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  1. Hey im not a college football fan, only watched 2 games in the last 3 years. But that’s the case for the SEC, the perception anyways.
  2. Ole Miss maybe a middle of the road at SEC program but they are still a SEC school and will be able to pick who they want. Sure maybe waving his hand saying “hey I want that job!” But something tells me a middle of the road at best NFL offense coordinator may not be even on the radar
  3. Sorry guys we’re not gonna get that lucky
  4. Revenge for what? He won a starting job and we gave him a chance and then he blew it. Real shame too becuase if we had won the Super Bowl he would have been the MVP. One of the best games I’ve seen from a DE since peppers in his prime.
  5. its the bye week, we had sole coverage for 2 days last week because we played on monday night and wrecked it. I heard Dan Patrick mention that "dont forget that they beat the patriots in Foxboro" when someone on his show talked about the Panthers not having a Signature win when talking about the Playoff race in the NFC. dude shut up after that.
  6. Hurney scouting?

    We gave up one first round draft pick for Jeff Otah not 2 and honestly from a purely draft pick perspective it was a hell of a deal! it was a 1(which turned out to be 28th pick in the draft in 2009 with our 12-4 record), 2nd(2008) and 4th(2008) for Philly’s 19th(2008) that we traded and the dude was awesome his first year(not a scouting problem) dude just couldn’t say no to food. He literally ate himself out of the NFL. otah only counts for 1 bust because we basically drafted him with the 2009 first round pick that we had. Jon Beason made the pro bowl 3 times and was AP all pro 2 Times. And you call that a bust? Rofl!!!
  7. Hurney scouting?

    hell if I know, but I dont walk around worrying if the sky is falling all the time, it is what it is brah
  8. Hurney scouting?

    Marty Hurney gets a lot of flack for a lot of things well deserved, but his first Round draft picks(the most important) were money, even after he left first time around I joked about how I wished we could keep him here just to make our first pick.
  9. Yeah, 6 and 7 should not be ranked that high on the list, and maybe the Vikings OC is being a bit generous too.
  10. Imagine

    poo post time guys
  11. Not sure how hey could charge Khalil on any level legally unless he had it in writing to sell that person a beer. Which doesn’t seem to be the case. its just an ABC officer sting where they have young people go to random bars and restaurants and see if they can get alcohol.
  12. Some people have to work the next day, and the game was over. Yesterday I couldn’t watch the game till 5 min left in he 4th Q
  13. He’s looking better but still not willing to eat crow or anywhere near it, will have to see a LOT more decent games and better games from CMC. CMC only had a decent game last night, hardly a eat crow event.
  14. I still own this magazine from when it came in the mail.