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  1. Starting to see people wanting Worley’s head. So, I thought I’d revisit the past and see what people said about Josh Norman. I see parallels. “Today when he came in, his presence was immediately felt, in a bad way. He gave up pass after pass. Including getting absolutely ate up on a dig route that left him about 20 yards behind his man. Guess who blew the coverage on that last TD that gave the Bills the win? Well fuging Norman of course. For some inexplicable reason he decided to try and jump the route on the slot receiver who was already covered by Thomas Davis and left his man WIDE fuging OPEN in the corner of the endzone.........” So, how about we let a young corner grow and learn and see what he can do, eh?
  2. Perhaps one of the biggest things Panthers fans gripe about CMC is his lack of production as a big play threat. Sure, he distracts defenses and gives Cam a slot/checkdown option this offense sorely needs, but you'd kinda hope your 8th overall pick would do more than just that. Looking back at a few things, it may simply just be CMC having bad luck. On this one particular play, CMC had an opportunity to make a big play. Had Matt Kalil not been beaten so bad, CMC had a large plot of green grass in front of him to run - maybe even into the endzone. In fact, there arguably have been a lot of times where CMC was at a spot where he could potentially make a big play, but for one reason or another that never came into fruition. Thoughts?
  3. Seems not a lot of people are talking about this, but getting back Ryan Kalil will be huge, according to Matt Harmon. While people do like to point out how his communication will drastically improve everything, I'm surprised more are not talking about how his impact as a run blocker will help out tremendously. Here's a look at his analysis of the Panthers run game: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000860683/article/christian-mccaffrey-panthers-run-game-disappoint Sure, some may try and point to that being a low sample size, but considering it was the first game with two new tackles, it still is pretty shocking to see how drastically performance changed without Kalil. Thoughts?
  4. Recommend reading this. https://theriotreport.com/running-into-it-what-went-wrong-against-the-ealges/ Evidence overwhelmingly shows it's an o-line issue.
  5. Might be alot more "run up the middle" with R. Kalil back.
  6. And for a deeper look at why the run game is failing, Vincent from the Riot Report does a nice breakdown here: https://theriotreport.com/running-into-it-what-went-wrong-against-the-ealges/
  7. No one takes PFF o-line grades seriously. http://detroit.cbslocal.com/2017/09/13/tj-lang-pro-football-focus-is-absolute-garbage/ I can tell you our guys up front are terrible against the run. Here's a look at nextgen stats on the issue: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000860683/article/christian-mccaffrey-panthers-run-game-disappoint
  8. Good idea. Let's go ahead and draft a Stewart clone as he not even breaks 100 yards at this point with that poo blocking in front of him. We never even had a chance to take LF with him gone at 4 anyhow. Besides that, he was never a fit for the Panthers shotgun dominant offense. Jaguars run an offense revolving around fournette, meaning they run under center and a power downhill run game to get him going. If he went to us, he'd have similar or less production than what AP did for the Saints. Simply not a fit, especially with this poo run blocking. Jags make him look good cause 1.) their QB sucks 2.) blake 3.) bortles.
  9. Run Game Woes - Ted Ginn Jr.

    Right now, no one's really looking at Samuel. He's barely been on the field anyways. Think he had maybe 12 snaps max against the Eagles. Panthers need to re-evaluate themselves. Here's a few examples I saved from another guy on twitter of Samuel doing good work. Samuel cuts to the outside with ample room. Refs never called the flag sadly, but if that hold never happened, he would've been home free for the go-ahead touchdown if Cam threw to him. Finally, another good route as he gets open to the outside and begins to beat his corner. If Cam went for the deep ball here, likely a touchdown when Samuel hits full gear.
  10. Run Game Woes - Ted Ginn Jr.

    @CPcavedweller In terms of Samuel not being used much, my take is simply the coaching staff's lack of trust in his ability. Seeing how little snaps he gets, it shows the coaching staff doesn't take him seriously. However, in terms of blocking and efficiency, he's been pretty good from what I've seen. Samuel is a very quick overall receiver. Not as fast as Ginn, but still very much a deep threat who gets separation quick. He's run good routes from what I've seen, but the coaching staff isn't giving him much chances on the field. Would love to see us use him more. In terms of Ginn, we really miss his presence. Some people ignore how decent of a route runner/ball-tracker he is. He's very good at intermediate/deep routes and getting open with his other-worldly speed. His drops are egregious, but in reality he still makes a lot of good plays we could use.
  11. Bah. You didn't actually think we'd do something even stupider than bringing up 2 kickers, right? Think again. Panthers waive Southward and bring up a QB to the active roster. Yes, that means we have four QBs - none with ST experience - with three sitting and rotting on the bench.
  12. Falcons offense isn’t what it used to be. Matt Ryan is playing bad, and Sarkisian is arguably Mike Shula 2.0 - or worse. Vanilla play-calling and poor situational analysis. Bears run their offense through their RB and TE. Panthers are tops in stopping both those categories. Add the fact they have a rookie QB in whose only way of success is a lot of rollouts, and it’s a recipe for our defense to shine. As far as the Bears defense, they’re getting hurt. Even so, we should be able to handle them well enough to win. I’d be very disappointed if this isn’t a win.
  13. The Panthers match up perfectly against the Bears. Our strengths are their weaknesses. If we lose to the Bears, we’re not a playoff team. Simple as that. Also, the Falcons do not have a better offense than us. That one you saw against Miami is the same one you saw against the Bears, Bills, and Lions. A trash, vanilla offense of mush. Big Ben was also very inaccurate. I expect a blowout. A good solid game from us. If we can’t even convincingly win, I’d be very worried.
  14. I know this “worley sucks” train seems fun. Really does. However, it can’t be understated that he has potential. Lots of it. Flashed it his rookie season. Won’t be surprised to see him pan out in the future. Sure, maybe it’s too early right now for him. But don’t throw him away yet.
  15. What I want from the CARvsCHI game

    If we don’t get win against the Bears, we won’t be making the playoffs. They’re a run-TE centric offense. Our D is top 10 in both categories at stopping these type of pieces. Defensively, they’re meh. Injuries hurt them a lot. We should dominate. We match up perfectly to blow them out.
  16. Something to think about. According to SRS, our losses are nothing to worry about: https://www.sports-reference.com/blog/2015/03/srs-calculation-details/ Panthers SRS at +5.0. Saints and Eagles above.
  17. No blown assignments. The play was executed perfectly to where it should've been a sack. Munnerlyn was centimeters away from Wentz as he unleashed it, and he unleashed it fast. The defense didn't do anything wrong. Considering the situation, that was a reasonable design. Could argue the playcall, but that playcall almost got them a sack as well. 99 times out of 100, what the Eagles did would not happen, as the QB would normally be sacked. Stuff like that happens, and it was unfortunate for us. But don't blame the defense when they did nothing wrong.
  18. It's reasonable in the context there was nothing more the defense could've done. Stuff happens. Unit did fine overall. Zone defense was the way to go on that play, and the Eagles played it beautifully.
  19. Aligned in 3-3-5. Ran that formation twice that night. The first time it was used, the play resulted in a sack. The second time, it would've been a sack half a millisecond later.
  20. Lol y'all realize this is word play right
  21. Wentz MVP is too early. Even his performance against us is overrated. At this moment, there isn't a clear MVP. So many guys having off days. If Cam ever reaches consistency down the stretch, he could be argued for it. Dak Prescott is silently doing well for a crumbling offense around him.
  22. If y'all think this makes our GB matchup easier, you haven't watched Hundley play. For a supposed backup, he's pretty dang good. Argue his INTs all you want, but know he's a QB who just got placed in the game with no prior expectation of doing so and commanding the pocket, rolling out, and throwing like an NFL starter.
  23. Plenty of times defenses do everything right against Cam, but he makes them pay with his insane passes and running. That was a rare instance where everyone on defense was in their assignments and doing everything right while the Eagles played even better.