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  1. Huddle Workout Warriors Part deux

    So my work schedule has pretty much caused me to scrap my ironman 70.3 plans for the summer, may try to get back on training and run the on in augusta in September. but will see. On the flip side for progress being made weight wise again finally, started a strict no carb diet and a new workout plan, already 10 lbs down in basically 15 days, 207-197. so we shall see how this goes!. goal is to lose about 22 more pounds and down to 175 by august. I'm not expecting this initial rate of loss to continue, after I finally plateau I'll be doing good if it's 1-2 lbs a week. but good progress for summer not being here yet!
  2. So, I'm seeing a lot of people on here acting with the Butler pick is a slam dunk draft pick just because Dave Gentleman drafted him, honestly I think it was the single most questionable pick of our entire draft. Here is the big secret about the draft, it's completely luck at times, especially when you draft as late as we did this year (30-31). Not every draft is a 2001, or a 2014 draft class, that's why those years are special, because they are rare. Usually in any given draft there is about 15-20 day 1 starting level talents in a draft class, the rest require some level of development. Meaning, anything from 20 on is a maybe and to just goes down from there the further the draft goes on. This is also why the Panthers drafted 3 CB's in this draft. and why drafting all those CB's is the best part of our draft this year hands down. Gettleman knows all 3 will not workout long term, he drafted 3 CB's because odds are maybe one of them will workout. and if by some miracle 2 work out? Jackpot! Gettleman knows how to hedge bets on players development, and that's why he's been cleaning house with everyone else since coming to town.
  3. I will say I have no idea why anyone would hate norman, he gave us 2 great years on a peanut salary, and then left and got paid. cant blame him, and thanks for the memories josh. I only blame DG for not forcing him to play with the tag which he would have done. he wouldnt have been happy but because of his age he was in a no win situation if we forced his hand. would have sucked for norman but I have a hard time feeling bad for someone who was going to make more in a single year then I will in my lifetime. just saying.
  4. The Bears Have Released SS Antrel Rolle

    never mind 33yo pass
  5. About those corners...

    I liked the CB's a lot, it's actually butler that I'm scratching my head on.
  6. Someone sell me on why Butler was a good pick?

    If's and buts for later down the road don't really matter. I'm talking right now. And he would be very hard pressed to be as good as short was last year. I don't think he's that level of talent because you don't see short level play everyday that's what makes him special.
  7. Someone sell me on why Butler was a good pick?

    My reaction in that draft was "did we really need another LB'er no, but anytime you draft the best player at a position in a draft you want hear me complain." i still liked the Luke pick then even with knowing we didn't need a MLB at the time. I think beacon had already had some injury issues at that point as well.
  8. Someone sell me on why Butler was a good pick?

    If he can truely play all 4 DL positions then he's a great pickup, but saying it and seeing it are two different things
  9. Someone sell me on why Butler was a good pick?

    I think the getting pretty much no pressure from anyone not named Short on the D-line had more to do with that. Ealy was good when he got time, but that wasnt often. I think we could of helped the pressure issue more with a DE. Like I said already, we already had one of if not the best interior DL's in the NFL, our DE situation tho, not even top 10.
  10. We essentially just spent a first round pick on a player that best case scenario is a rotational player this year, and maybe a starter next year if KK or Stars contract negotiations breakdown really bad. But we definitely were not in dire need of another DT. We have a open need at DE right now, and we had Dodd and Ogbah still available at the time, both of which went within the next 3 picks after us. I'm not saying that Butler is going to be a bust, what I am saying is that based on need I saw better options available at 30. and I dont understand why we needed another DT right now since our interior DL may already be one if not the best in the NFL.
  11. Dudes got some very interesting information that is for sure, hope it's as good as he's claiming. does seem like the seahawks have been relying heavily on this model according to him, and we seem to be trying to do the same according to him.
  12. Sorry. Gettlemens Draft This Year Blows

    I think the DT butler pick is bad because we dont need a DT half as bad as a DE. nothing against the player we just had bigger areas of need.
  13. In case you lost count....

    wouldnt mind seeing McClain come back
  14. Perception and the Draft

    I'm of the opinion that outside of rare circumstances big payday FA's are a waste of money, much better value and reliability from mid tier FA's.
  15. Perception and the Draft

    I think you could sum up the Panthers Personnel Policy very simply Go Big or Go Home. Godfather likes his players, a stout DT, and two 6'1 CB's in the first 3 rounds of the draft. I would have much Rather seen us draft Either Dodd or Ogbah then Butler, not saying that we Butler is a bad pick more of saying I thought there were better options available.