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  1. Recommend a beer

    Porters and Stouts fan here, Thrilla Vinilla porter by Double Barley is worth looking into if you can find it. very good porter
  2. It's from their Fantasy Football section and 5 hours old, if it were true it would be on ESPN by now, because Davis, largely considered one of the best LB's in Football hitting the market would be huge news. 
  3. Dude predicted Carolina vs Denver on Dec 7

    in 2010 I picked the Steelers and Packers, with the Packers winning in a Pick'em league before the season started. I was also a 10 on the NFL nerd scale back then
  4. Carolina Panthers Top 3 Offseason Priorities

    Also Short is apparently playing for peanuts next year, any idea on the likelihood that he signs long term?? Over the cap has him listed as $1.4M for 2016-17 season, and Star is listed right at $3M, I think Star is more likely of the two to continue to play out their rookie deals but you think we could do something better for Short  
  5. We need a DE... so whom?

    early estimates, assuming Johnson is cut or restructured we can be between $38-$45M under the cap, this is assuming CJ gets cu/restructures
  6. 2003 or 2015.... which one hurt more?

    I think this is why I got over it so fast. I looked at our roster, and FA's and Cap space, and thought: "dude we be ok, still probably the best team next year, and a year wiser"
  7. 2003 or 2015.... which one hurt more?

    This one hurt more, but at the same time I also got over it a lot faster, part of me says yeah we're going to win one for sure in the next 3 years under Cam, but I also just waited 12 years between Super Bowl appearances, hopefully since we Finally have the Best QB in football and in the Prime of his career we wont have to wait so long to get our next shot.
  8. Tin foil hat time (Im starting to Believe it though)

    Hmm. it's an interesting idea, except for the fact that it makes the assumption that all revenue is shared equally and it's not, local TV deal and I believe merch/ticket sales/concessions and a few other things are solely up to the Teams, the National TV contracts are the only ones where shared revenue comes into play for my knowledge.  If teams shared the Same regardless then why did the Rams go back to LA? the cost-benifit ratio would make no sense to move at all at that point if they were going to make the same regardless.   Like how the they are talking about the Patriots and 2001 but fail to mention that Tom Brady(arguably the greatest NFL QB of all time) probably had a bit more to do with that the the NFL trying to fix games.  Just saying.
  9. We need a DE... so whom?

    Johnson is 16m and we save 9m by cutting him
  10. We need a DE... so whom?

    Word is he's about to get cut by the Bills, he would be the most ideal pickup after cut/restructure Charles Johnson.   A motivated Williams on a good Panthers team should do the Trick to make our D-line elite next season, keep Norman and Short and move Bene and Boston to starting Positions and we have a rock solid Defense. That would only leave OT and an attempt to upgrade our WR's wouldn't be bad either.
  11. Talking about it now on PTI. Link added
  12. Is WFNZ in trouble?

    They can't  use the same advertisers that they use for the radio as a  advertisers online because of broadcasting rules( considered two different types of media) so it's actually a separate  altogether, so if no one wants to buy the online advertisement that's why they're only running promos 
  13. Is WFNZ in trouble?

    If they are running nothing but promo's that's really bad, stations that are  having trouble getting advertisers usually air government safety PSA's because they can use them as tax write off's.   But if they're not even airing those, they're in deep trouble 
  14. What about Charles?

    He's not worth close to what we are paying him and we can save $9m by either cutting or restructuring his contract  
  15. Draft and free agency

    not really, they got decent contracts but nothing outside the box.  Same thing will happen, I think we will sign short for $8m ay and will try to sign Norman for $9m ay or tag him. honestly with Norman's play this year I wouldn't be surprised if we offered him a heavily front loaded contract, like $14m this year then drop it to 7 next for example, a little back pay and we have the space this year to front load a contract like that. we take a big cap hit in a year we can, and everyone walks away happy.