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  1. Joe Haden is in Charlotte

    need to change title to "Joe Haden is in Charlotte [UPDATE:] Signed to 3 year deal"
  2. tonight's nazi rally

    Protesters Got Christopher Cantwell Arrested, Cops Didn’t Even Try
  3. SMFH. Damn you SC

    you can tell because right after he says "i shouldn't say that" not that he didn't mean to. that's what he calls MLK all the time, so much that it's basically a reflex once "martin luther" comes out of his mouth he automatically says coon next, even to the point where he does it publically in front of cameras
  4. USC horse is racist

    hey now some random 19 year old college student said something once, we can't have that, better to just leave up all the public monuments honoring racist traitors that fought to keep slavery alive.
  5. The Wall: Where Have We Heard This Before

    At this point the "mexico is going to pay for it" part is just a distraction from the fact that the wall, regardless of who pays for it, is stupid as fug, useless and a complete waste of money.
  6. Well they had a permit though

  7. Bannon is fired

    trump hires bannon trumpster "excellent hire, great job trump!" trump fires bannon trumpster "about time we got rid of that bum, great job trump!"
  8. Cops search woman's pussy for 11mins, no charges

    no, it's pretty expected in the US
  9. the DNC elites and billionaire donors wanted to hand pick the candidate they wanted instead of the candidate the people supported and just figured everyone would go along with it that's how we're stuck with donnie fugtard as president
  10. point: monuments to publically celebrate and honor racist traitors that took up arms against our country and fought to keep slavery alive are bad counterpoint: nuh-uh!