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  1. Get your bottled water

    Please don't ban him yet, I want to see where this goes!! Thanks!!
  2. Ryan Kalil out Sunday

    Rams have torched another team already in the colts. The rams may have a good offense actually.
  3. Ryan Kalil out Sunday

    I'd be more concerned if this wasn't the saints. It's not good news but at least if he is going to miss a game it's the game where we play the worse defense in the NFL
  4. Engagement ring advice? (looking for custom ring)

    Anyone know a good local jeweler that does custom stuff then? Willing to travel in North Carolina, I go through Raleigh and Charlotte routinely??
  5. I won't root against panthers players but I can say I told y'all so on this one if he doesn't work out. Don't get me wrong, if he doesn't work out I won't be happy about it, and I truely hope he does turn into what everyone thinks he will. just sucks being right sometimes...
  6. Offenses Last Night

    Yup, those were my thoughts too! IRTT: about the panthers offense many on here stated that it may take Cam a while to knock off the rust, I said it would probably take 3-4 weeks before the season even started and I have no reason to believe this has changed. I also predicted that there may be serious offensive struggles against the bills last week.(thread about my concerns) so as far as Cam and the play calling goes I'm actually not that concerned. Remember it's easy to call a play dumb when it doesn't work. Lol I am far more concerned at the moment about the Khalil brothers. Their play will be a bigger deciding factor over the course of the season than Cam. To the point where I'd be almost willing to see if we could get Joe Thomas from the Browns(they did shop him for a bit during he offseason). Matt Khalil has not impressed to date and may even be a down grade at this point.
  7. Anyone here ever had to do this before? any suggestions? I like this ring, but dont like that its coming from an online retailer, I would much rather buy something from someone face to face even if it costs a bit more because if I'm going to sink some money on a ring I'd like to know who is getting my money. GF's favorite color is purple and loves nature, so idea was a purple stone is a with a "flower" look. https://www.brilliantearth.com/rings/cyorings/purchase_review/?sid=1153313&did=1994442
  8. No excuses.

    i like tacos
  9. This was great 10/10 would watch again
  10. under, until Cam is done knocking off the rust and the O-line gets its act together I dont see us having a 30 point game, with this defense tho we arent going to need to score 30 points often. maybe not until next week anyway
  11. I got beat up by bouncers

    you can pick out the huddlers from gastonation for sure.
  12. This is the most dominant that I've seen our defense be from the word go, I've seen good performances/units come together as the season went on and there unit gelled but I've never seen us just straight up wreck teams from the start.
  13. Shula has to get fired

    I hate Shula, always have, but firing him now does nothing. This has to be an offseason move
  14. What is the word on Olsen???!!??
  15. So fug hispanics right? Enough said