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  1. If anything, the added depth at WR gives him less trade value l. He's really gonna have to show off for a roster spot. If any team wants him that badly, they can just wait for him to be cut.
  2. Rags

    It's a boy!!!!!!!!

    Cam tryna catch up with Rivers
  3. You mean like we did in 2915 and even in 2016? A fact that was pointed in the video?
  4. Your kids probably say worse on a regular basis. I doubt your kids give a poo if Cam curses. They really should set the bar lower if that's what it takes or their hero to fall.
  5. Ah my mistake. I missed the entire bottom part of the top part of the tweet. Whoops.
  6. Okay both are gross as hell but one is a dumbass kid (and I do think his punishment should be harsher, but I'm glad to hear he's on his last chance) and the other was a grown ass man creating and sweeping under the rug a disgusting work enviorment. I have no idea why the comparison is being entertained here.
  7. Rags

    Is Shaq Thompson a bust?

    Not every first round pick is gonna be a super star elite level player, that doesn't make him a bust either. Chris Gamble, Jordan Gross, Stew all fit that mold for of guys that were firsts, but really good starters for us. Shaq seems to be in line with that too. On top of all that, base 4-3 LBs is less and less common. It's more like 5-2-5 at this point. Shaq is behind Luke and TD. He should get more playing time this year with TD (hopefully) take a decreased role.
  8. I'll buy into the Bucs when they actually preform. Several times now we've heard the THIS IS THE BUCS YEAR poo
  9. One that was 5 months ago now. Be less bitter. Two losing that game got Shula out.
  10. That's the new Market. Even if Funch is a tier 2 WR, even if he only slightly improves on this season, he'll still probably get a Devante Adams type contract by someone. Teams are moving towards having a core of solid WRs rather than one great and a coupla solid ones, and the market is surging because of it. Can't say I'm crazy about it but I get it.
  11. I think a lot of people are looking at our secondary and upset because they don't see any stars. And that's cool, I get it, but the NFL is trending away from having that one lock down guy and everything is about matchups. Don't isn't With Worley and Kurt gone, both guys who were...limited in coverage this past season and hopefully a lot less blitzes our secondary will be a lot stronger. We can mix up our coverages a lot more with our current group. Ateast on paper, but I don't doubt the talents of Bradberry, Crockrell, Jackson and to an extent, Seymour.
  12. Searcy is a vet A solid saftey. He's easily just as good if not better than Kurt has been. If he can consistently tackle and not have coverage lapses often he'll be good for us. There's a reason the saftey market is at a stand still.
  13. Rags

    we deserve a break with Daeshon.

    The difference between Hall and players like Ealy and Alexander is circumstances. Ealy had all the tools but never panned out. Didn't help that he was young and had to start while devolping. Alexander definitely flashed but couldn't stay on the feel. I am a big proponent of legalizing pot but I can't condone smoking it if your job regularly checks for it. Hall can come along like Addison and Horton has. He doesn't need to start. He can learn behind Pep and Addison, the later of which has recently complimented him highly, and I believe he can come along nicely.
  14. I have no idea why there's 4 quote boxes mobile is cool But I'm rooting for the guy and all but bullying Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch isn't much
  15. Out of all three DBs, he'd be the one I'd like the most. Could have a redshirt alongside Gaulden while being a special teamer.