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  1. DISCLAIMER: This Is A Rapoport Take. Meaning, it's on par with his world famous Ron Rivera to LA take and Jarvis Landry to the Saints because LSU. This is not sourced. This is merely speculation. I apologize sincerely for the confusion. ***************************************************************************************** Apparently Hurney's interested in paying 16 million dollars to a slot receiver at best. Hopefully this is merely speculation and nothing more. Despite what you think about Landry and his skillset 16 million dollars is way too much, and I have doubts he'll be negotiating a reasonable deal.
  2. which also gives credence to thosw being RO situations with Cam pulling defenders and tqaking up rime
  3. Anyhow, consider this on par with Rapoport's takes about Jarvis Landry going to the Saints because LSU and Ron Rivera going to LA because... welp.
  4. I apologize to those who have been confused by the headline. I have adjusted it so you won't have to read my post to figure out it's just speculation.
  5. The case for Billy Price....

    I like Billy Price. Really like him. Easy Ryan Kalil replacement. Would not mind picking him up.
  6. Agreed. It's more feasible to pay Gano market value than to pay Norwell left tackle money via the franchise tag. This isn't actually a bad move if it happens.
  7. Sure, if Landry's as good as you say, who wouldn't want him. I can see your point. However, I also am thinking about this on a money and logical basis as well. As enticing as it is to embrace Cam with a top tier WR, you also have to consider how much he costs alongside how much we can afford. The issue is cap space. Sure, if there was an infinite surplus, I'd already be advocating us to grab every top tier FA option and pay them record deals. But sadly, it's not. That's why even if Kelvin Benjamin lived up to the hype and demanded 16 million, I'd rather we let him go. Simply put, we have around 18 million or so to spend this offseason, and adding landry would be eating up 8/9 of that cap space. You have to remember, we still have to consider keeping Gano or finding a new kicker, adding a veteran secondary piece, and trying to retain Norwell and/or Star alongside adding a WR. Sure, Landry's an enticing big name, but at this point with our cap it's better to find value guys who'll still contribute while having a solid reputation.
  8. Fair. Even if Landry is proven, I don't think it's feasible considering his contract for the team no matter how good he is. Even if he potentially is a top 10 receiver in the NFL I wouldn't bite for 16 million dollars considering our more pressing needs. There are plenty of other decent WRs out there that shouldn't cost as much that we can afford that certainly would be better than most on our roster. I'd rather see us explore other options.
  9. I love how the same few users come into every thread to find something to bash about lmao. It's so amusing. Never stop Huddle.
  10. Rather than attempting wordplay, try being like every other normal person that understood this is merely my sarcastic tone as an entrance followed by where I clearly state this is mere speculation. Perhaps that would help rather than wordplay lol.
  11. Hurney's a GM. The implication that the Panthers could be interested also applies to Hurney, who does the hiring.
  12. Lol. No clue. I one time posted that I thought Landry sucked and got assaulted by 5 Landry cult-artists for my slander. For some odd reason saying a Dolphin's WR sucks is heresy on a Panthers forum. So of course me being the antagonist of the Huddle I like to rub in the fact he's bad whenever the topic is brought up.
  13. I can point to where I point out this is likely speculation and nothing more if you need me to. Just wanted to make sure you didn't forget about that part.
  14. @Mr. Scot also has a point, which makes us being possible suitors for Landry even more perplexing. We have to give up a LOT of draft capital just because he's a franchise tagged player. Not only that, but we'd be taking up the franchise tag price as well, which wouldn't be wise for our current cap situation. Even via trade, there's no doubt the Dolphin's will be begging for a lot in return for Landry. Hurney would be an even bigger idiot than I'd have ever thought if this ever comes to fruition.
  15. And please spare me the Landry cult. I don't need to be converted to whatever deity you see in Landry or slandered for not thinking he's the next coming of Jerry Rice or something.
  16. Of course, if this does happen, there's always potential to negotiate for a better contract while he's franchise tagged. The bigger issue is the risk of him not accepting any offers while giving up a lot of trade capital for him. I can't see this being a plausible or good move, but it is Hurney after all.
  17. In all fairness I personally believe Wilks is a good DC with the right personnel. I just don’t think his philosophy fit with our corners and was a bad mix since they are lacking in a way.
  18. well a lot of things aren't accounted for (read option, unblocked defender, purpose of certain plays) but this does give a decent picture on the kind of players we have.
  19. might be surprised to see how good captain actually is when everyone realizes a large part of our secondary problems came from wilks mismanaging their talents. whether washington corrects the issue remains to be seen. i'd give munnerlyn another year.