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  1. Pure Respect Rivera / Davis

    The real-world example of what Keep Pounding truly means. Thanks for your hard work and perseverance, TD! 
  2. Hornets select Frank Kaminsky

    Don't mind this pick if Winslow was off of the board, but with him available and sitting there, don't think this was the correct pick. Hopefully I'm proven wrong. 
  3. Do you want more Huddle Hornets content?

    More Hornets content would be fantastic. 
  4. 2015 NBA Draft Thread

    Me looking at all of these trades:
  5. Per Rick Bonnell. I like the pickup! https://twitter.com/rick_bonnell/status/613849587506397184 Edit: Fixed the broken link.
  6. Appreciate it, Jangler. Bleys keeps neg-repping me for no reason...

  7. I'm a Volnationer as well haha (ThroughTheT89). I'm way more optimistic about the Panthers than the Vols for the next few years though. Glad to meet a fellow Panther/Vol!

  8. Which UT boards do you read? I'm a Volnation fan. I'm afraid both of our teams are going to have a tough year. It's sad when 6-6 and 8-8 could be realistic/ambitious for us in 2010.