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  1. R0CKnR0LLA added a post in a topic How will SCOTUS ruling pertain to polygamy?   

    I'm trying to marry my 3 girlfriends, let's get this figured out already kthx
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  2. R0CKnR0LLA added a post in a topic Most and Least injured teams over the past two years   

    Teams can stash project/fringe roster players on IR and the teams that do this more often will greatly skew their injury stats. For example, we had Kugbila on IR for two straight years, though in general, the Panthers don't use this trick that often.
    In the last couple of years we've been lucky with injuries, as is reflected here. For the Panthers entire history I'd say we end up around average, which probabilities tend to do over the long run.
    In the past it only seemed like we were unlucky because we had no depth (due to Hurney not being able to draft outside of the 1st round, and spending all the cap space on 6 players). When one or two injuries can completely derail your season it's easy to end up feeling like you're getting killed because of injuries.
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    Fixed the last part
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