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  1. Doc Holiday

    How would you play our team?

    Our coaches don’t make any adjustments is a pure myth from haters. We just magically came back from 0-17 to almost winning the game with 0 adjustments yesterday. you could also see us adjust to the giants. You can sometimes scheme things and sometimes just try to avoid putting players out there. At the end of the Giants game you could tell that Rivera didn’t want to put the defense out there at all. Becuase he had no faith that we could stop them. Luckily they scored fast and Gano kicked the crap out of that ball. Also sometimes adjustments don’t work, and that can be because the other team counters or you just don’t have the players. Which is many times the case.
  2. Doc Holiday

    Bucs fire DC Mike Smith

    I think he takes a hand in the defensive game planning when he feels like he should. I remember a few years back it was reported that he pretty much came up with the game plan. offensively speaking I don’t believe he says anything about the play to play calls other than deciding to go for it or not. Never felt like Rivera has ever tried to control the offense for better or worse
  3. Doc Holiday

    Cam Newton = Blake Bortles

    Also equally true, as I told the other guy earlier today if you think you might be investing too much time and effort into being a fan, you’re investing too much time and effort into being a fan. Its just a game, nothing more or less. part of the reason I love it when other posters get super sweaty like it’s life or death if we win or lose. Those people need to get out more.
  4. Doc Holiday

    Bucs fire DC Mike Smith

    Rivera stays out of the offensive play calling, he just decided if we go for it or not on certain plays.
  5. SO coach gets roasted for not going to for it on the first possession when the team was on 4th down on the wrong side of the 50. its like y’all have never watched football before. if you’re going to roast a head coach at least do it for an actually bad coaching decision not for something that pretty much every coach in the NFL would have done. SMH.
  6. I will agree. Cam’s skills imo as a QB are: passing game 6/10 running game 10/10 ability to just make something happen 8/10. without Cams legs he is just ok at QB and his passing game leaves much to be desired. If he can’t develop a better passing game he will not have a career much after he’s no longer able to run. But at the same time you can tell a huge difference in the team when Olsen is out there and when he isn’t. Like it or not but our WR’s are just ok. And nobody is a game changer right now. Cam hasn’t had a good WR to throw at since Steve Smith left the team. so take it all for what it’s worth. Honestly I think the number 1 thing we need to do is finally get Cam a decent WR. That will cure a lot of problems.
  7. If you feel like you’re putting too much time into this, you probably are. Its just a game guys, I love it and watch it when I can. But after we went down 14-0 yesterday I did other things till the game got close. Its just a game and a source of entertainment nothing more or less. I love the sport and my team tho!
  8. Doc Holiday

    Don't panic. This happens every year.

    None. DJ Moore’s fault.
  9. Doc Holiday

    Cam Newton = Blake Bortles

    Just because you or anyone has an opinion doesn’t mean it’s a valid opinion. the ability to articulate and back up your argument with third party facts and information is what makes an opinion valid. So just because you are think something doesn’t make it right. (A lot of the people on the huddle need to figured that out)
  10. Doc Holiday

    There’s only so much one man can do

    Cam is partly at fault, like it or not but 2 of his 3 passes were just bad, last one was holding that wasn’t called but he played a role in this too.
  11. On he replay you can see the ref looking at it happening. He just doesn’t call it. #homecooking.
  12. Not calling time outs was on purpose, didn’t want them to get a chance to come back. That wasn’t the issue though, 2 shitty throws by Cam, and 1 blown call by the ref were what he issue is. blown call cost us the game but then again we aren’t in this trouble if we don’t spot them 14 points to start the game.
  13. It was obvious holding and the red didn’t call a damn thing, don’t like the rule if you want but I expect refs to call it when it happens right in front of them.
  14. The ref was right there watching it too, Cam was off bad in that last series but that was an obvious blown call.
  15. Doc Holiday

    Byrd out again

    He got game but some players just can’t take NFL hits. RG3 anyone?