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  1. Good question. I mean it’s pretty much guaranteed he signs at this point, but it is curious that he hasn’t signed anything yet.
  2. Like I said, we need Ed Dickson to sign with another team.
  3. Interesting. Looks like we originally were involved with trade talks for him.
  4. He'd be better than Ed Dickson. So I'm all for it because of that.
  5. Btw, since Ebron was released, he would not factor in our comp 3rd round pick. However, we still need Ed Dickson to sign with another team if we want that compensatory pick.
  6. If anything, this is no doubt an upgrade from Worley.
  7. Well at this rate you can count on Torrey Smith being a HoFer when all is said and done lol.
  8. Around half and half from last season. However, like I said, I think Breeland’s man to man is borderline elite. Zone is starter level in comparison Overall, I think he’s currently around a high end CB2 with potential to be better.
  9. Not as good as his man to man or press. But relatively starter level play anyhow.
  10. Welp holy crap. https://twitter.com/MikeGarafolo/status/973606894391758848
  11. compared to what it could've been, it's a steal
  12. Drew Brees officially has the most expensive contract in the NFC South so far. Surprisingly pretty low.
  13. Really good deal for the Bills. Get rid of a cap casualty backup for a pick swap.
  14. pls get this weasel out of NO so we can laugh.
  15. And Honey Badger might be hinting towards being... a Brown? Kennels. Dogs live in Kennels. Dog. Dawg Pound. Honey Badger to Cleveland...confirmed?
  16. ive made enough lol
  17. This is interesting. Steve Wilks wants Andrew Norwell too.
  18. I would pay money to see NO fans reactions when Drew Brees signs with the Vikings or someone else and leaves.
  19. *Sigh* Perfect chance to hop on him. Watkins just is not gonna gel well with the Rams and their future. If he wants the money, he needs to at least try and bet himself on a downfield system with a good QB at the very least.
  20. Can a mod possibly pin this? Would be much appreciated actually. @rayzor
  21. well I mean in the first place Shaquem nearly didn't even get an invite to the Combine and originally was considered a late round pick at best. which is why i compared him to Boulware from that standpoint.
  22. not by an athletic standpoint. i just mean the hype standpoint. shaquem is on a whole different tier than him and I personally believe he should be really successful.
  23. If you watched him at UCF, he was one of their most dominant defenders and clearly made the tackles he’s supposed to make. That being said, he’ll still have his limitations at the next level and could honestly be the next Ben Boulware, but he certainly has potential.