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  1. Doc Holiday added a post in a topic Tell me about your idiosyncrasies.   

    I do this a lot
    for me
    Instead of paying off my Credit cards incrementally, I make the minimum payment till I have the entire amount saved up, and pay them off all at once. something about keeping the most hard assets on hand as possible at one time.
    If a restaurant is empty I do not eat at it.
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  2. Doc Holiday added a post in a topic Interesting work stories   

    It may surprise you but my chief complaint about my job is the people I work with, and I'm not talking about inmates. inmates are going to be stupid, that I expect because they are in there for a reason. My coworkers on the other hand is a different story. Most of them are there because it's a decent paying job and they are pretty much incapable of doing anything else. I'm there because it's kind of a foot in the door job to law enforcement. I'm only planning to do this till next April and then move on from there.
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  3. Doc Holiday added a post in a topic Interesting work stories   

    I have a friend that's a emt, and she has told me stories about how she had to keep doing cpr for on a obviously dead guy because they can't stop till a doctor says they're dead. I understand that some what but if the dude hasn't breathed for 10 min he ded.
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  4. Doc Holiday added a post in a topic Interesting work stories   

    You hugged Katy Perry, you got hero status from me bro
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  5. Doc Holiday added a topic in The Lounge   

    Interesting work stories
    Got them? Post them!
    I currently work in detention and a guy that was in my custody for about 4 months this past year just murder suicided himself last night, kinda wild feeling, you hear about this stuff but you never think you'll be in a situation of "oh I know that guy". So it got me thing about how weird my work situation is, and how it differs from anything you might consider normal.
    I've seen someone going through detox so bad that they covers themselves with poo because they were hallucinating. 2 people are still walking today because I physically stopped them from commuting suicide. And I have thrown a person across a room in the middle of a fight.
    I've had poo water thrown on me.
    Right now I have a guy that's been in my custody for about a year on psycho murder poo, and he's the most well behaved and normal acting of everyone I have in custody. So yeah I know a psycho murderer too!
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  6. Doc Holiday added a post in a topic 9th Shark attack in NC in 3 weeks.   

    Time to thin the herd again eh?
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  7. Doc Holiday added a post in a topic Update: Giants withdraw 60 mil offer to JPP posted 10 minutes ago from ESPN
    no Fingers lost, sever burns on the fingers and palm of one hand and finger tips of another, only 1 finger with possible nerve damage but should make a full recovery. 
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  8. Doc Holiday added an answer to a question Crocs shoes are...   

    I've always been a comfort over fashion person, love my crocs most comfortable pair of shoes I own
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  9. Doc Holiday added a topic in Nerdvana   

    Just got a Chromecast
    Any suggestions for apps to use with it? right now i've been enjoying it as a youtube music video feed for my TV but that's about it so far.
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  10. Doc Holiday added a post in a topic Final Fantasy 7 remake   

    I just recently got back from Europe so I completely missed E3 and this annoucement, I have wanted this for YEARS!!!!! I actually felt my eye's swell with man tears when I read and then watched the announcement a few minutes ago.
    I will buy a PS4 just to have this game day 1, my PS4 will be known as the FF7 Machine!!!
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  11. Doc Holiday added a post in a topic Pretend this bar opens up in your city. Would you go to it?   

    My rules are simple, where there is good beer I too will follow
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