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  1. Okay benching Taylor was dumb But is everyone gonna pretend like the Bills weren't a dumpster fire that wasn't even thought of to be in playoff contention before the season and the fact that McD has them this stable is impressive. Idk why everyone's acting like he's a bad coach. Bills overachived in a season everyone thought they'd be tanking in. The Taylor thing was poorly handled to the extreme but he's still a lot better than a lot of first year coaches.
  2. Terrible call, and honestly not the only call the refs missed that game. However, today showed the Saints aren't as flawless as many posted. Defense is still vunerable (Von Bell looked especially bad) and the run game, save those last few drives, isn't the juggernaut it was made out to be. I'm still worried about Drew Brees vs our zone but a lot less worried overall about going to the dome.
  3. RIP Kelvin Benjamin('s knee)

    People trash Tyrod but outside of McCoy and sometimes Charles Clay they had almost nothing but JAGs on their offense before Kelvin. He's gonna be starting somewhere next year (wouldn't surprise me if the Jags brought him in him and Fournette in the read option would be terrifying) but if his market doesn't pan out in his favor I'd love to bring him in as a backup.
  4. Hurney scouting?

    His late round gems I'm not too worried about, Norman, Munnerlyn and Hardy were all 5-7th round picks. 2nd and 3rd is where he killed us.
  5. RIP Kelvin Benjamin('s knee)

    Damn. Right to the knee. Hope he recovers soon.
  6. Seyi Ajirotutu, Armanti Edwards, Kealoha Pilares, Kenneth Moore. So many panther legends at WR to choose from.
  7. Because Brown, as good as he is, is just a component of Pitts offense. The Falcons don't function without Julio. Say what you will about that drop but Julio played that game, and this entire season hobbled as hell. He's an complete athletic freak, his adjusts better than anyone in the leauge, hes the reason Ryan was MVP last year. Brown is amazing but Julio is a whole nother level.
  8. I actually liked Petermen coming out of college and think as a passer he's much better and more consistent than Tyrod. On the real Tyrod would be a nice back up option next year
  9. It's really hard for me to say myself. There's a lot of good, young WRs in the leauge right now. Though my top three are Jones, Brown and Hopkins in that order. After that there's a valid argument for anyone after them.
  10. On the topic of Funchess, I'm trying to contain myself, I've seen many WRs show up and then dissapppear (who remembers when I was the biggest David Gettis fan) but something about his play this season in general has made me really hopefully for him. Everything looks really natural for him and I really think he can make some noise in the leauge.
  11. I think that was moreso directed at Thomas earlier in the thread who was acting like he was a bust or some poo. MT is stupid good. Saints are running a lot more and passing a lot less, hell Cam has more passing TDs than Brees this year. It's understandable why he's down on TDs this year.
  12. No one uh...no one complain about the content. They just joked about the quality of his mic. Breathe man
  13. Oh me too. Woods was one of the USC WRs I liked coming out (the other was Agholor, didn't like Lee and I didn't see much of Smith-Schuster.) However it's fair to judge prospects based on coaching and program tradition as far as NFL potential goes. It's why Clemson WRs are so trusted and Sabans defensive prospects are so highly drafted. Diggs never ceases to frustrate me because he was a former high first round draft pick with a good size-speed combonation and wasn't afraid to go over the middle, knocked down for "injury concerns" after he played most of if not all his games his final season. I'll never understand how we passed on him with our need at WR especially that season. It's very frustrating that we haven't found a consistent deep threat WR and I really, really hope it's addressed soon. Unfortunately this draft is kind of weak on speed, though I do like James Washington a fair bit.
  14. 10 rec, 178 yards and 2 TDs. K pal
  15. Robert Woods contract is 5 years 39 mil and not a single person on this board would say that was a smart descsion by the Rams before. He was average at best on Buffalo and honestly he really doesn't desrve that contract now. Also if u think our owner would let us bring in DJax then lol. The only WRs I'm upset we passed on in any past draft are Stephon Diggs (I was heavily on his train and wanted us to nab him in the third) and Russel Sheppard. I don't blame any GM for passing on USC WRs, especially us. Anyway, I'm upset for Samuel, he was just hitting his stride, but a core of Greg, Funch, CMC, Shep and Dickson is fine. Klien and Byrd will do fine in the slot and at least bring the speed Samuel had.