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  1. I'm glad we're reading into who'll be picked late in the second round before the first round even happens, all because of who's reading the pick.
  2. Sam Bradford wants Philly to trade him

    Funny thing is, the Eagles want Bradford to start and Wentz to sit and learn but lol
  3. Sam Bradford wants Philly to trade him

    Meet the new Denver Broncos QB
  4. Texans have more hits thanks misses in the first two or three rounds the last few years. Jadevon Clowney being their worst 1st round draft pick says a lot, as he really started to put it together end of last year. Meanwhile the Vikings have been amazing. Harrison Smith, Anthony Barr, Sharif Floyd, Keith Marshall, Teddy Bridgewater, Eric Kendricks...hell Matt Kalil had an okay season last year They're an amazing drafting team. Rams (Robert Quinn, Aaron Donald, Alec Ogletree), Raiders (Derek Carr, Amari Cooper, Khalil Mack) Some of these other teams though are questionable if they're only considering the first two rounds.
  5. Tony Pauline reports......

    Well damn @LinvilleGorge you called it
  6. Batman vs Superman on MNF Dec 19th

    Nah, Breshad Perriman is Predator
  7. Batman vs Superman on MNF Dec 19th

    should be better than the movie, at least
  8. Dear Josh

    If Cousins plays half as competently as he did last season they'll be fine. Draft an ILB and some DLine help and they're gold.
  9. Goddamn I'd play for the Falcons and Saints for 50 mil guaranteed
  10. Good for Josh, got paiud and managed to do it by signing with a competitve team that fits what he does well and he has a good supporting cast. But jesus I'd be mad if we paid a CB that much ever.
  11. Over on Saints Report

    lmao you're gonna be in rebuilding mode either way fam
  12. Hi any saints fans lurking to see how we'd react to him going to saints. We don't care. Actually we'd welcome it. Welcome to salary cap hell, bitches.
  13. Enough about JNo leaving Charlotte let's talk about the New JNo entering Charlotte.
  14. Josh Norman to Redskins or 49ers by Friday

    I mean that's probably with they paid Rob Ryan with