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  1. ROFL you said nothing to counter my argument, not a damn thing. Go watch some football and learn something bro.
  2. Brah, it’s not opinion it’s fact, ask the jaguars and the cowboys, they basically ran to the playoffs based on running to set up the pass the last two years and the saints used it to beat us 3 times this year. Also you can’t just keep on passing the ball if your team is garbage at it, you need to run too, otherwise you’re asking for your teams ass to get stomped. this isn’t some new theory, this isn’t being an old school football fan, this is just fact and actually knowing what you’re talking about.(I’m talking about running the football to pull a defender into the box if you’re missing what I’m saying) how about you stop trying to come up with some fresh new perspective and watch some god damn football, you might actually learn a thing or two!
  3. And @Saca312 It’s not, if you don’t understand why you need to run to establish the pass “on some teams” you don’t know what you’re talking about. And I mean not a fuging clue. you don’t need to run to establish the pass if: 1. You have a great QB 2. You have good WR’s if these two things apply to your team, then yeah you may not need to run the ball at all. But unless you have a Drew Brees, Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers back there you do! running to set up the pass is extremely simple, you are trying to bait the Defense into bringing an extra defender into the box, to free up your WR’s. This accomplishes 2 things. 1 makes things easier on the QB, 2 takes a defender off of whoever your best receiving threat is. this is why you run the ball to open up the passing game. It sets up the passing game because you literally are pulling a defender out of the back field.(if you don’t understand this you’re dumb as bricks) now this doesn’t work really well if you either have 1. Garbage QB who can’t hit the side of a barn or 2. Garbage Recievers who can’t get separation or can catch a ball. If y’all u can’t open up your passing game by running the ball then your team is just terrible to begin with.
  4. There be some idiots on the board at the moment. People are bored and saying dumb poo. Im waiting for the league year to turn in March, that’s when some news would actually happen.
  5. Mr. Scot, it’s time to step away from the computer for a bit. Told you before, until the new owner takes over none of this really matters.
  6. Luke just had surgery

    they dont have to tell anyone after the season ends
  7. A chance that Norwell stays?

    TD and Olsen aren’t making that much, Luke and KK are well deserved. So what are you talking about??
  8. Gano played great this year, Adams played great(he is old as dirt) Jones is a backup and just fine. And Dickson is a backup as well and is just fine. i wouldn’t cut anyone you listed. if we can fine someone better/younger then Adams that would be great. But as of right now he is still our best SS on the roster.
  9. Here is what I’m wondering, let’s say we hire the perfect person, and the new owner fires them just becuase it was the previous owners guy? Do not doubt that the new owner will want a huge say in how the team is run. You don’t spend $2B on a team and just watch. dont worry about the GM search now, yeah it’s the only thing worth talking about at the moment. but it’s really just a bunch of pointless poo till the new owner takes over.
  10. Not saying when this stuff will happen, or how fast it will happen but it will happen and you know it too.
  11. Y'all be trippin then, just because its popular consensus doesnt mean its the right choice, like the witch hunts of the 1600s. how is Jerry running the Panthers a Reign of Terror? its not, did jerry do some dumb poo? yup, but if you call asking to shave legs a reign of terror you need to get out more.
  12. They would be spending more than that, I'm thinking $2B, we own our stadium and thats why. A huge expense that they dont have to pay for and the problems would be washed when they took over and fired JR's people and hired his, its a non factor.
  13. at this point I really dont care who our new GM is, because I believe they could end up being replaced by the new owner immediately after they take over. Hurney has a great history in the first round so I like the Idea of him making draft picks(2015 was built on his draft picks) just hated Marty Hurney the FA spender, thats where he killed us. If he has learned from his FA spending then Im not opposed to him getting the nod for now. I'm far more concerned about who the new owner is and what happens when they take over then anything else.
  14. I was agreeing and supporting your statement.