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  1. He does but it was still a horrible pick esp with Rosen on the board. That said I liked Hack coming out of college if he went to a program that would work on his mechanics. I was horribly wrong.
  2. Rags

    Troy Aikman at OTAs

    Emmitt Smith was his halfback Yeah he didn't have great numbers but he had one of the best halfbacks ever. He didn't know
  3. Rags

    Curtis Samuel ....

    One of these players missed otas and training camps in his rookie season. The other had been through two previous NFL seasons.
  4. Rags

    Burberry Bradberry

    Look I like Bradberry and I think last year was a sophomore slump but My Dude
  5. But also: Josh, Cap, and Hardy Sometimes he misses but other times he's spot on. Just when he missed before in the past that usually cost us future picks. Aimini doesn't sting as much as Armanti
  6. Because all pre draft and post draft they've beat the drum on Ridley's route running, which to be fair is wonderful. This video though isn't anything impressive but it'll create discussion (like now.)
  7. It's upsetting because Russ did have the ability to help us He was just inconsistent and had worse hands than Ginn.
  8. Hey cool we're over reacting in fugin' may nice. So hey remember in 2013 when Rivera benched Josh Norman for shitting the bed and replaced him with UDFA Melvin fugin' White. And then next year replaced Antione Cason with Josh Norman (reluctantly) who, was notorious for killing it in practice and preseason but being poo in the regular season. And then everyone acted like Josh Norman was always that good and like half the board wasn't calling for him to be cut a few months previous. We all know Amini sucks but chances are right now if there's a reason he's saying, in May, that Amini is the favorite it's probably a good fugin reason. But no blah blah Rivera always sticks to vets or something.
  9. Rags

    Andre Smith next TD 2.0?

    Or he's a 7th round pick who will either be a special teamer or off the roster.
  10. Rags

    DJ working out. Lookin good

  11. Shaq and Luke can blitz too. Jackson and Gaulden also can get into the back field. Haynes works on improving his coverage skills to just competent, it's gonna make it harder for team to identify blitzes. I'm stoked.