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  1. Doc Holiday

    Ron Rivera Already On That BS

    It’s an open competition for Christ’s sake
  2. Doc Holiday

    Ron Rivera Already On That BS

    This post needs more poo emojis because it’s fake outrage. story was already reported couple months ago and being outraged that LG is an open competition leading into training camp is just plain dumb as fug
  3. Doc Holiday

    Ron Rivera Already On That BS

    I’m sorry but this is nothing new, he has already said this exact thing previously, if you’re upset about the coach announcing an open competition for LG. You need to go see a psychiatrist.
  4. Doc Holiday

    Jimmy Clausen is still trash

    This is the truest post in the history of the huddle, would pie you 1000x if I could for this post alone!
  5. Doc Holiday

    Oliver luck CEO of XFL

    No one actually cares about the XFL right now, if you asked anyone average person on the street they wouldn’t known what you’re talking about l.
  6. That’s actually pretty good, if you look at the total list, 3 of the team ahead of us would be below us if you only started counting after the Panthers became a franchise.
  7. Still have to pay property taxes. the only people who truly live off the grid are the homeless
  8. Then you’re taking tax payer subsidies and still property of!
  9. Taxes say otherwise, am I right?
  10. Bro, there are a lot of things on that DEA schedule list and for good reason. Im 1000% behind legal weed, have said it on here many times before.
  11. But it affects ratings and that affects their bottom line and in turn job performance. even then that’s a state law and not federal. And only gives limited protections of the player if any at all. But that’s something for a lawyer to argue. note in law federal always trumps state, state can add to federal law but cannot take anything away from them. also why all legal marijuana laws are actually unconstitutional.
  12. Let’s not point out things that ruin people’s arguments. Thanks!
  13. Believe it or not, but I’m actually bored. Only reason I come in the tinderbox. if you look at all my past ventures in here you will see the same thing said. still didn’t say anything that disproved any point I made buddy. Some complex issues have simple answers and answers nobody likes.
  14. Don’t tell me how to have my fun! oh and I was saying that the FBI isn’t as fuged up as they were under J. Edgar Hoover. Which supprisingly enough even with the recent news they still aren’t. someone was saying they haven’t changed since the 60’s. And I said they have, It was all in all a really dumb argument on all accounts and I was bored haha im sorry some people can’t handle political debates on the internets.