretty good team when their whole roster is that may only be the first half of their first game, but they do have talent.
  13. Jeans?!?!?!

    Cam wears 850$ Versace jeans. Peyton tucks his jersey into his Wrangler jeans.
  14. Why Dave Gettleman isn't GM of the Giants there a team that has a brighter future than the Panthers?