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  1. Saw this and had a chuckle at it. r/NFL's userbase has slowly come to appreciate Newton like we have, so it's not like they're bashing him. It's a joke. For laughs.
  2. FA: Doug Martin?

    Really weird this guys only two good years are his rookie year and his contract year.
  3. I'd take Karlos Dansby over Urlacher. Also what Del Rio said isn't really news, when I read the topic title I knew it was Urlacher without knowing about the tweet.
  4. Bless u Scott So many times people take BPA literally. On the flip side, when you draft for need you get Corvey Irvin and Sione Fua
  5. Top rated 4-3 LBs last season

    To be fair, we've experimented on Shaq in the buffalo nickel role before and it worked. Of course that WR was old Fitz while we were harassing an injured Palmer so maybe we shouldn't have put a bunch in stock into that. We're definitely gonna have to address buffalo nickel (Ronnie Harrison would be a good choice.) if we're set on running it because haha holy poo Shaq can not cover speedier slot guys
  6. Chark is right now expected to be a 3rd-4th round pick. And while Scott is quick, he's not quote as polished or agile as Chark.
  7. Scott is good, but he's way more raw and right now basically everything he can do, Funchess can. He plays to his size more but, Funchess is more complete than him. If I had to guess I'd say high 4.4s low 4.5 when timed. Game speed though I'd say he's probably about as quick and agile as Kamara off the top of my head. Oh definitely, there's not a single rookie in this draft that can solve our offense alone.
  8. Okay but I want Nick Foles to be the only.other QB to "beat" Tom Brady
  9. Ah yes, late January. That time of the season where you start caring less and less about the games and Tom Brady's 6th ring and more about the draft. It's not secret we need offensive help, HB, TE, OT are pretty much all positions that can use bolstering in some form or another. But definitely what tops the list is WR, Lord knows we need some help and talent out there. Problem is, the draft is really thin at WR, there's some promising talent in the first round with Albama's Calvin Ridely, SMU's Courtland Sutton and Notre Dame's Equamineous St.Brown, but there's still the other offensive positions we need help at, and not to mention we also need some more playmakers on defense, namely in the secondary. Even with our struggles at WR, it can be hard to justify spending a First rounder on WR, especially in a draft with strong talent at DE, CB and S that could be had in the late 1st round, and are all positions we need improvement or youth at. It might be better to look for a gem in the middle rounds. And I truly believe LSU WR D.J. Chark is a gem, and could be a steal in this draft. There's a lot to like about Chark. And let's start off with his measurements (according to LSU, we'll have an accurate measurement tomorrow.) which are 6'4, 198. Could stand to bulk up a bit but oh man that's a good combo. And he plays up to that size too. But we'll get to that. I already know many of you read his size and think "didn't we trade Kelvin because we had too many big WRs and needed speed?" Well what if I told you Chark could offer us that as well? If you're into college football, this is probably the first you've heard of Chark. It was for me, and he definitely passes the eye test here. Not overly fast but some speed along with being a long strider, very good special teamer, runs solid routes and, what I loved the most is his adjustments to the ball. Yes he fumbled after the catch, but that happens to every player, and as we'll see, that's not a problem for Chark at all. In any case, it was just one game, not enough to go on, but I made it a not to watch more from him (read as: YouTube highlight videos) before I judged him. And as the CFB season ended, videos popped up and I can honestly say-- Holy poo I love this kid. I honestly think this is the kind of WR that would excell in Norv Turner's system. The kind of target Cam would love. The playermaker this offense needs. And let me show you why, using YouTube Highlight videos (I'm on mobile and can't really highlight the parts I would love to for this post, but please watch these videos) 1. He's Very Reliable. One thing Cam, or this offense, has never really had is a reliable WR. Sure we have Greg, but everyone else has been or was, suspect at best, outside of maybe Jericho Cotchery? Even then that was...Jericho Cotchery. Chark has shown through his carrer that he is a very reliable target. As i mentioned earlier, his adjustments are STRONG. He tracks the ball very well in the air and he has the body control and awareness to make a play on the ball, even in good coverage. This is something almost none of our WRs can say as more often than not, good coverage often combine with their iffy hands end up as an incompletion. Speaking of hands, Chark's are solid. He does have a tendency to alligator arm some passes, but more often than not even when he does he makes sure to get his on the ball and hold onto it quickly. But when he does extend his arms, he snatches the ball out of the air and brings into his body so fluidly and quickly it's textbook. Even in coverage he shows great adjustment and attacks the ball to make sure he gets it. I love how he plays. 2. Technically Sound (and probably also a hard worker) Now I'll be the first to say, from what I've seen of Chark he's not a finished product, however for a 21 year old this kid is super refined, and it's probably not very surprising, here's an interview from Leonard Fournette about Chark I watched this video, then I rewatched Chark's highlights and you can see a little of what Fournette mentions. Not just his ability to adjust, or his playmaking, which I'll get into on my last point, but it's the little things he does. He's a solid run blocker which with room to improve, his route running is more refined than a lot of college WRs, but the biggest thing is he's already aware of sidelines and he makes sure to drag his toes. Whether it be on the sidelines or in the endzone, Chark has very good control and awareness of the sidelines and doesn't just try to keep one foot in, which would be all that's nessicary for NCAA rules, but he makes sure both feet are in and he's very consistent with this. All these things make me think that this kid is very hard worker and he's dedicated to getting better and improving. Fournette's comments on him seem to only seem to back up my thoughts. And for a WR I can't stress how big it is to be moldable and ready to learn. There's a real shot that if he's as motivated and hard working as he appears, he could even contribute as a rookie. 3. Dude's just got natural talent. Now being reliable and technically sound are all well and good but the truth is you still need talent and some level of athleticism to succeed in the NFL. And while he's not a physical freak by any stretch of the imagination, he is still a very athletic dude. Chark is the type of LSU wanted to get the ball in any way, and as many times as possible. Screens, slants, end around, deep routes. And Chark can do it all and do it well. He's a big play threat (!!!) who's not a burner, but he has speed and agility and be it first downs or touchdowns, he's come up many times for the Tigers the last two seasons especially. And for what's it worth even in tight coverage Chark has the ability to pull away from coverage. Did you know WRs could do that. Now as for his flaws. fug iunno. These are highlight videos, they don't show flaws often but uh. He could probably use more strength, and it's yet to be seen if he can bulk up without losing speed, and with his frame that's fair to debate if he can. I really, really, REALLY like Chark. Like a lot. He's comparable to Keenan Allen, and I think in the right offense (an offense like Norv's, please god) and with the right coaching and grooming he can evolve into a special WR in this leauge. He's easily my favorite prospect in the senior bowl and I'm gonna be keeping a close eye on him, but it wouldn't surprise me at all if his stock starts rising if he has a good week. And even then I think he'd be worth a first if it comes to it. Anyway that's another long "why am I still awake post" are 7am I'm going to bed.
  10. ...how? Like their offense is mostly injury prone players but they still have David Johnson, and Fitz still has some gas. Chandler Jones, Patrick Peterson, Budda Baker, Markus Golden, and Mathieu if he can stay healthy. They're on the upswing and have a lot of promising and proven talent. They're a QB and some solid skill players away from being the second best team in that division. I'd take the Cardinals job before the Colts job.
  11. I really don't see the point in a dick fight between Steve and Fitzgerald, they're both generational talents and should be first ballot hall of famers. They're also night and day in terms of playstyles, there's things Smitty can do that Fitz can't and vice versa. However what can't be understated for either is how much they've meant to their teams and managing to be the life and soul of their respective franchises at WR was, and still is, very hard to do.
  12. At points in his carrer, starting QBs for Fitz included : Drew Stanton, Matt Lienart, Kelvin Kolb, Max Hall, John Skelton, Ryan Lindley and of course Blaine fuging Gabbert.
  13. Why the hate on Wilks?

    Wilkes did fine, maybe blitzed a little too much, but our main problem was our secondary and using Shaq and a buffalo nickel